20 what every manager should learn about sales


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Selling skills most important asset

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20 what every manager should learn about sales

  1. 1. 1© experts@experts-visions.com http://www.experts-visions.comThe company to-go for providing added value to your businessWWhhaatt EEvveerryy MMaannaaggeerr SShhoouullddLLeeaarrnn FFrroomm SSaalleess‘The beauty of selling is that you learn under fire, whichnaturally accelerates the learning process. There truly is nobetter way to learn how business really works’Business is all about customers and selling. That’s why every manager andexecutive should be a salesperson once in his career. The skills and lessons areindispensible and difficult to learn any other way.If you manage engineers, marketing, operations, or customer service; you’re still asalesperson. You sell every day. You don’t just sell products and services; you sellyour projects, budget, ideas, and capabilities. And your customers aren’t just thepaying kind; they include everybody you interface with.I spent years in operations within international companies, even took a step backfrom a management career to learn the skills. It was the best career move I evermade. I learned some critical lessons along the way; here are five:1. Shut up and listen. Nothing you’ve ever read or learned is nearly as importantas what the person across from you is about to say … if you just shut up andlisten. When you talk first, you lock yourself into a position or path. But if youlisten, you gain far more information.2. Problems create opportunities. Remembering famous Coke Quote ‘Our peopledon’t see Coca-Cola, they see where Coca-Cola is not’… Your biggest andbest opportunities to make a difference will always be when things go wrong.How you respond in time of crisis, when somebody needs you, is a window intoyour true capability. And that spells opportunity if you rise to the occasion.3. It’s all about relationships. There are no companies or businesses, just people.Business is all about individuals and their interrelationships. When things gowrong, that’s the glue that holds everything together. There’s no such thing as aself-sustaining business.4. Your customer always does come first. Whatever you have going on, whateveryou expect to accomplish on any given day, when somebody, anybody comes toyou with a problem, help them first. Remember: you have way more customersthan you think.
  2. 2. 2© experts@experts-visions.com http://www.experts-visions.comThe company to-go for providing added value to your business5. Understand motives. When you think about what you’re going to say or do, youmiss an opportunity to make a difference. If, on the other hand, you ask, “howcan I help you,” or ask yourself “what’s in it for her,” you’ll be in a far betterposition to help … and recognize opportunities.