Lisa Sahulka - Investing to build better futures for children presentation


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Lisa Sahulka - Investing to build better futures for children presentation

  1. 1. investing to buildbetter futures for children JWB 2006-2013
  2. 2. the challengeAmendment One big drop curbs in property revenues taxesprolonged need for More than 100 successfuleconomic improved Case in social media crisis ROI
  3. 3. collaboration school system St Petersburg healthcare College system JWB DCF county government municipalities other funders
  4. 4. improved return oninvestment quality early commonlearning eligibilityinitiative system family services childinitiative outcome focus ASO administrative services organization
  5. 5. evidence basedprogramsCornerstone of Nurse-Family Successful Partnership Achievement COSA Children’sIncredible Years Outpatient Big Brothers/ Big Sisters HIPPY Suncoast Family Healthy Families Services Life Skill OST Carrera/teen Second StepMotivating New pregnancy violence early childhood Moms prevention prevention consultation
  6. 6. promising practices family services initiative family oriented concept unified to serve (FOCUS) the fairmount park initiative peace4tarpon
  7. 7. making a difference performance adopting results-based measurement accountability (Friedman, 2005) • finding the “story behind the story”• measure each child • using data to make decisions and• aggregate results develop policies• report to the board • investing in highest-yield strategies forged from common agreement
  8. 8. focus on core business concentrated funding for -school readiness -school success implemented new systems of care increased efficiencies through -technology -data sharing -creation of data warehouse -data driven decision making
  9. 9. the program stability fund maintained quality programs reduced the impact of economic crisis on services
  10. 10. leveraging forincreased revenues targeted case management (REV MAX) child care executive pool (CCEP) intergovernmental transfers (IGT) grants collaboration
  11. 11. business intelligence creating the “big picture” from multiple data sets to understand what factorsshared impact children data combining data from multiple sources to construct the clearest “picture” possible of at-risk childrenmulti-system targeting services and view supports to those with highest need
  12. 12. using the latesttechnology virtualized data center data warehouse social media mosaic biometrics software as a service (SAAS) for greater - efficiency - accuracy of records - accountability
  13. 13. data warehouseestablished to store shared data. thecombination of data sets enablesanalysts to evaluate outcomes acrossprograms over time.measuring resultsa community indicators project usingdata to monitor progress and measureoutcomes.
  14. 14. communicationandtransparency to increase community awareness and accountability