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A research project by Chloe.

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  1. 1. Tap HerePOCAHONTAS
  2. 2. Tap Here BY CHLOE INGRAMFor My family, who loves me no matter what.
  3. 3. Introduction Tap Here• Pocahontas was a Native American princess, what makes her a hero is a few things, like saving Capt. John Smith from execution but Ill tell you about that later. Pocahontas name was really Matoaka, and Pocahontas was her nickname meaning playful one.
  4. 4. What is a Hero? Tap Here• What is a hero? A hero can be anyone! Your mom, dad, neighbor, sister, and brother. A hero is a doctor, nurse, firefighter, and policeman. A hero is a man or woman fighting over seas for our safety, or veterans back at home. Everyone has a chance to be a hero. Everyone should be a hero.
  5. 5. Tap Facts About Pocahontas• Born in 1595 in Werowocomoco. (• Died in 1617 (22 years old). (• Married John Rolfe in 1613. (• Christianized and re-named Rebecca. (• Gave birth to a son named Thomas Rolfe. (
  6. 6. More Facts About Pocahontas Tap Here• On her way back to England, (1617) she fell ill from English diseases and died. She was buried at Gravesend, England. (• Daughter of the Great Chief Powhatan. (• John Rolfe and Pocahontas union brought peace with the Indians for eight years. (
  7. 7. Tap HereThis is Pocahontas saving Capt. JohnSmith from execution at the hand of theGreat Powhatan. This is why Pocahontas ismy hero. She risked her own life for thesake of John Smiths. (BOTR)
  8. 8. Tap After Her Heroism Here• To the right is a picture of Pocahontas in England meeting the king and queen.• After saving John Smiths life, Pocahontas visited the colony everyday.• Capt. Smith was burned badly and left for England seeking help. People told Pocahontas that he was dead.• Pocahontas never came back to the colony.
  9. 9. Tap After Her Heroism Here• To the right is Pocahontas marriage to John Rolfe.• Pocahontas was captured and brought to Jamestown for trade.• While she was there she fell in love with John Rolfe.• They went back to England to get married.
  10. 10. Life In England Tap Here• To the right is Pocahontas and her son Thomas Rolfe.• At England she was received as a princess and presented to the king and queen.• In 1617 she and her husband tried to go back to America, but she fell ill and died. She was buried at Gravesend.
  11. 11. Tap After Her Death Here• Her son Thomas, went back to Virginia in 1640 and gained constable wealth.• Many statues were made of her but one that really stands out in Jamestown.
  12. 12. THANK YOUHope You Enjoyed It! :) Tap
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