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Visual Art of the Harlem Renaissance


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Visual Art of the Harlem Renaissance

  1. 1. The HarlemRenaissance:Visual ArtsOsric SearsDiego GavidiaRahquiyah WilliamsChristopher Purefoy
  2. 2. The Harlem Renaissance
  3. 3. Influences: Cultural and Historical• 13- 15 amendments-Citizenship-Civil Rights-Voting rights• “The Great Migration”• “Back to Africa Movement”• Spirituality• Family Life- Everyday Life
  4. 4. InfluencesWilliam Johnson, Chain GangAugusta Savage, GaminLois Mailou Jones, The Ascent of EthiopiaArchibald John Motley Jr., Saturday NightAaron Douglas , The Creation
  5. 5. Artists and Contributions• Palmer Hayden• Aaron Douglas• Lois Mailou Jones• Archibald Motley
  6. 6. Palmer Hayden & AaronDouglas
  7. 7. In the lives of AfricanAmericans….• Impact was immense• Gave AfricanAmericans a sense ofpride• African-relatedidentities becameModern• African descentunderstood theirhistories• ALL Americans tookpride in the AfricanAmerican culture.• African Americanscame to value theAfrican part of theirheritage as much as theAmerican part,
  8. 8. Influences on AmericanSociety• The Black experience became clearer.• Visual Art redefined how America and the world viewedthe African-American population.• The Art work of this time period provided a venue forAfrican-Americans of all backgrounds to appreciate thevariety of Black life and culture.
  9. 9. Influences on AmericanSociety• This made Harlem to be forever remembered as thelegendary land that created history for the African-American folk.• Future generations of black Artists and Writers wereinfluenced from this.
  10. 10. Lois Mailou Jones
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