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Tutoring At Laney Overview


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View this slide show to get an overview of tutoring at Laney College.

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Tutoring At Laney Overview

  1. 1. Tutoring at Laney College Update Spring 2009 Presentation by Lisa Cook, Tutoring Coordinator
  2. 2. Question 1 In which sites/programs does one-on-one tutoring occur at Laney?
  3. 3. Where One-on-One Tutoring Occurs James Oliver Various Community Math Lab Classrooms Writing Center Learning Tutorial and Communities Academic EOPS Puente, Project Bridge, Ubaka, CAA, Carpenteria Fina, Support Center DSPS
  4. 4. How Students Access Tutoring Drop-In In-Class By Appointment Supplemental Instruction
  5. 5. Question 2 Where can students access tutoring on a drop-in basis?
  6. 6. Drop-In Tutoring James Oliver Community Math Lab Writing Center EOPS DSPS
  7. 7. Tutoring By Appointment Tutorial and Academic Support Center
  8. 8. Question 3 In which Laney courses does in-class tutoring occur?
  9. 9. In-Class Tutoring Courses in Learning English 269 and 201 Communities (levels below 1A) (Project Bridge, Puente, Ubaka, CAA, Carpenteri a Fina.) Sections of Various Arithmetic Courses (as requested by deans and approved by VPI)
  10. 10. Question 4 What supplemental instruction occurs at Laney?
  11. 11. Supplemental Instruction ESL 218 Writing Workshop (A reading/writing support class for English learners across the curriculum) (James Oliver Community Writing Center)
  12. 12. Tutoring for Students Enrolled in Special Programs EOPS DSPS Learning Communities
  13. 13. Question 5 Which instructional support sites offer tutoring across the curriculum (for any student in any class)?
  14. 14. Sites Offering Tutoring Across the Curriculum (for any student in any class) James Oliver Community Math Lab Writing Center (Mathematics) (Reading and Writing) (priority given to students in mathematics courses) Tutorial and Academic Support Center (tutoring in certain subjects based on student demand and availability of tutors)
  15. 15. Description of Current Level of Operation: Writing Center (B 260-262) • Offers drop-in tutoring in reading and writing for any class (Rm. B 261-B 262) • Hours: M-Th 9-9; F 9-5 • Number of tutors available each hour: 2-4 • Total number of tutors employed: 19 • Support Courses: English 253 Computer- Assisted Composition and ESL 218 Writing Workshop (Rm. B 260)
  16. 16. Description of Current Level of Operation: Math Lab (G 207) • Offers drop-in tutoring in mathematics for any class, but priority given to students enrolled in math courses. • Hours: M-Th 9-8; F 9-noon • Number of tutors available each hour: 3-5 • Total number of tutors: 20 • Instructor of record on duty every hour
  17. 17. Description of Current Level of Operation: T.A.S.C. (Library, 4th Floor) • Subjects Offered: Chinese, French, German, English, Spanish, Math, History, Biology, Psychology, Economics, Accounti ng, Geography, Culinary • Hours: 9-5 (tutoring by appointment and based on availability of tutors; culinary and accounting study groups) • Total Number of Tutors: 15 • Maximum number of appointments per week students can sign up for: 2 (more by waitlist)