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PPC Beyond Search Lisa Raehsler SES NY 2011


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PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display & Social: For some time, paid search campaign managers have been told to treat search campaigns and "contextual" ads, often managed through the same platform, as distinct targeting methods. But with the explosion of new ad formats like Sitelinks and Product Extensions, various flavors of managed and automatic content matching, and new tactics for managing and bidding on various placements, this session aims to bring marketers up to speed on the state of the art. Also covered: what tools or skill sets are needed to manage and report on results from multiple search engines and even Facebook? How should marketers prioritize efforts? My presentation focuses on sitelinks, retargeting, and linkedin.

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PPC Beyond Search Lisa Raehsler SES NY 2011

  1. 1. PPC Beyond SearchNew Ad Formats, Display, Social Lisa Raehsler SEM Strategy Consultant March 23, 2011
  2. 2. About Me • Pay-per-click management, specializing in – Ecommerce – Retargeting • Managed over 30 PPC accounts at agencies and client side • Co-founder MnSEM, Active volunteer MIMA • Learn more: • Follow on Twitter: LisaRocksSEM @LisaRocksSEM
  3. 3. Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, Social1.  Google SiteLinks2.  Google Retargeting3.  LinkedIn Ads @LisaRocksSEM
  4. 4. Google SiteLinks•  Expands ad with up to 4 additional links•  Captures searcher attention•  Drives to deeper content•  Known to •  Product Categories increase CTR and •  CTAs “Apply Today” or “Get A conversions Quote” •  Seasonal or Promos “Spring Sale” @LisaRocksSEM
  5. 5. Google SiteLinks: Example•  Health Insurance Company launched SiteLinks:•  Increased account CTR from•  0.93% to 1.2%•  CTR on ads with SiteLinks: 3.5% @LisaRocksSEM
  6. 6. Google Retargeting•  Redirects prospect back to your site•  Keeps your site or product top of mind•  Multi-touches•  Known to be more effective than typical display due to more qualified audience @LisaRocksSEM
  7. 7. Google Retargeting: Example•  CrumplePop launched retargeting:•  8600 prospects•  15% of click conversions•  90% of view through conversions•  52% of total conversions @LisaRocksSEM
  8. 8. LinkedIn•  Ads reach users of professional network•  New granular targeting:•  Linkedin group•  Company name•  Job title (was function)•  Known to be effective branding tactic for BtoB @LisaRocksSEM
  9. 9. LinkedIn: Example•  MnSEM launched LinkedIn Ads•  Began targeting by keywords, changed to: LinkedIn Ad Test CTR 0.070%•  Group associations 0.060% 0.050%•  Job title 0.040% 0.030%•  CTR increased from 0.020% 0.03% to 0.06% 0.010% 0.000% 1/25 1/26 1/27 1/28 1/29 1/30 1/31 2/1 2/2 2/3 2/4 2/5 2/6 2/7 2/8 @LisaRocksSEM
  10. 10. Final Thoughts…•  Opportunities to reach your audience beyond keyword search•  Integrate with other online marketing tactics: messaging, landing pages, promotions, etc•  If not now:   Look to the future @LisaRocksSEM
  11. 11. Thank You!Contact:Lisa RaehslerSEM Strategy ConsultantCertified Google Advertising @LisaRocksSEM