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Sbsactiveingredients 090821085846-phpapp02

  2. 2. Miller Barbedensis (Aloe Vera) Miller Barbedensis( Aloe Vera) one of 400 species of the Aloe Family. Grown on our exclusive farm in Okinawa, Japan. With our patented process we assure the best quality and freshness. We believe Aloe Vera is the most impressive herb of them all. Known to promote; •Nourishes body with minerals,enzymes,and glyconutrients •Naturally cleanses the colon, prevents constipation •Heals and lubricates the intestines and digestive tract •Lowers high cholesterol,triglycerides,other ailments •Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in Diabetics •Halts the growth of cancer tumors •Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain •Protects body from oxidative stress •Preventive care for Kidney stones and protects body from oxalates in coffee and tea •Alkalizes the body helping balance overly acidic dietary habits •Cures ulcers and other digestive disorders(proven) •Natural immune system booster •Natural skin toner and makes skin look young
  3. 3. Salacia ReticultaSalacia Reticulta is a herbal shrub that hasdark branches. Founded in the untouchedrain forest of Sri Lanka. Legendary for itsnatural healing if diabetes. ContainsSalaretin and Mangiferin which reduce thesugar levels. Used regularly in Japan as asupplementary food to prevent obesity anddiabetes, Known to promote ;•Aidsin weight loss and lowers LDLCholesterol & blood lipid level•Contains Mangiferin that enhances thebodys sensitivity to insulin•Contains inhibitors of sugar digestion andabsorption, prevents diabetic conditions
  4. 4. Salacia OblongaSalacia Oblonga is a herb used intraditional Indian Medicine. Helpsnormalize blood sugar, insulinlevels, and supports healthy bloodlipids. Also a potent antioxidant thataffects and aids in weight loss. Usedregularly in Japan as asupplementary food to preventobesity and diabetic. Knownpromotion ;•Effectiveanti-diabetic and diet agent•Lowers the risk of disease related tocomplication in Diabetes•Contains inhibitors of sugar digestionand absorption
  5. 5. Wild MountainJapanese Herb BlendGrown in the high altitudes ofJapans mountain range. This is ourpatented blend of over 88 wildmountain herbs. Known to promote ;•Active enzymes and peptides givingthe body a natural energy boost andprotection against viral,contaminants, and toxins•Promote lean tissue and muscle•Strengthens the bodys naturaldefense system•Stimulates the energy levels•Aids in strengthens the immunesystem•Sharpens the brain by increasingoxygen flow•De tox the body and protect againstviral diseases
  6. 6. HouttuyinaCordata(Dokudami) Dokudami plant is a native to Japan and is found in altitudes of over 6200 feet. Organic Dokudami is ranked among the top ten medicinal herbs in Japan. When it is dried it is used as tea and as a healing powder. It has been recognized for generations for its strong absorption properties. Known to promote; •Excellent aid in the fight against allergies and asthma •Eliminates(toxins) and free radicals
  7. 7. Gymnema SylvestreGymnema Sylvester is a herb grownin India and Sri Lanka as a naturalremedy for higher sugar levels. TheGymnema leave were firstdocumented in the late 1920. Knownto promote;•Builds lean muscle mass•Helps to curb appetite•Lowers bad cholesterol
  8. 8. •LagerstroemiaSpeciaosa(Banaka)Lagerstroemia Speciaosa is a treegrow in Asia.Recentely has drawnmuch attention because of itsmedicinal value. Known to promote ;•Natural diuretic promoting weightloss•Aids in healing kidney and bladderproblems•Stabilizes blood sugars
  9. 9. JapaneseTurmeric/Cur cuminRootTurmeric comes from the root of theCur cumin longa plant. Used forgenerations in Chinese and IndianMedicine. It is an excellent all remedyuse. Known to promote;•Powerful anti inflammatory•Inhibits cancer cell growth•Detoxifies liver and improves liverfunction
  10. 10. Cassia ObtusFolial(Cassia Seed)Cassia seed is a traditional Chineseherb grown as a wild plant in the hillslopes and riverside. One of theearliest herbs noted in Chineseherbal medicine. Known to promote;•Lowers body fat percentage, naturalweight loss•Removes heat from liver and tonifieskidney•Natural antioxidant
  11. 11. JapaneseAgarics(HimeMatsutake)Agarics mushroom (Home Matsutake)-Agarics is a newly discoveredspecies of mushroom that isattracting attention of many scientistaround the world. Contains a specialcalss polysaccharides known as betaglucans. Known to promote;•Stimulates activity of natural killercells•Promotes healthy immune system•Aids in stabilizing blood pressure
  12. 12. Red Linzhi ( JapaneseReishi)Japanese Reishi is grown in Japanand commonly known the mushroomof immortality. Naturally grown on thehillsides of mountain areas. Known topromote;•Promotes a healthy liver, kidney, andheart•Detoxifies blood ,liver, and kidney
  13. 13. FoeniculumVulgare(Fenel)Fennel is a beautiful flowering herbalplant that also bears fruit. The root isused in herbal remedies. Known topromote;•Promotes antimicrobial activity•Relieves and smoothes the lining ofthe digestive tract•Exhibits as a mild estrogenic effect
  14. 14. IsapaghulIisoaghul is a native herb grown inAsia. The seed husks are used inherbal remedies. The seeds arecrushed from theplantago plant.Known to promote;•Rich in soluble fiber•Promotes the lowering of cholesterol•Promotes low density lipoproteinlevels
  15. 15. Japanese Green Tea(Buloncha)Green tea is directly harvested inApril while new buds are fresh.Known to promote;•Catechins are directly related toreductions in body fat•Epigallacetechins found in green teaare at least 100 times more effectivethan vitamin C•Helps prevent excess weight byinhibiting the movement of glucosewithin fat cells
  16. 16. Mull berry FruitMulberry is a fantastic fruit which isgrown in Asia. In herbal formulationsthe fruit is used for its” nutritiveproperties. Known to promote;•Calms the nervous systemimproves heart health•Normalize kidney and adrenalfunction•Contains anti-carcinogenicproperties
  17. 17. Japanese CaricaPapaya ( GreenPapaya)Green Papaya fruit is grown on thetropical islands of Japan. The greenpapaya fruits are harvested at theoptimal moment before ripened.Green papaya is known to have anabundance of enzymes. Known topromote ;•Assistthe digestion system bybreaking down proteins into simplersoluble form•Promotes natural digestive enzymesfound in natural food
  18. 18. Guava FruitGuava is a fruit that grows wild inAsia. Guava contains 132 grams ofvitamin c. Three to six times morethan oranges. Ten times higher thanpapaya and twenty times more higherthan bananas. Known to promote ;•Vitamins included are A,B,C, andNiacin•Minerals included comprise ofcalcium and phosphorus•Considered a fat burning fruit
  19. 19. ChitosanIn Japan , Chitosan is taken fromchitin, a polysaccharide found in theexoskeletons of crustaceans. It isprocessed by removing the shellsfrom shellfish such asshrimp, lobster, and crabs. Theshells are then ground into apulverous powder. Known topromote;•InhibitsLDL cholesterol and boostsHDL cholesterol.•Aids in controlling bloodpressure, reduces blood levels of uricacids.
  20. 20. Bacteria FermentationOur special blend (patented)bacteria formulation we developed inJapan..Known to promote;•Key formula in the breakdown ofnutrients to allow 90% absorptionrate in the body