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Web2.0 and Social Media leading to Inbound Marketing 2014


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How has the initial Internet developed from a push only static source of information to the interactive and engaging internet which we call Web2.0 or social media in 2013

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Web2.0 and Social Media leading to Inbound Marketing 2014

  1. 1. A 2013 Introduction on how all startedfrom Web1.0 to Web2.0 and whereSocial Media Stands in 2013LUKAS RITZELCheck as well the WIKI to support this and more at about LOT at
  2. 2. • Professional Details:• Has been in international management since over 20 years, has done workshops, keynote speeches and presentations in 40++ countries in 4 languages. Has lectured at more than 20 Universities in different countries. Has been on National Thai TV on creativity in organizations• In 2010: Invited to speak at TEDx event in Switzerland, May 10, contributed to a book on CM and Social media from U21 University Singapore; won a price with IMI website as one of the most relevant business websites of Switzerland in 2010. Created an award winning crowdsourced iPhone apps in 2010• Worked during the last 8 years with some of the Swiss Hotel Management Schools in all Web Strategies, Marketing and ICT• Specialty Knowledge in Asia related matters – marketing, management, cultural understanding• Further; Co-founder of Change Management consulting company Prasena , this company got in 2004 the Purple Cow award of companies who "make a difference" from marketing guru Seth Ghodin of the FAST company.• Guest lecturer at Grenoble School of Business at MBA level in management, world ranked no3• coInventor of eMatrix (drivers of new economy of change)• Lectures in Marketing, Organization Consulting, ICT, Management of Change & Learning Organizations• Has been speaker (in real as well as virtual) at many international conferences, selected presentations can be seen at (200’000 views on ematrix presentation)• Recent clients are Wirtschaft Informatik Beratung, SIKA, Bank COOP, CityConnect, Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Aqua-Terra, SSA, EchoTrails, GS1 and consulting of 10+ KMU’s in Lukas Ritzel, Swiss, edcuation & inbound marketing , web 2012 strategies
  3. 3. OR
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Web1.OSearch engine NOT by the people but by expertsSearch engine NOT by the people but by experts
  7. 7. Web 1.0 was for specialists, for huge serversand its creators pushed what is good for us Aol 90% of us internet Google tells us what is top and flop Corporate websites (one student stated in the zoomerang survey, that he would not believe in websites since they are just marketing brochures) This is Web1 and the basis of web 1 was some clever people who build websites and fed it with content for the others to use, this is the same as business, politics and most of all schools have functioned for the past 100s of year WHY, it was always based on the idea that the crowd is stupid
  8. 8. Simple Corporate Websites PUSH push push
  9. 9. Note: Design Awarded
  10. 10.
  11. 11. What a difference of where we are today
  12. 12. Or this
  13. 13. Latest done for Xhavit Bajrami Most recent website done for a friend by the author of these slides
  14. 14. The „first“ web was one way
  15. 15. Traditional HR mindset created the inital Web (1.0)
  16. 16. But then first very slowSomething started to change the Web as we knew it
  17. 17. People like Jawed Karim at theZoo started a new understanding
  18. 18. Effectivenetworks are: • Decentralized • Distributed • Dynamic • Democratic
  19. 19. Applying Web2.0 to an organization was feared at first• Organization chart – Transparency – Trust – Empowerment – Loosing control• Staff handbook update needed (fb)• Eventually even will influence the vision and mission statements
  20. 20. 360 degree change and click
  21. 21. Killer Applications in its Historic context• Life Journal/ 99• Hot or Not/ 00• Wikipedia/ 01• Friendster/ 02• 03 by Yahoo• Flickr/ 04 by Yahoo• You Tube/ 05
  22. 22. Slow start in 2005But thanks to secondary technologies: Broadband at homes, Macromedia flash 7,Digital cameras are mainstream, Internet gets cheaperIn 2004Vdo clip culture emerges (famous timberlane jackson insidence )And first important vdo clip only on digicam from mobile phone goes all around theworld because cnn and bbc were just not there to film
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Going together with another trend
  25. 25. VIDEOS
  26. 26. Huge viral success, BIG idea
  27. 27. To a small but GOOD idea "Web 2.0" in just under 5 minutes.
  28. 28. A Swiss Idea
  29. 29. The Video Revolution
  30. 30. Killer social media app 2010TWEET
  31. 31. What Twitter THOUGHT to be
  32. 32. To what TWITTER is NOW to the world
  33. 33. What was the turning point for Twitter?
  34. 34. In 2011 #egypt The top hashtag was "moscow," which became a city of protest after contentious election results saw more and more people call for fair elections and an end to Vladimir Putins control of Russia. Other entries on the list include "freedom," which was used in everything from tweets about the Fourth of July to those about Bahrain, and "what i miss most," a hashtag that encourages its users to get nostalgic and reflect on what they miss from their younger years.
  35. 35. And what goes on right now? Use Presentation Mode to view, Click this header to give mouse control back to PowerPoint, change slide, etc .© SAP 2009 / Page 38
  36. 36. And as well in 2010 in Egypt and before Iran, even ChinaThis is a preliminary result of the network of retweets with the hashtag #jan25 atFebruary 11 2011, at the time of the announcement of Mubaraks resignation. Ifyou retweeted someone, or has been retweeted, it is possible that your usernameis in this network.
  37. 37. Facebook killer?
  38. 38. Facebook vs Google+
  39. 39. What is the Killer 2011?
  40. 40. The Impact of ConsumerGenerated Media (CGM)
  41. 41. The development of NEWS from web1 to web2Newsvine is a social news site set up like anewspaper. In addition to allowing users to submit,vote for, and comment on articles, Newsvine alsoallows users to write their own articles and createtheir own news columns.
  42. 42. The Power of Social Media
  43. 43. The voice of the internet
  44. 44. But then again..
  45. 45. Lucidending made some deeply moving, motivationaland inspirational statements. He made thousands ofreaders look at life in a different perspective. He wasthe reason for an enormous outporing of emotion andlove from complete strangers.
  46. 46. In the Bad as well as in the Good
  47. 47. Visual is the new TEXTCondom brand Durex posted a risque bit of post-electionanalysis in China,using its account on Sina Weibo, a Chinesemicroblog.The post features a picture of a smiling Michelle Obamaholding her two hands widely apart, as if measuring the sizeof something. In another photo below, a less happy AnnRomney glumly holds up one small finger.The Mandarin-language caption says it all: "The differencebetween Obama and Romney is...“The UK-based condom manufacturer is number one in theindustry with 34% market share across 130 countries. Sure,sex sells, but how does Durex sell such a taboo product inforeign countries? All jokes aside, Durex is sure to play it safe.The company developed an internal platform for its marketersfrom different countries to connect and discuss the brandspresence overseas.Anna Valle, head of global marketing for Durex, said of theonline community, "It will help us to share the global vision, toengage, and be more consistent." Discussion amongmarketers fuels localized campaigns with an overarchingbrand personality -- risque. For example, check out this recentimage Durex shared on Sina Weibo after President Obamahad been re-elected. (Fair warning: if you dont like raunchyand/or political humor, dont click.) 12 hours after beingposted, the image was forwarded 43,000 times with over12,000 comments.
  48. 48. The Power of Social Created Content not only TextWatch as of Time 2.48 photosync
  49. 49. Social Media in 3 min(and as well a perfect sample to wake up your management)
  50. 50. Similar story – bad ending
  51. 51. Cool Jeans – Killer Jeans
  52. 52. The Community vs Versace
  53. 53. What does that all mean?• The days of old fashion push marketing is gone• The concept of static information, books, brochures, articles, even images and simple websites is outdated• All such is transferred into kind of interactive knowledge flow. The user chooses himself what he wants to know about any product – with or without your (corporate) help• Corporate communication becomes informative, comparative, experiencable and edutaining
  54. 54. Re- branding web2.0• Today we rather speak on a technical term Web2.0• But as a trend or a new channel we use the term SOCIAL MEDIA• But then again like Apples „i“ all becomes 2.0 cars, countries, travel...
  55. 55. The customer shift ishappening now – Why?
  56. 56. The EndLUKAS RITZELCheck as well the WIKI to support this and more at about LOT at