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  1. 1. Film / Artist: Saw seriesWeb Address: http://www.officialsaw.comGenre/ Subgenre: Slasher/ Psychological
  2. 2. Brief Plot Synopsis: Two men wake up in a room chained to apipe, and realise that they are part of an elaborate gameconducted by a serial killer going under the name ‘Jigsaw’.
  3. 3. Briefly describe the content of the homepage / firstimpressionsThe homepage consists of a circular blade with navigational buttons placed aroundeach ridge of the blade – this seems to fit the conventions of the film and is verypleasing to the eye.
  4. 4. Describe the home page in detail using thefollowing sections:Was the site easy to navigate? Describe thenavigation tools used e.g. drop downmenus/banners etc.The site is easy to use as the navigational buttons are all clear to seeas they form around the circular blade and are categorisedappropriately.
  5. 5. What colours were used principally on the homepage?How many colours were used in the palette?There is a very limited colour palette – black, white and red, which are thestereotypical colours that connote horror and bloodshed etc.
  6. 6. Was there a specific site style e.g. layout / typography i.e.a common look for the page? Describe it?The theme/layout for the page is the use of the circular blade as a murderweapon, so even if you have not seen the film it is clear from the homepagethat the film contains slasher/psychotic elements.
  7. 7. How many and what images did the pagecontain? What was the purpose of the images?Technical construction e.g. close up/low angle etc?The only images on the homepage are that of the circular wheel,pictures of ‘Jigsaw’ in the updates section on the homepage (so theaudience is familiar with the villain) and logos affiliated with the filmitself (such as Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, Dolby Digital etc) for legalpurposes. There is also a rating ® showing that the website is ofAmerican origin.
  8. 8. What was the tone of the copy – i.e. style of language_formal/humorous etc. What could you find out aboutthe film/artist from reading the text?The text on the homepage is simple and directional in order not to confusethe audience. The text is also promotional and intertextual with updates onthe homepage regarding a Saw auction on Ebay and an official Saw Store.
  9. 9. How many pages did the homepage link to? What werethese pages? How did the links operate? Where were thelinks positioned?The homepage linked to 8 other pages, which consisted of a page for each of the 5Saw films, a Store, a fan section, and ‘House of Jigsaw’ which takes you into theworld of the villain, his weapons and his victims etc., gaining a broadened insightinto his mind-set.
  10. 10. Does the website promote a CD release/showcasethe film poster – where were these located withinthe site? How were they promoted? Style/layoutetc.The posters are not shown; however there are links from each filmsection to buy the soundtrack to each film, and to buy each DVD also.
  11. 11. Were there any examples of Interactivity/Flash/VideoStreaming or Real Audio? How were these used? Whatdid they add to the homepage?The website has clearly been made from Flash as there are very good effectsfrom the circular blade and each button blurring or turning red when youhover over it. There is a video streaming of ‘Jigsaw’ when you first visit thewebsite, which you can skip by pressing the ‘skip intro’ button. There is alsofast paced music fitting the theme of the film, and you are given the choice toswitch the sound off with a navigational bar at the top of the page.
  12. 12. Could you tell by the style of the site which genre thefilm/artist belonged to? How?Yes, as the circular blade/colours used/the fast paced music all connote a horrorfilm and paint a horrific picture.
  13. 13. Write down anything you think worked particularly wellon the home page?I think the circular blade for the use of navigation was a great idea as itrepresented the conventions of the film and a murder weapon used.
  14. 14. Anything you didn’t think worked?I thought that the sound used could be rather annoying, although there was an optionto turn it off (however the button was small and could not be found immediately) andthe opening video, although impressive and fitting to the film, could be seen assomewhat of an annoyance, however again there was an option to skip it.