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  1. 1. WHAT / WHY / HOW WE’RE ENGINEERING AT SMARTSTUDY Park Hyunwoo / @lqez 2013-05
  2. 2. • We started at Jun, 2010. • We do engineering for products and services, not for playing with breeding-edge technologies. • 26 freaks in this ship. And 14 of them are hackers. (May 2013) We are “Service Freak”
  3. 3. This slide describes: What we do? and Why we do it? and How we did it and will do it?
  4. 4. So WHAT
  5. 5. WHAT What we’ve created. } • Mobile Apps • Log Crawler • Log Analyzer • Push Solution • Web-based tools • Open Source
  6. 6. But WHY
  7. 7. WHY •Mobile Apps • Log Crawler • Log Analyzer • Push Solution • Web-based tools • Open Source Mobile application markets are fair.Anybody can upload their apps and deploy globally. : We’ve developed and deployed 300+ apps in mobile era.
  8. 8. WHY • Mobile Apps •Log Crawler • Log Analyzer • Push Solution • Web-based tools • Open Source We knew that the success of business is up to keep eyes on the behavior of users. : We adapt technologies and experiences what we learned from 10y+ online game services.
  9. 9. WHY • Mobile Apps • Log Crawler •Log Analyzer • Push Solution • Web-based tools • Open Source a Bunch of logs has no meaning. We have to examine them in various ways via visualization. : We polish logs into Data, and again to Information, at last, we’ll get Insight from it.
  10. 10. WHY • Mobile Apps • Log Crawler • Log Analyzer •Push Solution • Web-based tools • Open Source In mobile market, push message works as same as email. Even more powerful. : We build redundant storing & massive reservation system.
  11. 11. WHY • Mobile Apps • Log Crawler • Log Analyzer • Push Solution •Web-based tools • Open Source Web is the best platform to serve tools without a headache of updating, and runs on every machines. : We stand on HTML5 with high-productivity framework like Django.
  12. 12. WHY • Mobile Apps • Log Crawler • Log Analyzer • Push Solution • Web-based tools •Open Source Open source is not only codes, but also culture. : We uses open sources and open our codes to the world.
  13. 13. Then HOW
  14. 14. HOW/ Mobile apps
  15. 15. HOW/ Mobile apps OpenGLNativeWeb
  16. 16. HOW/ Mobile apps OpenGLNativeWeb
  17. 17. OpenGLNativeWeb HOW/ Mobile apps
  18. 18. HOW/ Mobile apps OpenGLNativeWebThere are no boundary or no fixed rules. We just choose the best fit architecture.
  19. 19. HOW/ Mobile apps iOS / Android Native API OpenGL SMARTSTUDY Library Cocos2d-x C/C++ NDKPython HTML Javascript CSS Mobile Apps and Services
  20. 20. HOW/ Mobile apps Developer Z iOS Android Developer M iOS Android Web Developer B Android Windows Developer H iOS Android Bada
  21. 21. HOW/ Mobile apps Developer Z iOS Android Developer M iOS Android Web Developer B Android Windows Developer H iOS Android Bada We develop on various platforms, so Every developer are needed to work on two or more platforms.
  22. 22. HOW/ Mobile apps • We’ve focused on each app and content, not on making platform. • Release apps on various mobile platforms even on Windows Store and Smart TV. • Each developer has their own ‘Main role’ but also ‘Sub role’ to expand experiences. GOOD
  23. 23. HOW/ Mobile apps • We have own platform-independent data format and service models, but do not have own rich middleware or library. • Too many apps to be serviced. • Pressure of multi-platform experience. BAD
  24. 24. HOW/ Mobile apps • We have lots of codebase on each apps. • If we can refine them into loose-tied libraries, it’ll be good to prevent making a ‘Wheels’ again. • Document it and Share it. TO-BE
  25. 25. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer
  26. 26. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer • Traditional RDB + NoSQL solution • We uses MySQL InnoDB / MyISAM with MongoDB to store & analysis logs.
  27. 27. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer 230logs/sec 20,000,000logs/day about 10GB/day
  28. 28. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer over 3 billion logs till now.
  29. 29. Server Apache httpd mod_php Server Redis Apache httpd mod_php Predis Server Apache httpd mod_php PredisPredis
  30. 30. ReplicaSet Secondary Secondary Primary Redis
  31. 31. PV / UV DAU / MAU PU / ARPU NRU / RR ReplicaSet
  32. 32. See also: Redis, MongoDB and MySQL Crawl and Analysis log in Mobile Application Service Link : Video :
  33. 33. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer GOOD • Fault tolerance log crawler. • Client stores logs in own local storage when it failed to send logs by any reason. (i.e. server problem, network unreachable) • Redis can hold logs while MongoDB have problems while upgrading or replicating.
  34. 34. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer GOOD • MongoDB can hold various types of log without creating tables for each log type. • And good bye long ‘ALTER TABLE’. • MySQL is very familiar for us.
  35. 35. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer BAD • Storing entire logs in only one collection is not a good idea. • Lock strangle us every each second. • Copying logs from MongoDB to MySQL needs logs of time.
  36. 36. HOW/ Log Crawler & Analyzer • Divide logs into small pieces in MongoDB. • Use aggregation framework added in 2.1. • Use shorter key name. • Add more memory and SSD. • There are (still) many global locks. Use more physical instances for each purpose. TO-BE
  37. 37. HOW/ Push Solution
  38. 38. HOW/ Push Solution • Support APNS, GCM and C2DM. • Collect ~200 tokens per every second. • Storing 20M+ tokens in MongoDB. • Adapt a similar architecture of the Log crawling system.
  39. 39. HOW/ Push Solution • Stores tokens with version of app, language, timezone and other meaningful device information without personal’s. • With reservation system, we can send messages to the targeted users. • We sent ~30,000,000 msgs per month. • via Urban Airship = $3,000 per month.
  40. 40. HOW/ Push Solution TO-BE • Current token database is isolated from other application database. • To make better user experience, combination of two databases is needed. • Timezone awareness.
  41. 41. HOW/ Web-based tools
  42. 42. HOW/ Web-based tools • Web - actually, web browser is a good platform to provide rich toolkits rapidly. • We use Python and PHP as backend and mainly use Django and Flask. • And also use jQuery, Bootstrap and Google Chart library for frontend. (as like as you)
  43. 43. See also: Creating a comic service Link : Video :
  44. 44. See also: Do not use Django as like as SMARTSTUDY Link : as-like-as-smartstudy
  45. 45. HOW/ Web-based tools TO-BE • Currently, there is no rule for Authentication and Authorization. (some uses just LDAP) • So,We’re building standard A-A library via OAuth2.
  46. 46. HOW/ Open Source
  47. 47. HOW/ Open Source • Open source is not only code or license. • It is a culture for hackers. • We’re using open source projects for our service widely. • We also recommend to make in-house library or middleware as open source.
  48. 48. HOW/ Open Source • Can’t enumerate all in here, • Linux, OpenLDAP, Redmine, Cacti, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, watch, ImageMagicK, ffmpeg, libx264, OpenSSH, awk, sed, find, Python, wget, Celery, PHP, tar, gzip, curl, zlib, iptables, Django, Flask,Werkzeug, vim, fabric, eventlet, Sentry, django-debug-toolbar, Bootstrap, jQuery, Postgres, Redis, uWSGI...
  49. 49. HOW/ Open Source • And open our sources, even they’re tiny. • npk : Neat package library • • django-project-layout • • FormEncode-Jinja2 •
  50. 50. HOW/ Open Source • And we gave back to Open source by another way - Open a hands-on session. • Django In Action,Aug 2012 at SMARTSTUDY Seoul HQ. • 40 developers learned from the installation of Python to Django in 4H. •
  51. 51. HOW/ Open Source TO-BE • Open more codes to community. • Open more sessions, especially hands-on sessions. It’s very rare in Korea. • Be more sponsors for developer conferences. • Contribute to open source projects.
  52. 52. AND • Using AWS CloudFront with S3 • • Post-mortem of Making a comic service • (in Korean) • Using Sentry for Django applications • (in Korean) • Test environment for mobile devices • (in Korean)
  54. 54. Good Product not great or elegance platforms.
  55. 55. Content rules platform, Time rules talent.
  56. 56. So,
  57. 57. Our most important value is
  58. 58. YOU, AND I
  59. 59. We, Human do make it works. not code or turing machines.