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Business Process - the Future of ECM


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My presentation from the AIIM Conference 2015 on the challenges with traditional approaches to ECM and a solution provided by tying ECM to business processes.

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Business Process - the Future of ECM

  1. 1. ECM Is Not Doomed for Failure Lubor Ptacek VP, Product Marketing OpenText @LPTACEK
  2. 2. DIGITAL Replace disjointed paper and paper-based process with efficient, connected processes that incorporate compliance and amplify the value of our most critical asset “We are at a unique moment in time. The acceleration of technology change is forcing organizations to reinvent themselves or else risk irrelevancy.” TRANSFORMATION
  3. 3. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 33 We Built it …and they did not come
  4. 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 44 What went wrong?
  5. 5.  User adoption  Failed Projects  Content deluge  Too many repositories  Lack of ROI  Irrational exuberance  Shiny new toy problem
  6. 6. User Adoption
  7. 7.  Top User Issues  Training required  Deep, un-navigable folder structures  Application of metadata and classifications  Find-ability
  8. 8.  Top Administrator Issues  Adoption  Planning and maintenance of “Enterprise Taxonomy”  Inconsistent application of metadata  Rigid Permissions  Site sprawl
  9. 9. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 99 Failed projects Misunderstood goals Lack of expertise Wrong solution Insufficient funding Scope creep Lack of executive buy-in
  10. 10. Content Deluge YEAR 1 YEAR 2 Every library is well organized at first. It becomes a mess as it growths.
  11. 11. Too Many Repositories
  12. 12. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 1212 Lack of measurable
  13. 13. Irrational Exuberance  It will be automated  It will be integrated  It will be scalable  It will be fast  It will be secure  It will be compelling  It will be mobile  It will do everything
  14. 14. Shiny New Toy problem
  15. 15. ????? Coming soon… Cloud Social Software SharePoint WAVE 4th WAVE 3rd WAVE 2nd WAVE 1st Systems of Engagement History of ECM Deaths EFSS“It’s free!”
  16. 16. Compliance Collaboration 21 Traditional Use Cases for ECM
  17. 17. Compliance Challenges  Insurance policy value proposition  Added (dreaded) business cost  Detriment to employee productivity  The software can only do so much (people have to help) 1
  18. 18. Collaboration Challenges  Opaque ROI  Content clutter and digital landfills  Ever-lasting temptation of email  SNT syndrome (Shiny New Toy) 2
  19. 19. So, is there any hope for ECM? Compliance Collaboration ??? 321
  20. 20. Yes, there is a 3rd way  ECM in support of a business process  Benefits:  Business processes are relevant  Business processes have a measurable ROI  Business processes are important  Business processes need ECM really bad 3
  21. 21. Business processes need ECM ECMBusiness Process
  22. 22. But, business processes don’t live in ECM  There is always a master application:  Invoice processing – ERP  Invoice, bill of lading, purchase requisition, certificate of origin, bill of entry, etc.  Sales operations – CRM  Proposal, MOU, contract, purchase schedule, etc.  Employee onboarding – HR application  Resume, certifications, proof of citizenship, background check, drug test results, etc.
  23. 23. What does it mean for ECM?  ECM has to be part of a business process and connect to the master application(s)  That connection must persistently link the structured data records in the application with relevant content assets in the ECM repository
  24. 24. The Most Misunderstood Statistic In ECM 20% 80% Structured and Unstructured data shouldn’t be separated Unstructured Structured We have to build solutions for the 100%
  25. 25. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 2525 Where meets Business Process
  26. 26. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 2626 Extending ECM  Template that is specific to business process  Inherits business contextual information from lead application  Customer, Project, Employee, Incident, Investigation, etc.  Users provisioned into roles  Templated folders with pre-applied RM Classifications  Unstructured content transparently inherits  Permissions  Metadata  RM Classifications
  27. 27. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 2727 Integrating ERP and ECM
  28. 28. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 2828 Anatomy of an Integration UI Widget UI Lead Application Metadata Roles Folders Classifications Metadata Roles Individual Business Object
  29. 29. Why Integration Now?!  Time for REST  Modern business applications have been quietly standardizing on methods for communicating between applications  API’s using Web Services and REST typically do not break from version to version and do not require “cracking open the code”
  30. 30. ECM is the Backbone for Unstructured Content in Business Process  Single Source of the Truth  Unstructured Content needs to be referenced in many different business processes  It also needs to be found on many different dimensions  Needs to be accessed from different applications
  31. 31. OpenText Confidential. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. 3131 Business Process: Future of ECM  Addresses some of the historic ECM challenges:  Compelling ROI  User adoption  Automatic metadata  Strategic importance  Common platform for multiple business processes
  32. 32.