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University of Central Missouri Guest Lecture


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Guest lecture presented to UCM graduate communication students. Lisa Qualls, VP Interactive Strategy at Summit Marketing presented the lecture. Three case studies showcasing how John Deere, Sporting KC and Applebee's are using social media and mobile solutions to engage, build brand awareness and increase revenues.

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University of Central Missouri Guest Lecture

  1. 1. “From Concept to Outcomes:Effectives Strategies, Tactics and Tools for Social Media Success” Lisa Qualls, VP of Interactive Strategy at Summit Marketing and SMCKC Chairwoman of the Board
  2. 2. Agenda Preparing campaign strategy Campaign ideation Viral probability analysis Outreach approach Monitoring tools Measure results
  3. 3. Preparing campaign strategyWhat are the business goals?Identify constraints and opportunitiesDefine timeframe and budgetEstablish success metrics
  4. 4. Preparing campaign strategy New  Brand   Minimal  social  assets   Market  Share   Repeat  Traffic  
  5. 5. Campaign ideation•  Bring the exclusive to the masses•  Enable people to share•  Capture information
  6. 6. Campaign ideation •  Competition & interaction •  Coupon and prize incentive •  Integrated touch points
  7. 7. Campaign ideation•  Webisodes•  Online media kit•  Influencer outreach•  The big event•  Offline participation
  8. 8. Viral probability analysis Readers, backlinks, other assets, commenting, post schedule, post content, author publications, etc.
  9. 9. Outreach options•  Leverage networks•  Identify like minds with new audiences•  Big blast vs. wave approach•  Mixed organic vs. paid•  Incentives•  Risk mitigation plans•  Follow-up plans
  10. 10. Monitoring Tools
  11. 11. Measure results•  Revenue•  Costs•  Market share•  Mentions, reach, and views•  Activity comparison•  Clicks/conversions•  Entries, coupons, contact information
  12. 12. Communicate Success
  13. 13. Your SuccessTransition from “may I” to initiativeYou are globally & technically awareDifference between awareness & wisdomSeek what you don’t know that you don’tknowBe patient & listen
  14. 14. THANK YOU!About LISA QUALLSCompany: Summit MarketingLocation: Lenexa, KSPhone: 913.562.3400Email: lisa.qualls@summitmarketing.comTwitter: @lqualls4444, @summitsocialSite: http://summitmarketing.comQuick Bio: Ambitious high-energy woman who lovesfamily, fun and fighting for the win. VP of InteractiveStrategy at Summit Marketing. SMCKC Chairwoman of theBoard.