Pdq report Group 5


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Pdq report Group 5

  1. 1. Group 5: Bartolome, El Kermi, Mendoza, Orbeta, Pichay
  2. 2. Some Trivia about BBQ  History of BBQ  Upon landing in the Caribbean, the Spanish, used the word barbacoa to refer to the natives method of slow- cooking meat over a wooden platform. By the 19th century, the culinary technique was well established in the American South, and because pigs were prevalent in the region. Other countries have BBQ in their own style:  Korean BBQ- thin slices of grilled pork  Argentina’s asado, or marinade-free meat cooked in a smokeless pit  Mongolian BBQ- a stir-fry invented in Taiwan
  3. 3. BBQ in the Philippines  They say that BBQ in the Philippines may have been influenced by either our neighbor country, the Indonesians (they have their national dish called SATAY- skewered meat in bamboo stick) or the Japanese, who once occupied our country (they have their YAKITORI- skewered chicken)  BBQ in the country is a famous street food as you see vendors on every street corner or neighborhood. What’s distinct in each BBQ is that every single stall has their own special style of sauce, that may consist of calamansi/lemon juice, vinegar, lemon soda (7-up or Sprite), soy sauce and tomato ketchup mixed in their own style.
  4. 4. Isaw (Grilled Pork Intestine) Pork BBQTenga (Grilled Pork Ear) Chicken Isaw Betamax (Grilled Chicken Blood)
  5. 5. INPUT  Money Manpower Materials Machinery
  6. 6. MONEY  Working Capital: Php 2,000 – 25,000 Capital Expenditure: Grill, sauce container, bbq sticks, meat, charcoal, gas Operating Expense Budget: Salary of manpower, rent Source of fund: savings
  7. 7. MANPOWER  Qualifications  Knows how to cook bbq, willing to stand for long hours and experience heat conditions Job Description  Responsible for cooking and selling bbq Training: To be trained how to prepare and cook the bbq Quantity: Two - Three Benefits/Incentives: Free meals, transportation allowance (if not a stay-in), board and lodging Disciplining:  Observe cleanliness on self like washing hands before cooking, wearing hairnet and an apron.
  8. 8. MATERIALS  Raw Materials  Variety of Meat parts like Pork ears, Chicken Blood, Chicken and Pork Intestines for Isaw, and pork meat  Sauce Ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, chili Equipment  Griller, Tongs, Electric Fan, Glass Containers for the sauce  Barbecue sticks / Skewers  Charcoal/Gas/Newspaper
  9. 9. MACHINERY  Physical Layout  Grill area, waiting area and eating area Store Size and Location:  High foot traffic like near the church, school, tricycle and jeepney terminals, public market Inspection  Make sure area and cooking equipment is clean, workers are hygienic. Food sold must be ensured of good quality meat and passed the inspection
  10. 10. THROUGHPUTS 
  11. 11. Pre-Cooking Process  Buys meat from a trusted supplier to ensure quality. Sauces are replaced every day to ensure that it is clean
  12. 12. Cooking Process  Marinades meat and prepares the barbecue the night before it will be sold. Marinade sauce is the key to a successful bbq business Condiments/ Sauces are of variety: Sweet Chili, Mild Chili, Chili, Vinegar
  13. 13. The Delivery or Selling Process  BBQ items are precooked. Once a customer places an order, the BBQ will be fully cooked. For take-out orders, the BBQ is wrapped in parchment paper then banana leaves or plastic and brown paper bag
  14. 14. Observing Cleanliness and Maintaining Quality  Buys fresh meat daily Workers are required to wear apron and hairnet Trash can is placed near the grilling area Grilling equipment is cleaned daily Meat display are covered to make sure that no dirt will go inside.
  15. 15. OUTPUT 
  16. 16.  Low-priced BBQ (Php 10 – 12 per stick) but tasty and satisfying = DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS With a good marinade and taste, the BBQ will be known to others through word of mouth BBQ may be treated as a snack and as a take-out meal or “ulam” for lunch or dinner. May also be served for house/office parties through take-out.
  17. 17. MATCHING  PRODUCT PRICE•Served with special sauce and •Low priced and very affordablecooked in secret recipe marinade - Php 10 – 12 per stick•Clean and well arranged place toget the attention of the customers•Meat should be covered tomaintain sanitation PROMOTION PLACEMENT•Word of Mouth •Situated in high foot traffic areas•Loyalty and “Suki”: For regularneighborhood customers, theymay opt to pay later or “utangmuna”
  18. 18. OUTPUT  Satisfied Customer = Higher Sales = High Net Income Cost for Isaw: Php 3.00, Cost for Pork BBQ: Php 4.80 Average Sales: 500 -700 sticks Php 1,000 – 2,000 – Daily Net Income
  19. 19. Thank You! 