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Edfi560 final presentation

  1. 1. EDFI560 FINAL PRESENTATIONTechnology & Bloom’s Taxonomy Lydia Darnall
  2. 2. Brain Trainer by Lumosity.com
  3. 3. What is Lumosity.com?• The Web’s number one training program.• Developed by neuroscientists.• Proven Benefits• Improve brain health & performance.• Lumosity is for everyone!
  4. 4. How to accessLumosity…• You can access Lumosityvia their website:http://www.lumosity.com/• Or by downloadingapplications on devices;phones or tablets IPhone App
  5. 5. Creating an account on Lumosity Fill out personal information Customize your settings
  6. 6. Examples of games on Lumosity… Raindrops: Problem Solving Memory Shapes: Memory Memory Circles: Memory Brain Shift: Flexibility Circles: Speed Color Match: Flexibility Shapes: Speed After completing certain levels, games will unlock for FREE
  7. 7. Progress Tracker
  8. 8. Student’s play games that strengthen their memory skills Many of the Student’s play games students Student’s use games that play will acquired skills strengthen increase their to solve a their speed of variety ofattention/detail completing problems skills tasks Student’s use brain training games to increase their knowledge flexibility
  9. 9. Lumosity in the classroom• Both educators and students can use the brain training activitiesavailable for FREE on Lumosity.•Teachers can use this application to incorporate technology intothe classroom. It adds variety and a fun learning environment forstudents.• These brain training games allow individuals to use all parts ofthe cognitive domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy: • Knowledge •Comprehension • Application • Synthesis • Evaluation
  10. 10. Creating Evaluating Analyzing Applying UnderstandingApplying Lumosity to the categories in the cognitive domain of Remembering Bloom’s Taxonomy
  11. 11. Arcademic Builders
  12. 12. What is Arcademic Builders?• Online educational video games.• A safe online environment that allows students to playeducational games against classmates.
  13. 13. How to access Arcademic Builders…• You can access Arcademic Builders by visiting their website:• http://www.arcademics.com/• This is a FREE educational game website that requires individuals to create accounts.
  14. 14. How to create an account on Arcademic Builders… Go to the main page, click on Sign- Up and follow the easy steps!
  15. 15. Examples of games on Arcademic Builders… Or scroll by subject Scroll down
  16. 16. Example Games on Arcademic Builders
  17. 17. How to play
  18. 18. Arcademic Builder in the classroom Teachers can also upgrade for FREE•Teachers can use this online resource to improvestudent performance through: •Increased time on task •Increased student motivation/engagement •Increased corrective feedback• The Arcademicgames allow students to obtain a highrate of learning through rapid and focused repetition,motivational, excitement and involvement.
  19. 19. Resources•All of my screen shots are CC & available onmy Flickr account: •http://www.flickr.com/photos/lydiadarnall /•Slide 20:http://www.thecaepepreschool.com/bloomspop.html