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Why study in Hotel-Management in Switzerland, why study in Luzern


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Those slides should help international hotel and tourism management students and their parents to make the right choice and choose the prefect fit school to start their career in hospitality- those specific slides cover only the schools in the city of Luzern but same aspects and USPs can be applied to any international school

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Why study in Hotel-Management in Switzerland, why study in Luzern

  1. 1. By Academic Expert and independent Consultant Lukas Ritzel, April 2017 To follow my credentials simply Google my name: Lukas Ritzel Lecturing at 30+ Universities. Among those Harvard University, HWZ Zurich & Grenoble Graduate School of Business, worked with 4 different Swiss Hotel Management Schools Study Hotel- and Tourism- ManagementStudy Hotel- and Tourism- Management in Switzerland, Luzernin Switzerland, Luzern
  2. 2. “Value For Money”. Although studying in Switzerland seems more costly compared to other countries, Switzerland is famous for its “value for money”. Moreover, the educational system in Switzerland is considered the best in the world, currently ranked 1st in the latest 2016 report of World Economic Forum ) and as well ranked high in a recent study by UNIVERSITAS Why Swiss Education System?
  3. 3. Switzerland is a small country, but… Some key figures Constantly ranked at position 1 •You want to study in a safe and politically stable environment. •You want to study in overall favorable high quality infrastructure. •You want to study where Internet is working •You want to work in a environment which support Innovative work and studies •You want to have the availability of training services ensured •You want to study in an ethical environment •You want to have nature and out door activities within perfect weather conditions •You want to be sure that your education is worldwide recognized •You want to be able to go out on your own and feel safe •Insurance: Health insurance mandatory for all international students, although EU students automatically qualify for basic medical care with a European Health Insurance Card. •Switzerland’s charms aren’t just natural. From the jaw-dropping architecture of historic castles to major cities with advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology, Switzerland balances rural charm with urbane sophistication. •And check this Why study in Switzerland?
  4. 4. Competitiveness on Tourism 2015 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report:Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report: Switzerland always TOPSwitzerland always TOP
  5. 5. .. And more.. And more Small multi- cultural, multi- lingual country Small multi- cultural, multi- lingual country Friendly and hospitable people Friendly and hospitable people Reach Paris by train in 5 hours, London by airplane for 20 Euro, Italy for a weekend shopping Reach Paris by train in 5 hours, London by airplane for 20 Euro, Italy for a weekend shopping Politically and economically stable Politically and economically stable Safe Country Safe Country Cleanliness and orderliness Cleanliness and orderliness No more VISA needed to travel Europe No more VISA needed to travel Europe
  6. 6. Why study in Luzern is ideal for internationalWhy study in Luzern is ideal for international students?students? Some Key facts:  Tourism hub of world fame and University town  Easy to communicate in English  Beautiful lively city embedded in a dreamlike natural environment  Luzern is in the German part  Total 5000 Hotels in Switzerland. More than 4000 based in the German speaking part.  70% of population is German speaking  High profile guest lectures love to visit Luzern  First city wide free WIFI Internet  Hosts Global Tourism Forum  Voted Switzerland most beautiful city for 3 years in a row
  7. 7. Luzern/ Lucerne – just a WOW-city
  8. 8. Is there an official hotelschool ranking in Switzerland? Simple answer: NO there is none – Many believe ASEH is the official ranking. ASEH is only a member club with no officially recognized validation – Nor any other self made ranking – Nor rankings indicated through portals like swissuniversityhandbook or topuniversities, they are all just marketing channels – Many schools try selling themselves as University, NONE of them is (Except Lausanne EHL) – But still there are rather big differences in the reputation of schools at international level. Larger groups and wellknown names are making a difference for future employers
  9. 9. Which hotelschool or tourism school is the best? CHECK carefully Best you ask the schools (not the agents) directly – Will I get the final diploma of the acreditting partner as a paper in hand, ask for a sample – Ask for the concrete numbers of student origins. If they refuse don’t trust them. Few have a ballanced studentbody – Ask if you will receive a diploma at the end of each stage – Ask for the details (CVs) of the current faculty (not the visiting ones) – Check on social media on postings from current students (not the corporate postings from internal marketing) – Ask for concrete numbers of their career services (how many people are working there) – Visit the school for one day and get your own feeling, if you can’t go send somebody else – Contact alumnis and ask them, locate those through social media. (Marketing will always select their ambassadors cleverly, no value then) – Check the comparison Matrix on all Luzern based school on the next slide
  10. 10. Decision and comparison of best Hotel Management and Tourism Schools in Switzerland, Luzern Factors SEG Group/ Ritz IMI-Luzern BHMS (Bendict) HTMi Career Service TOP no data no data no data Accomodation Renovated 2016 rather old varies cozy Academic excellence no data no data no data no data Reputation Ritz legacy none none none Location in the city 5min to lake outside city 10km not nice outside city 30km Students ballanced (many countries) mainly asia, russia mainly asia, russia no data Internet top (new installed in 2017) prolematic no data no data Size big school group (Hotel Schools) small school big school network (Language schools) small school Perception at level with reality smaller than it appears much smaller than it appears in well done marketing at level Student numbers largest school in region small second largest school small Price expensive expensive cheap medium Recognition of degree (Swiss) Top minor minor minor Recognition of partner for degree Top US ranked University (Washington Sate University) Manchester University (paper only) well ranked British University (Scotland University) Napier University Access to shopping anytime 24/7 only daytime, else must take bus anytime 24/7 far out from Luzern Value for money 9 out of 10 5 out of 10 6 out of 10 8 out of 10 Education System Updated, modern old fashion, conservative fresh, young classic Alumni large (SEG group) small small small Philosophie quality and reputation all average speed and economical traditional Career Development Designated Career support developed around your professional needs one (wo)man show none no data Recruitment Support Access to one of the largest recruitment events in Europe throughout your studies and as an alumni. 135 international companies selected to attend each year not really, some fairs none no data Internship Annual 4-6 months internship in every academic program Annual 4-6 months internship in every academic program Annual 4-6 months internship in every academic program Annual 4-6 months internship in every academic program 4 Schools to pick. Excluded the new online possibility with ABMS schools 4 Schools to pick. Excluded the new online possibility with ABMS schools
  11. 11. Are there other good Hotel Management School which are not in Luzern? • Yes there are plenty good schools in many parts of Switzerland (mostly then in the French speaking parts) • Lausanne certainly is the best address for academic excellence • Followed by the whole Swisseducationgroup and its different schools (Cesar Ritz Colleges, Culinary Arts Academy, Hotel Institute Montreux, IHTTI School of Hotel Management, Swiss Hotel Management School, Swiss Education Academy) and single institutions like Les