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Integrated Search, Social, and Display for Ecommerce Sites Lisa Raehsler at SES Chicago 2012


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ntegrated Search, Social and Display for Ecommerce Sites
Throughout 2012, the leading rally cry amongst digital marketers has been "Integrate or die on the vine!" Ecommerce sites are in a natural position to make integration work for them, since their marketing strategies focus on driving qualified and conversion-oriented traffic through a number of channels, including paid, owned, and earned media online, as well as offline promotions.

Search engines are evolving and users are becoming more sophisticated, requiring an ongoing commitment to staying current and ensuring the brand and product messaging is consistent and capable of driving performance. This panel of digital marketing and Ecommerce practitioners will bring conference delegates through a variety of ways to integrate across paid search and display efforts along with organic search and social media. The panelists will also answer questions posed by the audience, specific to certain problems or the results they have shared.

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Integrated Search, Social, and Display for Ecommerce Sites Lisa Raehsler at SES Chicago 2012

  1. 1. Chicago  |  November  12–16   Integrated Search, Social and Display for Ecommerce Sites   Lisa  Raehsler   Big  Click  Co     Found/  SEM  Strategy  Consultant  
  2. 2. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Today   • Why  Integrated  markeEng?   • Shopping  behavior  trends   • Examples  of  integraEion     @LisaRocksSEM
  3. 3. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   MulCple  Consumer  Paths   •  Selling  has  become  more  complicated:  Search,  Social,  Display   •  Shopping  behavior  has  changed   •  Integrated  markeEng  using  online  markeEng  plaMorms  and  channels  to  support  a  markeEng   goal   @LisaRocksSEM
  4. 4. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   MulC-­‐Device  Owners  Plan  To  Purchase  Online  Across   Devices   •  Shoppers  are  presented  more  opprintuniEes,  adverEsers  have  more  challenges   @LisaRocksSEM
  5. 5. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Qualified  Conversion  Oriented  Traffic  Will  Come  From  A  Variety   Of  Sources   •  There  are  opportuniEes  to  integrate  these  channels  to  opEmize  conversions   @LisaRocksSEM • Search  results   • LocaEons  /  maps   • Product  lisEngs  /shopping   • Display   Search • Smartphones  /  Tablets   • LocaEons  /  maps   • Shopping  Apps   • Display   Mobile •  G+   •  FacebooK   •  TwiYer   •  YouTube   •  Pinterest   Social
  6. 6. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  channels:  All  +  Social   •  Broadcast  to  all  social  channels   @LisaRocksSEM Promo
  7. 7. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  channels:  Search  +  Social   •  Google  Adwords  and  Google+   •  Link  Google+  page  to  website   and  link  Adwords  to  Google+   page   @LisaRocksSEM
  8. 8. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  channels:  Display  +  Social   •  RetargeEng  ideas:   •  Target  site  visitors  from  social  networks  to   join  your  Facebook  page.   •  Build  PPC  search  campaigns  around  “last   minute  gi_s”  with  special  landing  pages.   Target  visits  to  these  landing  pages  with   gi_  ideas.   •  Use  the  abandoned  shopping  cart   technique  combined  with  a  sweet  offer   like  30%  off  to  complete.   •  Test  different  offer  types:  %  off,  $  off,  free   shipping  etc  and  tag  unique  LPs  with   similar  offers   @LisaRocksSEM
  9. 9. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  Channels:  Search  +  Display  +  Social   •  RetargeEng  on  YouTube   •  Cross-­‐PlaMorm  RetargeEng-­‐   collect  users  YouTube   •  Target  people  across  the   Google  Display  Network  who   watched  a  certain  video  on   YouTube  or  subscribed  to  your   YouTube  channel.   •  If  someone  visited  your  site   already,  checked  out  a  certain   category,  or  even  a  certain   product,  you  can  target  that   person  as  they  browse   YouTube.   @LisaRocksSEM
  10. 10. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  channels:  Mobile  &  Local   •  4  in  5  mobile/tablet  owners  will  use  the  devices   to  aid  in  holiday  shopping   •  1in3  mobile  searches  are  local   •  Websites  we  can  expect  to  see  research  in   product  reviews  or  features.   •  Users  consuming  content  are  farther  from  the   conversion,  so  focus  efforts  at  the  boYom  of  the   funnel.   •  Make  mobile  ads  acEonable  with  ad  extensions   @LisaRocksSEM
  11. 11. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  Channels:  Apps  +  Shopping   •  Cross promote apps from website •  Promote apps in Adwords
  12. 12. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   IntegraCng  channels:  Social   @LisaRocksSEM
  13. 13. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Integration with Facebook
  14. 14. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Integration with Twitter
  15. 15. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Missed opportunity?
  16. 16. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Missed opportunity?
  17. 17. Chicago  |  November  12–16,  2012  |  #SESCHI   Top  Tips   1 Capture Consumer Demand: 54% of consumers will start holiday shopping before Black Friday 2 Make Sure Your Brand is Top of Mind: 46% of consumers plan to spend more time shopping around for gifts this year because of the economy 3 Open Attribution Window: While consumers are researching early, 31% plan to do the majority of their holiday shopping in early/mid December 4 Capture undecided holiday shoppers with search: 37% of consumers say search is their go-to source for gift ideas, and 51% plan to research online but buy in-store 5 Implement full coverage for mobile and tablet: 4 in 5 mobile/tablet owners will use their device for holiday shopping, and mobile users continue searching after Christmas   1 Be consistent across channels 2 Integrate channels + platforms 3 Look for opportunities to promote @LisaRocksSEM