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4 Family Search Memories


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Family Search Memories

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4 Family Search Memories

  1. 1. Module 4 - Memories
  2. 2. Module 4 Index - Memories • Adding Photos Within Memories 3 • Tagging Photos 13 • Adding Titles and Descriptions 21 • Attaching Photos to the Tree 23 • Adding Docs Within Memories 26 • Adding Stories 29 • Adding Audio 33 • Changing the Displayed Portrait 35 • Using the Gallery 37 • Adding Multiple Photos 38 • Organizing Memories 42
  3. 3. Adding Photos Within Memories... Click Memories on the Person Page
  4. 4. Adding Photos... OR, click Memories on the Summary Card If the photo contains multiple persons, copy all other names and ID #’s before proceeding
  5. 5. Adding Photos... Click Add
  6. 6. Adding Photos... The first time you add a photo, check the box to accept the Submission Agreement
  7. 7. Adding Photos... Photos must be “G” rated, they are screened and made public
  8. 8. Adding Photos... Photos must be .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tif format and 15 MB or less
  9. 9. Uploading a Photo... Open the folder that contains the photo that you would like to add You may need to change the view on your computer to see which photos are which (this is different for different operating systems)
  10. 10. Uploading a Photo... Select the photo (or photos) you want and drag to the center
  11. 11. Uploading a Photo... The upload has completed but the photo doesn’t show up
  12. 12. Adding Photos... Check the box (or boxes) to add the photo (photos) you want To Add Photos to this person, click here Optional--Reload the page if you want to see the photo before adding
  13. 13. Tagging a Photo... The red icon means the photo is not tagged The entire photo shows up as Peter
  14. 14. Tagging a Photo... Tagging allows you to display only a portion of the photo on the portrait and allows you to identify all persons in the photo Click the red icon to tag the photo
  15. 15. Tagging a Photo... Click on the photo to tag Peter
  16. 16. Tagging a Photo... Drag any of the white boxes in the corner to enlarge the tag
  17. 17. Tagging a Photo... Click Save Then drag the circle to center on the person
  18. 18. Tagging a Photo... Peter is now tagged
  19. 19. Tagging Another Person... Click on Caroline, resize, and center the tag Type the name (use maiden name for females) If the correct person shows, click their name to tag; if not, click Add New
  20. 20. Editing or Removing a Tag... To edit or remove the tag, click on the persons name Then click Edit Tag or Remove Tag
  21. 21. Adding a Title to a Photo... Click to add a title If you want to add a title later, click on the photo on the Memories page to get to the Add Title screen
  22. 22. Adding a Title to a Photo... Type the title Click Save You may also add a description Click Add Description to save
  23. 23. Attaching a Photo... If you selected Add New Person when tagging, the photo isn’t attached to the person in Family Tree
  24. 24. Attaching a Photo... Then click Attach to Family Tree Click the red icon
  25. 25. Attaching a Photo... Click Search to Find the person Type in the ID# you wrote down and Select OR
  26. 26. Adding Documents... Click Add Then follow the same steps as when adding photos
  27. 27. Adding Documents... Rules are the same as photos except you can also add pdf files
  28. 28. Adding Documents... ● bmp, jpg, png and tif files ●Tagging is similar to tagging photos ● pdf files ●Multi-page documents can be uploaded--use pdf if you have a multi-page document ●Tagging works differently for pdf files--the entire document is linked to each person that is tagged
  29. 29. Adding Stories... ● Add personal memories of yourself, your parents, grandparents, etc. ● Type a story, or copy any digital text file and paste into stories--if you type a longer story directly in Family Tree, it may time out and you could lose information ● Most histories, etc., created since the early 1990’s are available in a digital text format--better than scanning ● Some can be found online--they can be copied and pasted
  30. 30. Adding Stories... From the Person Page in the Memories section.... Works somewhat differently than photos Then click Create New Story Click Add
  31. 31. Copying and Pasting Stories... Add a photo if you like Copy and paste, or type the story Click Save Add a Title
  32. 32. Adding Stories... Check the box And click Add Stories Or the story will not be attached to the person
  33. 33. Adding Audio... Click Add, steps are similar to photos Supports mp3 and m4a files up to 15 MB
  34. 34. Navigating Back to a Summary Card... Click a name Then click the name from the drop down listThe Summary Card will appear and you can then click on the name to go to the Person Page
  35. 35. Changing the Displayed Portrait... Then select a different photo From the Person Page, click the portrait to change.
  36. 36. Changing the Displayed Photo... Reload the page and the new photo appears
  37. 37. Using the Gallery... To add many photos, select Gallery under Memories This page will then open. Then click here.
  38. 38. Adding Multiple Photos... Pictures, documents, or audio can be uploaded in this area. Drag and drop the files or click on Choose Files to find the file on your computer. Take note of the types of files that are supported. To Create a Story, click here.
  39. 39. Adding Multiple Photos... After adding the files, click on each one to add a Title, Description, and Tag You can click on any of these files at any time to edit the Title, Description, or Tag
  40. 40. Add a Title and then be sure to click Save Add a Description and then click Add Description Then Tag each of the people and attach them to the Tree just as described before. Adding Multiple Photos...
  41. 41. Adding Multiple Photos... Be careful when downloading Memories from the Gallery instead of the Person Page because you don’t see the photos that others have attached to the person Go to the Person Page and look at the person’s photos or you may attach the same photo again
  42. 42. Organizing Your Memories... From this Gallery home page, you can click each of these to see just Pictures, Documents, Stories, or Audio Or click here to look at all of them. You can also create albums
  43. 43. Organizing Your Memories... Create an album by clicking on New Album Then type in the name of your album
  44. 44. Organizing Your Memories... To add files to an album, click on the check mark for each file that you would like in your album Then click Actions and Add to Album Click on the check mark a second time to uncheck the file OR click the X to cancel the Action.
  45. 45. Organizing Your Memories... Then choose an album and click Add to Album
  46. 46. Organizing Your Memories... Right click on a Memory And a small window will open to give you options on what to do with that Memory
  47. 47. Organizing Your Memories... Click People to see all of the Memories attached by anyone to all of your ancestors
  48. 48. Memories