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Poverty in america_powepoint_lrr


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Published in: Education
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Poverty in america_powepoint_lrr

  1. 1. By: Lauren Reeder
  2. 2. • The global issue I researched was Poverty in America.
  3. 3. • Poverty has been increasing quickly in the United States, the richest country in the world. Many of the victims are innocent people living in some of the worst conditions possible.
  4. 4. • Poverty can happen to anyone. Most of the poverty victims are those without a job or steady income, and others are just born into it. The economy is playing a role it shouldn’t be in the daily lives of people.
  5. 5. • Poverty can effect the chance of future success in life. When living in poverty, its hard and almost impossible to get a good education. Without a decent education, the chances of getting a well paying job is very slim.• Those in poverty are more likely to experiment with drugs and achohal.
  6. 6. • Typically, in today’s society, 4-6 years of college should be taken to get a decent, well paying job.• Those in poverty are lucky to make it through high school not dropping out.• Woman drop outs in high school are usually related to single motherhood.
  7. 7. •
  8. 8. • Child poverty is over 11% in each state in the United States.• It is being projected the 50% of children will one day live in poverty and depend on food stamps for food.• Today, one in every four children are on food stamps.• Children born into poverty can’t do anything about their situation but they are forced to face it each day.
  9. 9. • Poverty has racial relations as well.• The poverty rate for white children is 11 percent.• For African American children, it is more than three times that, at 34 percent.• Hispanic children suffer at similar levels, with 31 percent growing up in poverty.• Native American children also experience poverty.
  10. 10. • 46.2 Million Americans are now living in poverty.• Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty. Today, 15.1% of Americans are.• Poverty has grown by 2.6 million people in the last twelve months.
  11. 11. Poverty in America is one of those issues that only affectthose who are victims of it. It does not really effect anyonebut those people. Those who are more fortunate can helpin many ways.
  12. 12. • Get involved in your city, there are many people living in poverty that no one knows about.• Get involved in local food banks and charities such as Red Cross, Harvesters, and any other locals you may know about.• Help with fundraisers at your school.