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thinc Career Chat Ed Brown


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Published in: Education
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thinc Career Chat Ed Brown

  1. 1. thinc Career Chatwith Filmmaker Ed BrownFriday, December 141 p.m. ET Bring your students to our thinc Career Chat with filmmaker Ed Brown.  Ed is the Owner/Director of Macroscopic Media, LLC. and recently wrote, directed and produced Unacceptable Levels, an award-winning documentary about what goes in our bodies and what we can do about it.  What do I need to do to have my students participate?1Let us know youʼre planning to attend. Register at: your students submit their questions for our guest to our Edmodogroup.Just go to and register for a free account.Then join our thinc Career Chat group using the code: fjsgij3Double check to make sure Google Hangouts are not blocked at your school. On the dayof the event you will go to to participate. About thinc Career Chats Our thinc Career Chats are an opportunity for students to connect with some really amazing people who have equally amazing careers. The chats are intended for students in grades five through twelve. The first part of the chat is a live video broadcast through Google Hangouts. For approximately 20-30 minutes a student interviews our special guest. All students are encouraged to submit questions in advance via Edmodo. After the video broadcast, our special guest will answer additional questions live in Edmodo for approximately 30 minutes. Questions? Contact
  2. 2. Ed Brown Owner/Director of Macroscopic Media, LLC. www.unacceptablelevels.comTo help your students get to know Ed before the thinc Career Chat, we asked him somegeneral questions in advance.Where do you live?Enola, PA Edʼs FavoritesWhere did you go to school? BookJuniata Gap Elementary (Altoona, PA), Altoona Area Breakfast of ChampionsHigh School (Altoona, PA), Shippensburg University Food(Shippensburg, PA) Peanut ButterTell us about your family. PlaceLauren Brown (Wife), Brayden Brown (Son, 4) and Yosemite National ParkMaia Brown (Daughter, 2) They are the reason why I doeverything that I do. Technology iPhoneGive us your bio in your own words.I spent the first 23 years of my life in Pennsylvania, and Sports teamI thought I really knew something about the world that Seattle Seahawkswe live in. It didnʼt take much to learn how big thisplanet is, and how important it is to take care of it. Movie The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouI lived in New York City, which as you know, is a pretty Seasonbig place. Compared to what I was used to, it was a lot Summerdifferent as all of the trees that I had been used tobeing around had suddenly been replaced by a lot of Quotereally big buildings and there were a lot of people. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,I had become inspired while there to tell stories in a then you win.way that many people take for granted, as the real -Gandhiworld is usually stranger and more beautiful than in anybook that you can read. Thatʼs why I became adocumentary filmmaker, because there are aspects of everyday life that people do not thinkabout as being important.The trick for myself is this, how to make someone think something is just as important as I do,just by pointing a camera in the right direction.