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Kwcommercial Services Summary


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A summary of KW Commercial and our services

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Kwcommercial Services Summary

  1. 1. KW COMMERCIAL Services: Leasing—CRE Tenant Representation Acquisition and Disposition Construction Management Development Full Service Brokerage Investment Services Market Research & Analysis 1031 Exchange Distressed Property Specialized Consulting Asset Management Property Types: Office Retail Industrial Land Multi-Family Special Use Our diverse range of services and experience provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise of seasoned commercial real estate professionals, unparalleled expertise in marketing, sales, leasing, and investment services with commitment to customer-driven results. KW Commercial has a platform of state-of-the-art market research and analysis tools that are invaluable in researching competitive properties, understanding prevailing market conditions, determining values and comparing various opportunities. If you are a commercial real estate user or investor and need professional representation, please contact our Managing Director to discuss your needs. Lynn Richter 10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 102 Managing Director St. Louis, MO 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124 314-775-2750 (314) 206-4600 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
  2. 2. OUR CORE DISCIPLINESFULL SERVICE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGEKW Commercial is a full service commercial real estate firm with brokerageexpertise in representing landlords, owners, sellers, buyers and tenants. Ourexperience portfolio encompasses all commercial real estate types; fromOffice, Retail, Industrial, Multi-family, NNN Investments, Land, 1031 Exchangetransactions; to the special use property i.e. daycare, churches, hospitality,restaurants, senior living, etc.OFFICES SERVICESFinding the right office space entails many considerations and complicationsbeyond simply finding the right location. Office tenant representation demandsknowledge of the local market conditions and trends, as well as a keen set ofnegotiating skills to successfully structure a client’s lease document. Trackingrents, rent concessions, operating expense pass throughs, changes in technologyand other factors are part of what our KW Commercial Office Propertyassociates are dedicated to knowing. Commercial Office landlords can rely onour associates to have intimate knowledge of the local office market and existingtenant base in order to successfully lease projects at the highest rental structurepossible.RETAIL SERVICESFor our retail users and developer clients, the advantages of partnering with a KWCommercial Retail Properties associate are significant. Whether leasing a retailstrip center or finding a new facility for a restaurant customer; location, speed tomarket and economic performance are as important to us as they are to ourclients. Our associates have a unique understanding of the retail segment ofthe industry as well as an understanding of the retail industry.INDUSTRIAL SERVICESRegardless of the industrial space a company needs, our Industrial Properties as-sociates have the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist in a purchase,sale or lease. Industrial real estate consumers rely on our associates forconsultation on site selection, dock height, clear height and power requirements,as well as all the other factors necessary when deciding on an industrial location.Industrial property owners can also rely on KW Commercial’s network ofassociates to assist in marketing of their industrial property and ensure theproperty is sold for the best price as quickly as possible. 10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 102 St. Louis, MO 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124 314-775-2750 (314) 206-4600 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
  3. 3. OUR CORE DISCIPLINESLAND BROKERAGEKW Commercial associates specializing in land brokerage and assemblage possessan exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence the landbrokerage transaction and have the extensive experience and contacts to get thedeal done right. Our associates provide solutions based on constantly evolvingfactors such as zoning and regulatory issues, demographic and traffic patterns, andoverall political and economic trends. Expanding on the fundamentals of landbrokerage, our associates ensure that the client’s unique business considerationsare addressed and that the negotiation is a win-win. Working in coordination withour other specialists, our land brokerage services offer a solid and well-roundedapproach to land acquisition and disposition.INVESTMENT SALESRepresenting buyers and sellers of investment real estate requires local marketknowledge, knowledge of financing instruments and capital markets both domesticand abroad. KW Commercial’s Investment Properties associates keep abreast ofthe latest trends and fluctuations in equity and debt markets. As well as local andnational cap rates. Our vast network of international, private and institutionalinvestors allows us to match our clients with the right investment opportunities,and maximize return on investment.MULTIFAMILY—DISPOSITION AND ACQUISITIONKW Commercial associates provide multi-family owners and investors with marketknowledge, research, financing and analysis of market trends in vacancy, rentescalations, comparable cap rates and buyer trends. Our associates have expertisein sales, acquisitions, development, finance and valuation, which extends toconventional apartment properties, condo development and conversions, studenthousing and residential income development land.Whether you are selling a single asset or a national portfolio, our associates provideyou with unparalleled market information and will achieve the highest levels ofresults. If expanding your portfolio is the objective, our local experts can help youidentify and acquire properties which meet or exceed your investment goals. And itdoesn’t stop there. Whether the next steps are finding the right propertymanagement company, providing current rental and vacancy data, assessing localrent control issues or assisting with tenant leasing, our associates continue to be avalued resource. 10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 102 St. Louis, MO 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124 314-775-2750 (314) 206-4600 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
  4. 4. OUR CORE DISCIPLINESNOT FOR PROFITNonprofit organizations, school systems and government agencies have unique realestate requirements, and our KW Commercial associates understand how to bestserve these organizations. We understand the unique budget constraints and themultiple stakeholder environment in which they operate. Portfolio assessment, realestate strategy, financing and project management are critical to our educationand municipal clients, and we deliver.CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENTBuilding on time and on budget are two passions of our KW CommercialConstruction and Development Management associates. To ensure the bestoutcome for our clients, KW Commercial has an extensive network of constructionprofessionals who provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail and avalued partnership.KW Commercial also has broad-based strategic alliances with fee developerscapable of overseeing and managing any type of real estate development. Ourpartners, who are established in local markets across the United States andCanada, can guide our clients through governmental approvals for both small andlarge development projects.ACCELERATED MARKETING SERVICESThe ability to move properties in 60 to 90 days from contract to close is anessential tool KW Commercial uses to service its customers. Our National AuctionTeam has over 38 years experience in successfully auctioning over a half billiondollars worth of Real Estate. From Sports Arenas to Fractured Developments to1600 Land Lots in a single sale, we have the proven ability to help you Acceleratethe sale of your property anywhere in North America. 10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 102 St. Louis, MO 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124 314-775-2750 (314) 206-4600 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
  5. 5. COMMERCIAL BROKERAGE RESOURCES A searchable inventory of all commercial sale and lease listings are available on Each listing is emailed monthly or as changes in the listing warrant, to the greater St. Louis brokerage community. The Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) is the commercial real estate division of the St. Louis Association of Realtors. All sale and lease listings are published on this site, which is heavily used by the commercial real estate industry. The CIE is also an important source for listings and is used as part of the Tenant / Buyer Representation process. CDX is the catalyst of communication systems within the commercial real estate in- dustry. Brokers and agents use this medium to broadcast sale and lease listings and to search for product meeting their client’s requirements. Software program that provides vital researched information on both tenants and properties. CoStar maintains their database and updated to subscribers on a daily basis. The broker uses the plethora of tools within this service to market and to manage their listings and provide important information to their clients. LoopNet is an internet-based listing service, accessible nationwide. LoopNet provides our brokers with contact information, and statistics of all prospects viewing the sale and lease listings. LoopNet is also an important tool which is used in searching for product during the Tenant / Buyer Representation process. Website that provides aerials, demographics, business information, consumer expenditure, retail market profile, financial data and flood maps. IntegrityData provides our brokers with property and ownership information based on tax records and other resources; to obtain sale comparables for properties in the St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County. In addition to the in-house developed analysis programs, Argus and REI Wise are two of the resources used to provide cash-flow forecasts, property valuations, portfolio analysis and financial budgeting; as well as lease analysis. Our Brokers have the resources to cultivate specialized analysis programs structured to meet their client’s specific needs. 10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 102 St. Louis, MO 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124 314-775-2750 (314) 206-4600 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.