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Follow Up Survey


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For returning classes

Published in: Education
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Follow Up Survey

  1. 1. Welcome Back to the Library Massasoit Community College Library
  2. 2. How can you find books in the Library? A. Read each title on the shelves B. Ask a Librarian or other Library staff C. Check the catalog on the Library's portal page D. All of the above
  3. 3. What is a periodical? A. A historical era B. A chemistry symbol C. A print publication published at regular intervals D. A punctuation mark
  4. 4. Which of the items below is a type of periodical? A. Newspaper B. Scholarly journal C. Magazine D. All of the above
  5. 5. What does a periodicals database contain? A. Phone numbers B. Syllabi C. Maps D. None of the above
  6. 6. What do you need to access Massasoit's databases from off campus? A. A Library barcode number B. A drivers license C. 3D glasses D. A note from the Librarian
  7. 7. You can find citation style information A. In Rules for Writers B. By registering for EasyBib on the Library's homepage C. On the Library citation handout D. All of the above
  8. 8. How much research have you done so far? A. I haven’t started. B. I’ve started but I need more sources. C. I have all the sources I need.