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Obiee on apache tomcat server


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Obiee on apache tomcat server

Published in: Education, Technology
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Obiee on apache tomcat server

  1. 1. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 1 OBIEE on Apache Tomcat Server
  2. 2. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 2 Normally if we install OBIEE it will run on "OC4J"Application Server , but i want to run my analytics file to run on Apache Tomcat Server Prerequisites : Apache Tomcat Server 4 and above Here is the link to download tomcat server : click on Windows service installer (under Core category).I used Tomcat 5.5,download it and install .Start the service I will explain in two parts Part1 : Deploying Analytics.war file (BI Answers,Dashboards,BI Delivers) Part2 : Deploying XMLPSERVER.war file (BI Publisher) Deploying Analytics.war file: Step1 : Stop your Tomcat Server(if it's already started mode) Step2 : Take a copy of anlaytics.war file from following location "OracleBIoc4j_bij2eehomeapplicationsanalytics" Step3 : Paste it under webapps folder of Apache server installed driver C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 5.5webapps Step4: I had taken Myanaltyics.war Create a folder called Myanalytics/your_name,paste your analytics.war file into this newly created folder Open your command prompt: Goto your newly created folder structure Enter the following command: Jar –xvf Myanalytics.war
  3. 3. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 3 Next ,Start your Tomcat Server Start Menu-->All Pograms-->Apache Tomcat 5.5--->Welcome Click on Tomcat Manger -->It may ask username and password you need to give right credentials (if u specify at installation of apache) Under the Application 's you will see "/MyAnalytics" Click on Myanalytics it will take you to our Normal OBIEE Login screen Create your reports and dashboard all will work same as before
  4. 4. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 4 Part2 : Deploying XMLPSERVER.war file Follow the same steps as above but , now take xmlpserver.war file at (C:OracleBIoc4j_bij2eehomeapplicationsxmlpserver) location Repeat the steps 1,2,3 from part1 but with xmlpserver.war file When you start the services and go to tomcat welcome page it will show on that Wait...before doing that we need to change file path xmlp-server-config.xml file located at C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 5.5webappsxmlpserverWEB-INF {file path="C:OracleBIxmlpXMLP"/} point the path to obiee installed xmlp folder Restart the server,BI Publisher will run on tomcat as Dashboards URL's in my case BIPublisher : Dashboards :