Strategic CIO and the Information Enterprise


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This is the presentation I delivered at the Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration conference on April 30th, 2013 in San Diego

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  • - CEOs are demanding more visible value from their CIOs, in terms of generating revenue, gaining new customers, and increasing customer satisfaction.- The CIO must be responsible and accountable if technology enables, facilitates or accelerates competition that the C-suite didn't see coming, or allows the enterprise to miss opportunities because the C-suite did not understand the possibilities technology offered.- …transactional systems that ensured security, encouraged conformance and drove operational goals of predictability and productivity lose value to new systems of collaboration, transparency and agility.- … new business insights, tied to the emergence of new technologies, are creating an opportunity for IT to lead business transformational efforts, creating new business models, initiating new business processes and making the enterprise agile in this challenging economic environment.
  • Strategic CIO and the Information Enterprise

    1. 1. Strategic CIO and the InformationEnterpriseLubor PtacekOpenText@lptacekScott GrangerSprint
    2. 2. Was Nicholas Carr Right?2…in May 2003
    3. 3. CIO in 20033Information access and availability…and fire drills
    4. 4. The ERP Era440 years of efficiencies
    5. 5. Managing Information is Key• Content is doubling every 90 days• Mounting regulatory pressures• Optimizing business processes• Need for a single source of truth• Provide better experience2013: Information is the New Currency5
    6. 6. CIO‘s Role Today CEOs demand more value fromCIOs CIOs are held responsible forcompetitiveness Value shift tocollaboration, transparency andagility IT plays role in businesstransformation6The IT Conversation We Should Be Havingby Jim Stikeleather | April 25, 2013
    7. 7.  Changes in work culture BYOD Compliance and litigation Security threats IT Does MatterEmergence of the Strategic CIO7
    8. 8. Driving the Innovation AgendaImpactInnovationAgilityEfficiencyGovernance and Security8Access and Availability
    9. 9. 9Desktop MobileHierarchical SocialOn Premises Hybrid CloudFragmented Managed, Secured, GovernedOptimization InnovationPrescriptive AdaptiveTransforming the Information EnterpriseOpenText is all in
    10. 10. Governed. Scalable. Secure.
    11. 11. Need to Re-Balance1120% of value80% of investment80% of value20% of investment
    12. 12. 12ERP EIM>C:/Value Extracted Next Generation Value
    13. 13. Information powering your business flows
    14. 14. Links photos, plans and documentsto GIS map locations
    15. 15. Ingests 2-3 Million emails daily, Auto-Classifies and manages themthrough eDiscovery and archiveCopyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. By eliminating manual processes,an additional 9000 new leases werecompleted monthly withoutincreasing staff.
    17. 17. Driving online engagementby delivering contextual contentbased on user interests
    18. 18. Online Commerce ExperienceBuying ExperienceCentralized, global source forall digital media content , emailand document content centralmanagement
    19. 19. Managing customer servicethrough roles based portal; savinglitigation cost throughclassification.
    20. 20. IXECM BPM CEM DiscoveryEnterprise Information ManagementUnleashing the Power of InformationThe power you need to create the Information Enterprise.20
    21. 21. Strategic CIO:Shared vision with the C-Suite
    22. 22. Copyright © OpenText Corporation. All rights reserved.Unleashing the Power of