Lisa Sahulka JWB strategic plan 2013.2016 preview presentation


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Lisa Sahulka JWB strategic plan 2013.2016 preview presentation

  1. 1. Juvenile Welfare Board strategic plan update 2013-2016
  2. 2. strategic plan update●builds on strategic investments and 2006 JWB Strategic Plan accomplishments●stresses outcomes and reaffirms achieving results in the three focus areas adopted by the Board in 2006: • school readiness • school success • prevention of child abuse and neglect
  3. 3. JWB’s role funder JWB has multiple convener/ collaborator roles: roles: innovator
  4. 4. JWB mission the Juvenile Welfare Board invests in partnerships, innovation and advocacy to strengthen the children and families in Pinellas County●
  5. 5. JWB valueswe value every childwe want them to be ready to learn, to be successful in schooland to be healthy and happy every step of the way we embrace collaboration we work as a team with our community partnerswe celebrate resultswe support long-term efforts to bring effective change byidentifying areas where needs are not being met. then we find orcreate a community-based support network that can turn ourinvestments into real help for young people throughout PinellasCounty we pursue innovation we are not satisfied with the status quo. we use the latest research and professional knowledge to address the needs of children and families in Pinellas County
  6. 6. key results areas collaboration funding for andresults through partnerships programs and performance for community services improvement impact increasing community organizational awareness of capacity JWB’s benefit
  7. 7. guiding principlesdecision-making principles for JWB resource allocation,collaboration and innovation:• prioritize intervention and • foster partnerships prevention services for the and collaborations that most vulnerable build robust and comprehensive services• support accountability • commit to quality work• identify and respond to • strategically invest emerging needs impacting taxpayers’ resources in school readiness, school leading practices and success and the prevention of evidence-based initiatives abuse and neglect
  8. 8. programs and services—funding for results•compelling research supports the criticality of earlylearning• the need to continue to provide resources toprevent child abuse and neglect is clear. Pinellas Countyhas one of the highest removal rates in Florida•JWB has made significant progress in shifting its funding strategies to improve outcomes,moving from episodic services to a continuum of caredelivering the right service in the right dosage at theright time
  9. 9. objective 1:initiate and fund programs and services thatdemonstrate results Goal 1:1fund evidence-based and promising practice programs and services Goal 1:2invest in innovative ideas and partnerships for programs and services Goal 1:3engage with providers and partners to design and deliver quality programs and services
  10. 10. performance improvement• need a robust ability to assess performancein order to: -evaluate outcomes -implement a comprehensive system of -accountability -draw conclusions about effectiveness and ROI• the investment in performance managementand evaluation has enabled progress in programperformance• the updated plan recognizes the importance of informing and influencing other communityinvestors and policy makers
  11. 11. objective 2:evaluate and analyze effectiveness and impact toinform decision-making and public policy Goal 2:1ensure that JWB funded interventions are targeted to and serving children appropriately Goal 2:2determine whether JWB funded interventions promote child well-being and demonstrate sustainable outcomes Goal 2:3use data to drive funding decisions and develop policy Goal 2:4assure system-wide communication of efforts to improve community-level outcomes
  12. 12. collaboration and partnershipsfor community impact • use community indicators to mark progress: -assess quality of life in a specific community or neighborhood -measure progress towards a desired benchmark
  13. 13. in Pinellas Countyvarious groups including JWB, PinellasCounty Health and Human Services andthe Administrative Forum have acceptedthe outcomes listed below: every person has the every person is opportunity to learn and physically and succeed mentally healthy every person lives in a every person has stable safe and sustainable and affordable housing community
  14. 14. JWB adopted the Children’s Cabinetoutcomes in June 2009• every Florida child is healthy• every Florida child is ready to learn and succeed• every Florida child has a stable and nurturing family• every Florida child lives in a safe and supportive community
  15. 15. improve the lives of children andfamiliesJWB cannot JWB will relationships will make continue to maximize the progress expand resources of all by acting partnerships involved, andin isolation and will achieve collaborations greater results together
  16. 16. objective 3:collaborate with other entities to improve the livesof children and families Goal 3:1facilitate relationships promoting collaboration and collective impact, that is, broad cross-sector engagement focused on achieving significant community change Goal 3:2facilitate systems for data- driven decision making Goal 3:3mobilize stakeholders to respond to emerging needs
  17. 17. increasing organizationalcapacity • WB must be accountable J for stewardship of taxpayer resources and operate as an effective, efficient and evolving organization • mprove capacity in i internal systems
  18. 18. objective 4:expand organizational capacity Goal 4:1ensure that staffing and resources match the needs of the organization to fulfill its mission Goal 4:2become a learning organization in order to effectively improve staff performance, interpret information, adapt to emergent needs, and achieve outcomes Goal 4:3plan, utilize and maintain a deliberate approach to respond to organizational change and emerging internal and external challenges
  19. 19. public awareness of JWB’sbenefit to the community• JWB is more than 65 years old and the firstCSC, but is relatively unknown in the community• in the past, it was sufficient for JWB to beunderstood and respected by Board Members,providers and governmental officials, but this isno longer the case• in 2016, JWB will face a public referendumand must have more general public awarenessand support of the role it plays in the community
  20. 20. objective 5:enhance perception of JWB as a valued resource Goal 5:1equip and engage staff to serve as ambassadors and advocates for JWB and the children and families of Pinellas County Goal 5:2reach out to a diverse and broad community audience with the JWB message Goal 5:3expand JWB’s sphere of influence