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PFF Sponsor Packet


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Sponsorship information for the Purple Feet Foundation's Charity Golf Tournament on May 11, 2013.

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PFF Sponsor Packet

  1. 1. Three years ago we started the Purple Feet Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to inspire at-risk students to thinkabout their future. Every summer we bring sixth grade studentsand their teachers to Valley Forge, PA for our thinc Program, aweek-long, residential experience that challenges students todiscover their potential and begin to “c” themselves asextraordinary.During the school year we stay in touch with the students throughour thinc Career Chats, monthly virtual hangouts where we invitespecial guests with very interesting careers to share their storiesand advice with the students.Last year we were able to bring students from Harrisburg (PA),Philadelphia (PA) and Prince Georges’s County (MD) to the thincProgram. Each year we seek to add more students and teachersfrom a new part of the country.We are lifelong educators and Hampden Township residents whodecided to start the Purple Feet Foundation to honor the memoryof our daughter, Grace. Over the past three years we have trulycome to believe that sometimes people we never meet are thosewho have the greatest impact on our lives. We see this every daywhen generous donors support sending children they have nevermet to our summer program.The program is 100% free of cost for the students thanks tothe generosity of our donors.Thank you in advance for your consideration and any support youcan provide.Sincerely,Martha and Lance RougeuxCo-founders, Purple Feet Foundation @PFFBFF
  2. 2. About UsMartha Rougeux started her career as a teacher in the ChicagoPublic Schools and later moved to Philadelphia where she taughtand served as a school administrator for over 17 years. She hasbeen a classroom teacher, ELL teacher, guided reading facilitator,team leader, eighth grade sponsor, summer program instructor,GEAR UP program coordinator and drama club sponsor.Martha has been recognized by the Pennsylvania Department ofEducation as a Keystone Technology Integrator and also servesas a member of the Discovery Educator Network’s PennsylvaniaLeadership Council. She was honored by the Harrisburg City School District, where she currently teachessixth grade, as the 2009 Teacher of the Year.She earned her Master of Educational Leadership from Cheyney University. Lance Rougeux started his career as a teacher at Julia de Burgos Bilingual Middle School in the School District of Philadelphia. While teaching in Philadelphia he sponsored the technology club and ran an after-school program called CELL that focused on character education, citizenship, literacy and leadership. Lance has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and was recently highlighted in The Emergency Teacher, a book about urban teaching. After teaching in Philadelphia, Lance worked at the PennsylvaniaDepartment of Education’s (PDE) Bureau of Educational Technology. While at PDE, Lance spearheadedmany statewide initiatives including Keystones, a program recognized as a success story in the U.S.Department of Education’s National Education Technology Plan, and eSPARC, a research endeavor calledthe “gold” standard of scientifically-based research by eSchool News.He holds master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Technology in Education from VillanovaUniversity and Harvard University, respectively. Lance currently serves as the Vice President of LearningCommunities and Instructional Implementation at Discovery Education.
  3. 3. Sponsorship OpportunitiesWe are hosting the Purple Feet Foundationʼs Charity Golf Tournament onSaturday, May 11 at Armitage Golf Club in Mechanicsburg, PA. We greatlyappreciate your consideration in supporting this fundraiser. Four options are listedbelow, but we would be happy to discuss other customized options.Our foundation is run by volunteers so all of our donations go directly to support ofour programs. All sponsors will be recognized on the Purple Feet Foundationʼswebsite and social media outlets. Please send payment, along with the form below, to: Purple Feet Foundation, 1236 Summit Way, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 Or, pay online at: Also, please send a digital version of your companyʼs logo to Contact Lance with any questions via email or at 717.215.6418.Name of Individual or Company $5000 Sponsor five local students and one_________________________________ teacher to attend the thinc ProgramEmail ____________________________ $750 Student scholarship for thinc ProgramPhone ___________________________ $500Sponsorship Level _________________ Hole-in-one and Closest-to-pin $100 Hole sponsorship
  4. 4. Sponsorship Opportunities What does sponsorship include?$5000 - Sponsor five local students and one teacher to attend the thinc Program Eight complimentary entries into the tournament Inclusion in the media alert Plaque for place of business to be formally presented at the post- tournament dinner Hole sponsorship Public thank you via the Purple Feet Foundationʼs website, Facebook and Twitter$750 - Student scholarship for thinc Program Two complimentary entries into the tournament Plaque for place of business to be formally presented at the post- tournament dinner Hole sponsorship Public thank you via the Purple Feet Foundationʼs website, Facebook and Twitter$500 - Hole-in-one and Closest-to-pin Recognition for hole-in-one or closest-to-pin challenges Hole sponsorship Public thank you via the Purple Feet Foundationʼs website, Facebook and Twitter$100 - Hole sponsorship Sign at tee box or green Public thank you via the Purple Feet Foundationʼs website, Facebook and Twitter
  5. 5. thinc Program I would like to tell all of the donors that Im extremely grateful for their kindness and that if it werent for them I wouldnt get to meet new people from all sorts of places. I hope they continue their kindness so that next years group can have as much if not, more fun than us! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!I would like to say thanks to the donors. Thank you for allowingme to attend this trip. I really had fun meeting other people fromall around the world so thank you very much. I would like to say thank you for letting me come to PFF and having the best time of my life at a summer camp with new people and trying new things, going different places, and learning how others work together to complete things.
  6. 6. SundayWe spent the first day getting to know each other, dida little geocaching to learn about the campus, startedour hot air balloon project and reflected on our firstday together. Monday The students quickly realized that they need their rest at night :) Today included a full day at Villanova University, a trip to Barnes and Noble, Einstein Hour, journal reflections and more! Check out the full schedule at:
  7. 7. TuesdayThe morning started with a special guest - GeorgeWashington. Then we went to Valley Forge NationalPark in a trolley. We had Einstein Hour in the park,interviewed our adult mentors about their careerpaths, and oh yes, SWIMMING! After swimming wehosted the Purple Feet Olympics, worked on our hotair balloons and reflected on the day together. Wednesday Today was about trying new things. Culinary Arts, Photography, Construction, Arts and Crafts, Green Screening and more were on the studentsʼ roster.ThursdayWe visited Cabrini College today and worked on ourglog projects that summarized our thinc experience.The extra day this year also gave us a secondchance to go swimming. After our special banquetfollowed by final journal reflections we enjoyed MovieNight together. Friday What a week! Friday is always bittersweet. Signing our “weekbooks” (think yearbooks but only for a week) was fun and emotional. But the Diet Coke and Mentos fireworks display picked up our spirits and reminded us that this is just the beginning of many amazing opportunities in our lives.
  8. 8. Attendee Survey Comments A sampling of the comments the students made about thinc 2012. Which of the sessions or projects was your favorite and why? Hovercrafts because we got to be broken apart from our friends and be grouped with new people and we became friends with them and also because it was really cool, fun, and awesome. I liked the culinary arts because I am going to be a chef when I grow up. I am going to study food/cooking while I am in college. I also liked the photography because I love to take pictures of things. The sessions or projects that were my favorite were when we made the hovercrafts and tested them ourselves. Another project I liked was when we made the hot air balloons and saw which one went the furthest.Which of the trips was your favorite and why?Villanova had to be the best trip because we got to experiencehow people who go to the school actually work, eat, play sports,and live.My favorite trip was when we went to the colleges becausesome day I will be going to college.My favorite trip was the trip to Cabrini because the campus wasbeautiful and we had better lunch than at Villanova! I really likedthe tour and we all enjoyed ourselves. If you could change something for next years schedule (e.g., another trip, another session, etc.) what would it be? If I can change something next year it would be to extend it to 2 weeks because there will be more time for people to enjoy. The camp should be for the whole summer.