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All minutes 5-18-11


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All minutes 5-18-11

  1. 1. MinutesAcademy for Lifelong Learning Advisory CommitteeMay 18, 201111:15 AMMod 2 - Room 101<br />Present: Cheryl LeJune, Sara Walter, Gene Chism, Anne Criddle, Cornelia Nelson, Donn Peterson, Carol Edwards, Cynthia Hobart, Don Hobart, Sharon Samson, David Timmermeyer, Genevieve Chism, Susan Chapman, Kathye Allen, Leta Towle, Evelyn Carrington, Donna McCarty, Paul Spiller, Peggy Presnell, Evelyn Carrington<br />11:15 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members. There were no corrections to the April minutes.<br />Committee Reports:<br />CurriculumSummer Semester classes will start Tuesday, June 7th and they run through Thursday, July 14th.  After that the Mod 2 Building is scheduled for teardown.  Before that happens, any volunteers are welcome to help clean out the MOD building of items that were purchased for ALL.<br />Fall Semester class info has been turned in to the CE Department and they are in the process of creating class numbers in the system.  We hope that they will create ONE number for Membership so we can track enrollment in the ALL Program.  That membership number should be coded to charge the $20 Annual Membership fee.  Members will be advised when the Fall Schedule is published to the website.<br /> Submitted by Sarah Walter<br />Curriculum Committee members:  Susan Chapman, Judy Dankers, Cynthia Hobart, Cheryl LeJune, Elsie Markuson, Donna McCarty, Connie Nelson, Gail Peart, Peggy Presnell, Sharon Samson, Leta Towle, and Sarah Walter.<br />In the Fall, the goal is to have a published catalog (separate for each campus) of ALL classes (maybe 500) to have in the CE office. The class list will also be online.<br />Bus Trips <br />There was not a bus trip in April and there will not be on in May since we were not able to get a bus for either month.<br />On May 16 we had sign up for four bus trips. They are as follows, along with the person responsible for the planning:<br />June 2 - Nacogdoches - Liz Gannon<br />July 19 - Waco - Carol Edwards<br />Aug 9 - Telephone Museum & Houston Museum of Natural Science - Sharon Samson<br />Sept 13- Bellville/ Newman's Castle - Marsha Dugger<br />A reminder e-mail will not be sent out for the June bus trip since it follows so shortly after registration.<br />For the first time that I can remember, we did not fill all of the bus trips. Currently the only trip that has a wait list is the September trip to Bellville. There are probably two reasons for this: small turnout for summer registration and the length of two of the trips. Also, several people mention that they were not going on the local museum trip because they are members of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. <br />Submitted by: Sharon Samson<br />May 16, 2011<br />Committee members: David Timmermeyer, Ann Candela, Ginny Harwell, Peggy Presnell, Ann Candela, Connie Nelson, Carol Edwards, Joan Camenson, Susan Chapman, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, Liz Gannon , Marsha Dugger, Susan Scott, Louise Rugaard, Ann Liner<br />Events<br />Focus Day, May 2 2011  Great event.  I heard many positive comments.  Thanks for the front door volunteers.  You did a super job.<br />  <br />Summer Registration/Ice Cream Social, May 16, 2011  Wow!!  Thanks to the 25+ volunteers who stepped up to help with registration and the ice cream social.  I appreciate your hard work getting things set up for registration.  A special thanks to Naomi and Leta for scooping ice cream.  I think everyone enjoyed the variety of ice creams and cookies. The music was wonderful! Kathye will send a thank-you note to Miriam Hoyt.<br /> <br />Again, I want to say a special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make these two events a success.  We couldn't have done it without your help. Judy Dankers reported all positive remarks from her front desk perspective. The videos and the crafts and art displays were a hit. It was suggested that next time we plan a tour of the campus for the new people who register.<br /> <br />Presented by Kathye Allen <br />Heritage Liaison <br />If you missed the Focus Day on County Government held on May 2 at Heritage Lodge at Towne Lake, you missed a grand event! Approximately 125 attended. The program was exceptional with Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Harris County Commissioner of Precinct 3 Steve Radack.  As a first for an ALL event, the entire program was videotaped by David Potts and Peggy Wills.  David is on the faculty at LSC-Cyfair and is a professor of TV/Motion Graphics. The tape will be edited by his students before being given to ALL.  Bob Presnell served as photographer.  Heritage Lodge staff graciously accommodated all attendees. Friendswood Development Company not only provided an outstanding complimentary lunch but also gave everyone a blue souvenir water bottle with black twist-off top imprinted in white with Friendswood's logo and the college logo, Focus on County Government and Heritage at Towne Lake Lodge. Many attendees took advantage of the tour of model homes offered by Village Builders.  <br /> <br />Submitted by Susan Chapman, Liaison with Heritage at Towne Lake<br />Communications We have had a tremendous growth of members this calendar year!  Our 558 (now about 580) members increased after our Summer Registration on May 16.  The official count will be available next month after processing the applications.  Members continue to receive ALL the News and For ALL to Read weekly form Gene Chism.  He diligently keeps the contact information up to date for our group. Submitted by Leta Towle and Gene Chism<br />New Senior Guidance directories are available. Leta will pick some up (470 booklets) and put them in the MOD 1 storage room. Gene is trying to limit the ALL emails to two per week, so we need to keep that in mind when requesting items be put in. It helps if we type up a small statement with a link to the full information. <br />OutreachConnie Nelson plans to put out flyers at the Senior Education Center. <br />Publicity ReportText was submitted to Kelly Norton about Focus Day.  To date, I have not seen any printed coverage about Focus Day in the local papers. I had requested that Kelly send a photographer over to cover the event specifically for ALL.  There was another photographer there and he could have been from the college, but I don't know that for sure. There were several photographers at Heritage for Focus Day, one was representing Friendswood, I know Bob Presnell took some photos.<br />Joan Camenson. ALL Publicity Chair<br />Meet You There <br />On May 8 four people had lunch at Fish Place and twelve people watched the play “Little Shop of Horrors.”<br />Future dates for 2011:<br />May 23 First showing of the day - movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” - Cinemark 12 Cypress After the movie – lunch – Luby’s<br />June 13 11:30 AM –Lunch - JB’s Steakhouse and Grill 1:00 PM – Tour of Cypress Assistance Ministries <br />July 26 10:00 AM – Tour of Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art 12:30 PM – Lunch - Hasta La Pasta <br />August 7 1:00 PM – Lunch 3:00 PM – Musical Theater at Lone Star College CYFAIR – “Hairspray”<br />August 22, 2011 Movie and lunch<br />September: Open<br />October 10: Kleb Woods and lunch TBD <br />November 8: Houston Zoo<br />December: Old Town Spring and lunch TBD<br />EVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE<br />Submitted by Donna McCarty<br />Action ItemsOne membership registration number for Fall ALL class registration is a high priority.<br />Fall 2011 Schedule will have a common look for every campus. We will try to have photos from our ALL group members included.<br />No news about our ALL classroom for the fall. We understand we will have a designated room but the new ones are smaller than we are used to (built for 30). <br />Additional Items<br />ALL Bank Account – Roy Lazenby does not approve of the way we are currently handling bus trip collections. Cheryl will visit with the Kingwood campus on how they do it.<br />Fund raising for ALL – Fund raising is now allowed. Some suggestions were the IHOP program, company matching funding, selling permanent ALL name tags. Some of this may require that we have time sheets that keep track of volunteer hours and are signed by someone in authority. We might get a working team together by the end of the summer to look in to it. Perhaps the Outreach committee could morph into a fund raising committee.<br />12:15 PM Adjourned<br />This meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 11:15 AM<br />Respectfully submitted,<br />Anne Criddle, Secretary<br />