Exporting to Mexico


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Exporting to Mexico

  1. 1. Luis PerezShaun PikePatricia IgualCorinne Kalsky
  2. 2. Why Mexico? Mexico is located in NorthAmerica, bordering the Caribbean Sea andthe Gulf of Mexico Many similarities to the United States dueto location Vast growing middle-class Has more free trade agreements than anyother nation in the world: 12 bilateralagreements with over 43 countriesLeading manufacturer in Latin America
  3. 3. Population Mexico has a population around 112 million people. It is the 11th most populous country in the world and it is the most populous Spanish speaking country. Approximately 50% of the population lives in one of the 55 large metropolitan cities in the country. The capital, Mexico City and its metropolitan area, is home to around 22 million people.
  4. 4. Geographic Factors Situated in the very middle of the American Continent. The country is split into 31 states, not including the Federal State. Has eight regions : Northern Baja, Southern Baja, Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Central Gulf, Yucatan, Southern Mexico and Central Pacific Coast of Mexico Total area =761,600 square miles.
  5. 5. Language and Political Structure Spanish speaking country Second language is English Federal Republic System Current president- Felipe Calderon Hinojosa Elected in 2006 Nation Action Party (NAP) Corruption does occur
  6. 6. Women in Mexico  Only one woman manager for every 12 male managers  New shift to increase power women have in the workforce  General Act on Equality between Women and Men (2006) –legislation passed  thirty-one can offer women in Mexico the chance to gain empowerment  Can be a company that aids in the increase of women in managerial roles in Mexico
  7. 7. Festivals & Celebrations Well known internationally for many diverse festivals celebrated by locals and tourists Main festivals: Day of the Dead, Christmas, Easter and Mexican Independence Day. thirty-one products can be used at festivals for: carrying food items, personal accessories, blankets for sitting on
  8. 8. Fashion Derived from a combination of European and native elements European-like clothing dyed with loud colors, used by the Mayan Indians. Different styles of clothing: Modern clothes, Traditional Mexican clothing and Celebration dresses and costumes. thirty-one - include main style groupings into all of the pattern designs for the products
  9. 9. Economical Factor Classified by the World Bank as an upper middle-income country Considered a free market economy Ranked as the best place in Latin America to do business Labor force of 46.99 million people- 13th in the world Member of NAFTA Exports from Mexico to US and Canada= 86% High levels of increasing manufacturing output, rich natural resources, major exports
  10. 10. Business in Mexico Mexicans considered hard workers- great work ethics Etiquette Amongst the longest  Wear suits working hours compared to other countries  Business breakfasts ad lunches- preferred choice to Closer physical distance meet for meals when speaking with Mexicans  Status conscious  Spoken commitments in Mexico not necessarily binding  Negotiations- impolite to turn people down
  11. 11. Exchange Rate of MexicanPeso with US Dollar Peso is official currency The current exchange rate Coins of: 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 pesos was 13.71 Mexican Pesos in exchange of $1 on November,2011. Bills of: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 pesos
  12. 12. Mexican Handbag Competitors TOUS WALMART HANDBAGS LESPORTSAC
  13. 13. TOUSTous is a Spanish brand established in 40 countries and it has around 380 stores. • Product: Focused in jewelry, they also produce handbags, leather goods, perfumes, watches, etc. TOUS Mexican Locations • Price: Could be 5 times the price of Thirty-one bags. • Place: they prefer to establish stores. • Promotion: Tous has brand recognition and has sponsorship agreements with famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez
  14. 14. Walmart Handbags Walmart entered Mexico in 1991 in Mexico City.  Product: they have a huge variety of The Four Most products and they are not focused Popular Walmart only on women. Handbag brands are:  George  Price: variety of prices between 6$  Green Street Designs. and 300$.  Latiso Leather  Sydney Love.  Place: They have 24 hour stores.  Promotion: uses Television, Radio, Internet, Advertise ments in magazines, newspaper and print ads.
  15. 15. LESPORTSACLesportac was founded in U.S in 1974.They sell products in more than 20 countries. Product: Lesportsac has a wide range of bags and handbags. Price: The price ranges between $50 and $100. Place: distribute in own stores, other department stores and retailers, online Promotion: catalogues, advertising in magazines, internet, websit e
  16. 16. Production Relocation From China To Mexico US companies have been moving their production facilities from China to Mexico in large amounts. Mainly due to mandatory increases from the government for minimum wage & rising shipping costs
  17. 17. Manufacturing in Mexico Advantages Close proximity to the United States Transportation costs from China to the United Sates will be reduced Labor costs are the same as in China
  18. 18. Sales Methods In Mexico 1. Search for possible future sales consultants in Mexico 2. pick potential consultants & train them about the thirty-one company and products 3. Give consultants free products & have them work in their specific cities 4. Continual training and development of sales consultants. To ensure success of thirty-one on Mexico.
  19. 19. Marketing Plan Word of Mouth Facebook for thirty- one in Mexico Twitter for thirty-one in Mexico