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How to reset forgotten obiee 11 g rpd passwd


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Published in: Technology
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How to reset forgotten obiee 11 g rpd passwd

  1. 1. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 1How to reset forgotten OBIEE 11G RPD password?In OBIEE 10g, If you forgot the repository (RPD) password, we can easily rest with simplestraight configuration change (AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = BYPASS_NQS) inNQSConfig.ini file.This was a security breach in OBI 10g versions and it didn’t have had fix forit. Fix? Why?… Yes, as a developer we might still need such a (un)fair upshot. But it is a verydangerous security breach. If anyone gets the production RPD, he can simply bypass the rpdsecurity and can deploy it to see the valuable data. As the OBI rpd doesn’t require someone toknow the production Database password, the information theft is quite possible.So unlike OBIEE 10G, The newer OBIEE 11G has a very tight security i.e. TWO level keyauthentication to open a RPD in online mode and one key (RPD password) in offline mode.Either of the modes cannot open the repository with some configuration changes. So be careful ifyou want to reuse the OBI repository, make sure that you have memorized the RPD password.There is NO any reset process.But however, you can get a password for an already deployed RPD. With the help of wlst script,you can get the forgotten OBI Repository password that is deployed earlier.To know forgotten OBIEE11G Repository (RPD) password:Login to weblogic EM (http://localhost:7001/em) and navigate to credentials store page.
  2. 2. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 2Expand the key map: This is the key map which stores all the repositorypasswords that are deployed.
  3. 3. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 3For the context of this blog post, I would like to show you how to know the forgotten passwordof a deployed repository.In above image, I have 4 repositories and one scheduler schema keys in my credential key map.From the list, to get the password of “New_SampleAppLite_BI0002” repository, follow thesesteps: Open command prompt, E:>cd <OBIEE_HOME>oracle_commoncommonbin Run wlst scrpt: <OBIEE_HOME>oracle_commoncommonbin>wlst.cmd Connect to weblogic domain with the command:connect(“<weblogic_AdminUser>”,”<weblogic_AdminUser_Password>”,”<Adminserver_Hostname>:<Admin_Portno>”)e.g: wls:/offline> connect(“weblogic”,”weblogic123″,”localhost:7001″)Connecting tot3://localhost:7001 with userid weblogic …Successfully connected to Admin Server„AdminServer‟ that belongs to domain „bifoundation_domain‟.————
  4. 4. PREPARED BY RAVI KUMAR LANKE Page 4 Run listCred() command to get the password of New_SampleAppLite_BI0002repositorywls:/bifoundation_domain/serverConfig>listCred(“”,”repository.New_SampleAppLite_BI0002″)Location changed to domainRuntime tree. This is a read-only tree with DomainMBean asthe root.For more help, use help(domainRuntime)[Name : tempvalue, Description : null, expiry Date : null]PASSWORD:Admin321That’s it, you can see the password: Admin321 for my New_SampleAppLite_BI0002repository.You can even get other key values listed in other key maps to avoid any guess work.