Holiday Shopping Tactics-Lisa Raehsler-SES Chicago


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Holiday Shopping Tactics- Lisa Raehsler
Retargeting Ideas to Boost Sales for Holiday PPC
It's the beginning of the holiday season. All the campaigns have launched and you have thought of everything. Or have you? While other campaigns are flying on holiday spending autopilot, you can swoop in and re-invigorate sales during the peak season and even when everyone else has called it quits for the year after the Holidays. It's never too late to breathe new life into a holiday search campaign and you can take these tactics back to the office.

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  • What many people in the search world don’t know about me is that I am a dog lover and I have 2 Boston terriers…
  • This was the first and last time they wore these sweathers btw They have inspired the example I am going to show you today We all know dogs owners don’t want to leave them out of the holiday shopping list In fact, in a yahoo survey - 34% said they plan to holiday shop for their pets! Is anyone here planning to shop for their pets this year? I have some other interesting shoping stats I want to share with you before I get into the retargeting discussion.
  • 58% of consumers are very likely to purchase their holiday gifts online this year (Consumer Shopping Habits Survey by Channel Advisor) Compared to last year consumers say they'll use the internet MORE to research their purchases (yahoo survey) (Yahoo survey) 79% are just browsing or researching a purchase for a later date making a retailer's website a start rather than end point in the consumer shopping so its important to get back in from of them before they purchase at a competitor You can continue the dialogue with highly relevant marketing like Retargeting to keep your brand in front of the consumer during their decision making process
  • Defined: Not everyone is familiar with retargeting, so I’d like to explain what it is. Simply, retargeting is a way to reconnect with people who have visited your website to potentially bring them back to purchase Most people who visit a website won't buy on the spot, but they're more qualified than most other people. Tagging these visitors and serving them ads with tailored messaging is an efficient driver of more sales. Let’s look at an example…
  • For example, a person is searching for a gift for their pet, and search or just decide to go to Petco. When they reach the site, they are added to a remarketing list by Petco Then they navigate to the Food Network, for example, they are targeted with an ad for Petco, based on the fact they have previously visited the site Reaching out to these potential buyers, as they browse other websites, with a compelling call-to-action or offer that will encourage them to return to the website to complete a purchase.
  • Advertisers start by selecting the retargeting network they want to use. Google’s Program: google content network Yahoo’s program: several different targeting options Fetchback program: display across multiple networks Next, advertisers put a small piece of code on their site which sets a "cookie" in the user's browser.   This code tells the network to save visitors to a remarketing list. Then, you can create an campaign that targets messages only to people who are on this list as these people browse the Web. Your ads won't be shown to people who aren't on the list As the user surfs the web and visits other sites that serve retargeted advertising, those sites will check for the cookie and use it to determine which ads to display.
  • The remarketing tag can be embedded on any page within your website, not just the homepage, so you can develop more detailed audiences. For each remarketing list that you want to create, a different tag is embedded. If you want to create a ”category Visitor" list and a "Completed Conversion" list, you need two separate tags -- one to go on the homepage, and one to go on the conversion page. Let move into 3 tips you can use today to make the most impact
  • Specify a cookie code for the shopping cart pages only. This reaches only prospects who have abandoned the cart so you can show them specific messages As they surf the web, you can serve them with an ad that acts a gentle reminder to revisit your store. in hopes they will return to complete the purchase. Reinforce your current special offers: - like "free shipping" or promote your - holiday gift products - discounts
  • Reaches customers who completed a transaction on your site Cross-sell or up-sell to recent purchasers None of the data collected is personally identifiable, so you'll need to understand your customer behavior and their repeat purchase patterns to design the most effective "loyalty" campaign. Length of sales cycle Discount motivated
  • Retargeting networks like Fetchback, serve display ads only within their specific ad network. Google and Yahoo also have retargeting programs. Google's program targets prospects on the Google content network Yahoo's targets on Yahoo properties. By layering the display retargeting network with Google retargeting and Yahoo's retargeting product, you will have have a great deal of saturation and reach!
  • What makes retargeting so effective and a great tactics for ecommerce sites is the power of multiple reconnections. It gives you another chance to sell to customers who didn’t convert on their first visit. These multiple touchpoints help keep your brand top of mind, which is especially important during the holiday shopping season. They also tend to be more qualified because they have already expressed interest in your products by having previously visited your website.
  • Holiday Shopping Tactics-Lisa Raehsler-SES Chicago

    1. 1. Holiday Shopping Tactics Retargeting Ideas to Boost Sales for Holiday PPC Lisa Raehsler SEM Strategy Consultant October 20, 2010
    2. 2. @lisarocksSEM About Me • PPC search marketing focusing on –Ecommerce –Retargeting • Managed over 30 PPC accounts at agencies/client side • Active volunteer MIMA • Learn more:
    3. 3. @lisarocksSEM About Me
    4. 4. @lisarocksSEM Holiday Stats • 58% of consumers likely to purchase gifts online this year • Consumers say they'll use the Internet MORE to research their purchases • 79% who reach you site through a brand search are just browsing or researching a purchase for a later date
    5. 5. @lisarocksSEM Retargeting Retargeting = Reconnect Reconnect with people who have visited your site and bring them back to purchase
    6. 6. @lisarocksSEM For Example… 1. Visitor reaches your site 2. Leaves without converting 3. Served ad on a different site 4. Return to your site to convert
    7. 7. @lisarocksSEM How Retargeting Works 1. Advertiser select network 2. Advertiser embeds code on site 3. Visitor is cookied 4. Ads served to the visitor within the network
    8. 8. @lisarocksSEM Getting Started Today: 3 Tips Abandoned Cart ReachLoyalty
    9. 9. @lisarocksSEM Shopping Cart Abandons • Reaches people who added product to the cart, but didn’t convert • Tag the shopping cart pages only • Message: • Gentle reminder to revisit your store to complete the purchase. • Reinforce your offers: • "free shipping" • Holiday gift products • Discounts Abandoned Cart
    10. 10. @lisarocksSEM Loyalty • Reaches customers who completed a transaction on your site • Tag the confirmation page only • Message: • Cross-sell or up-sell to recent purchasers • you'll need to understand your customer behavior and their repeat purchase patterns to design the most effective "loyalty" campaign. Loyalty
    11. 11. @lisarocksSEM Expand Reach • Roll out to multiple retargeting networks • Use display and text retargeting ads • Reach your audience wherever they are on the web Reach
    12. 12. @lisarocksSEM Final Thoughts… • Power of Multiple Re-Connections • Touchpoints • Brand Top of Mind • Offers = Compel to Convert
    13. 13. @lisarocksSEM Thank You! Contact: Lisa Raehsler SEM Strategy Consultant Certified Google Advertising Professional @lisarocksSEM blog:
    14. 14. @lisarocksSEM Resources Yahoo Retargeting (display banners) Google Remarketing (text + display banners) Fetchback Retargeting (display banners)