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Time For RPO Presentation


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a cost effective, scalable, workforce solution to attracting and retaining top talent!

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Time For RPO Presentation

  1. 1. Is it time for RPO?[recruitment process outsourcing] TOP DRIVERS FOR CHOOSING RPOReduced Time to Hire, Reduced Recruitment Costs, IncreasedNew Hire Retention,Increased Quality of Candidate, IMPROVED Business Results! HealthCare Talent STAFFING SOLUTIONS + FREE SCHOLARSHIPS LISA RAE PULICE @ 949.874.2697
  2. 2. RPO reduces talent costs By sourcing higher caliber candidates MORE QUICKLY AT A LOWER COST, HealthCare Talent’s RPO offering helps yourcompany improve your overall workforce strategy andperformance - converting your recruitment function from acost center into a real business asset.BENEFITS OF RPO• Significant reduction in average cost per hire• A scalable infrastructure• Access to a wider skilled data base• Reduced cycle time in filling positions• Improved retention and candidate fit
  3. 3. Compared with internal recruiting efforts, RPO solutions OFFER THE ABILITY TO rapidly scale hiring demands without the need to hire additional recruiters. HealthCare Talent’s RPO offering PROVIDES PERFORMANCE METRICS ON RECRUITING ACTIVITY placing an increased emphasis on the processes and" outcomes, resulting in improved accountability! and consistent best practices throughout " the entire recruitment cycle.
  4. 4. Implementing HealthCare Talent’s RPO service "to augment internal recruiting efforts means "Human Resource teams have more time to "focus on core competencies and gain "back the control of the process, costs and results. The benefits of RPO are numerous. With a streamlined process, in addition to significant cost and timesavings…employer brand recognition is enhanced, higher caliber candidates are attracted, attrition is improved, compliance is increased, " and risk is reduced!
  5. 5. Looking for a PROVEN MEANS of hiring" the BEST candidates for the SMARTESTcost per hire?HealthCare Talent has a proven track "record of success and is an industry leader in RPO. Contact us today to learn more "about how our RPO solution "can be put to work for "your organization!