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The person who inspires me edited version


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Published in: Education
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The person who inspires me edited version

  1. 1. Louis Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2. Age: 23Louis Smith is 23 years old. D.O.B. 22/4/1989 Height: 1.79m Weight: 76kg Home Town: Peterborough Club: Huntingdon Gymnastics Club Coach: Paul Hall
  3. 3. I like Louis Smith because he is very good at gymnastics and I want to be like himwhen I am older.
  4. 4. Secondary At the Beijing Olympics in 2008 my life was turned upside down when 15 years of hard work and preparation all paid off as I managed to pommel my way to a bronze medal. Although it was a dream come true, my focus then turned completely to the London 2012 Olympic Games and the opportunity to once again represent my country on the biggest stage of all, but on home turf. The biggest competition of my life. It was only through a mixture of the hard work and dedication that I put in throughout my career in addition to the unbelievable support that I received from my friends, family, coaches, teammates and you, the unbelievable British public, that I was able to realise my dreams on the biggest stage of all.
  5. 5. My Gymnastic Career So FarI compete in Gymnastics competitions as well.In competition we have to do a routine on each piece of equipment.I had to do Parallel Bars, High Bar, Vault, and floor routines in my firstcompetition
  6. 6. This is my certificate for taking part in the competitionThe competition was hard because I had only moved up to that class, threeweeks before the competition.
  7. 7. I want to be in the BritishGymnastics team and win anOlympic Medal