thinc Program 2013 Donor Update


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A quick recap of the 2013 thinc Program for our donors.

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thinc Program 2013 Donor Update

  1. 1. | | @PFFBFF thinc Program 2013 Donor Report
  2. 2. Thank you so much for your generosity this year in helping to make the thinc Program an eye-opening experience for students from Harrisburg (PA), Philadelphia (PA), and Prince George’s County (MD). Every year of the thinc Program is special in its own way, and this year was no exception. The thing that really stood out to us this year is the sheer power of collective kindness. Friends from all over the world supported the program in so many ways. From colleagues we worked with in Philadelphia to professors at universities who recruited new volunteers, to friends of friends (who are now PFF’s friends) who spent time sharing their talents with the kids, it was truly a community effort. We believe that the power of what we are all able to bring to these students through the thinc Program can be life-changing. It is because we believe so strongly in this idea, and because you believe so strongly in us, that we have decided to expand the program in two very significant ways. First, we will be bringing the students back together twice throughout the school year to help monitor their progress and continue to mentor them as they successfully navigate seventh grade. Second, we will extend an invitation for next year’s thinc Program to this year’s attendees in addition to accepting a new group of incoming seventh graders. On the last night of this year’s program, we sat outside after the students had gone to bed and reflected on our favorite memories of the week. Lots of smiles. Much laughter. And an overwhelming feeling that we are truly lucky and tremendously blessed to have people in our lives who are so generous with their kindness. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again! Martha and Lance Rougeux Co-founders, Purple Feet Foundation Thank you! Thinc 2013 was awesome. It was better than what I pictured. Thank you and I love you for bringing us to the camp.
  3. 3. The Amazing Race was my favorite. It's my favorite because we all had to work together. Also we all had specialties we used in the race. The hovercraft because I never saw anything like it. My favorite session is when we went to the nursing lab at Villanova because I have two sisters that have seizures. I think Einstein Hour was my favorite because you learn new things about science and you get to do experiments. My favorite trip was the Temple Hospital because it showed the danger with guns and what happened with a young boy.
  4. 4. Culinary Arts Check out the full schedule at Geocaching einstein hour thinc club Hovercrafts digital Design Photography Career Chats Hot air balloons
  5. 5. I would like to say thank you and you have made me want to keep dreaming about what I want to do...So again “Thank You.” Villanova university Barnes and Noble temple university hospital cabrini college valley forge
  6. 6. Evaluation Results Camper index ratings in “My Feelings” increased following involvement in the thinc Program. For example, the statement “I am a good decision maker” rose 8 points (or nearly half a point per camper) during the week. Camper index ratings in “My Expectations” increased following involvement in the thinc Program. For example, the statement “I expect that I will be able to choose between a number of different jobs some day” rose 4 points. Campers with the lowest scores on the “expectations” section during the pre-survey showed the greatest gains. Campers who stated that they knew someone in a STEM field showed statistically significant gains in the “My Feelings” section. E.g., I like to learn new things. I am good at math. I am good at science. Top 5 Activities 1.Hovercraft 2.Einstein Hour 3.Amazing Race 4.Movie Night 5.Temple University Hospital In a shocking development, swimming was also very popular. Our thorough analysis showed that kids like ice cream. Food and facilities rated as excellent!