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Birth control methods


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birth control for teenagers

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Birth control methods

  1. 1. Birth Control Methods (ages 13- 18)
  2. 2. Why is birth control important to me? *Prevents pregnancy *Regulates your menstrual cycle * Can also help prevent acne
  3. 3. There are many different types of birth control methods • Condoms • Birth control pills • Birth control shot • Birth control ring • IUD( hormonal) • IUD (copper non hormonal) • Birth control implant • Female condoms • Diaphragm / Cervical Cap
  4. 4. Condoms • Latex condoms are the most common condoms • Latex condoms are 98 % effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly • There are alternative options for people with latex allergies • Polyurethane condoms , Polyisoprene condoms
  5. 5. Birth control pills • When used perfectly , it’s 99% effective at preventing pregnancy • There are 2 main type of birth control pill combination pills containing estrogen and progestin (COC) or progestin only (mini pills) • It’s important not to miss any pills and if you do you want to use a back up birth control like condoms to prevent pregnancy
  6. 6. Benefits of birth control pills • Acne • Bone thinning • Cysts in the breasts and ovaries endometrial and ovarian cancers serious infections in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus • Iron deficiency (anemia) • PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  7. 7. The Birth Control Shot • Depo-Provera is an injection you get from a nurse that lasts 3 months • Also 99% effective • Great for people who forget to take a pill daily • Private birth control • Easy to obtain
  8. 8. Birth Control Vaginal Ring • Nuva- Ring is a vaginal ring you insert into the vagina for 3 weeks at a time and remove for one week • 99 % effective at preventing pregnacy • Easy to obtain with a prescription or walk in clinic • No daily pill
  9. 9. IUD’s • There are 2 types of IUD’s hormonal and non hormonal (copper) • Tiny, "T-shaped" device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy (by doctor) • Long term birth control 5 years(Mirena) for the hormonal 10 years for the copper IUD(Paraguard) • 99.9% effective
  10. 10. Birth Control Implant • Long term birth control (4 years) • A small match stick sized rod implanted under the skin in the upper arm( by doctor) • It releases the hormone Progestin in to the body to prevent pregnancy • 99 % effective at preventing pregnancy • Referred to as the “set it and for get it “birth control • Can reduce cramps and make periods lighter
  11. 11. Female Condoms • Small and discreet also portable • Protects from pregnancy and STDs • 95 % effective when used properly ,drops down to about 79% because of human error • Never use a regular condom and female condom together
  12. 12. Diaphragm/ Cervical cap • A small silicone cup insert into the vagina • Works but blocking open to the uterus • Also must use spermicidal jelly along with the diaphragm • 94% effective with perfect use so in reality 88% based on human error • Can use the same diaphragm for 2 years
  13. 13. Places to Get Birth Control • Your primary care physician (it’ confidential) • Local walk-in clinic • Planned Parenthood • In some cases your school can provide condoms and birth control
  14. 14. Sources • • raception