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Changes Over Time: GIS Project


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Using GIS in Education: 4th grade Project, Changes Over Time

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Changes Over Time: GIS Project

  1. 1. Changes Over Time Fourth Grade Project - Shields Elementary School! Cape Henlopen School District! Lewes, Delaware
  2. 2. Key Concepts Science - Land and Water ! •The flow of water and slope of the land affect erosion and depositon.! •Landforms, human activity and organisms can change the direction and flow of water.! Social Studies - Delaware History and Geography! •Use maps and other geo-graphics to interpret information about Delaware.! •Recognize •Describe 
 regions of Delaware defined by physical factors! how a region can change over time.

  3. 3. Geography Standard One: Students will develop a personal geographic framework, or "mental map," and understand the uses of maps and other geo-graphics [MAPS]. Geography Standard Two: Students will develop a knowledge of the ways humans modify and respond to the natural environment [ENVIRONMENT].
  4. 4. Natural Transition •Constructing Drawing an aerial view a model stream table
  5. 5. Local Regions Studied •Cape Henlopen Roosevelt Inlet
  6. 6. Learning About Maps Aerial Physical Digital Spatial
  7. 7. Building Map Layers Community Experts! Teamwork! Analyzing Map Data
  8. 8. Using ArcExplorer •Importing Data Sets Analyzed Map Layers! Using the Pan and Zoom Setting map tips! Adding layer properties!
  9. 9. Analyzing our results Man vs Nature! Impacts on our geographical area! Examining our local watershed ! Stream study
  10. 10. Creating Data 
 With ArcView
  11. 11. Watershed Analysis What is a watershed? ! A watershed is a specific land area that drains water into a river system or other body of water – elevation of the land determines this land area! Run ROBOCOW –!
  12. 12. Load local area map
  13. 13. Zoom into school area Shield’s Elementary School
  14. 14. Identify land use categories !
  15. 15. Examine creeks behind school
  16. 16. Create buffers in program
  17. 17. Community Projects
 What can we do to make a difference? Create awareness! GPS points along stream! Load into GIS! Cleanup! Planting to create natural buffers
  18. 18. GIS Resources 
 all around us!
  19. 19. Lori Roe! Instructional Technology Specialist! Cape Henlopen School District!!