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What’s Happening At Hickory Hills


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Presentation for Preview

Published in: Education
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What’s Happening At Hickory Hills

  1. 1. What’s H appening at H ickory H ills Arts Academy
  2. 2. Welcome to A benefit performance for the Hickory Hills Arts Academy.
  3. 3. Thank You To Our Sponsors!
  4. 4. Thank You To The Earl Smith Strand Theater
  5. 5. Growing to Greatness
  6. 6. Our Beginnings
  7. 7. Exciting Changes
  8. 8. Starting to Take Shape
  9. 9. Envisioning the Future
  10. 10. Beautiful New Studios Art Studio Dance Studio
  11. 11. Beautiful New Studios Drama Studio Music Studio
  12. 12. Hickory Hills Art Gallery
  13. 13. Beauty Everywhere You Turn
  14. 14. A School with a New Face and a New Future
  15. 15. What We Do
  16. 16. Hickory Hills Arts Academy provides kindergarteners through fifth grade students a comprehensive, sequential academic program.
  17. 17. Core academic subjects are taught through music, movement, drama and visual arts.
  18. 18. Arts-integrated learning extends creative, problem-solving experiences and is appropriate for all learning styles.
  19. 19. All students receive instruction in art, music, dance, and drama weekly.
  20. 20. We have performance partnerships with the Cobb Symphony Orchestra and the Georgia Dance Conservatory/Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre.
  21. 21. ArtsNow provides ongoing professional development for faculty that is focused on arts integration.
  22. 22. Thank You To Our Sponsors!
  23. 23. The Student Showcase
  24. 24. Showtime Performers
  25. 25. The Hickory Hills Select Chorus
  26. 26. “ I Want to Dance” Photography Display An Integrated Arts Project
  27. 27. The Wax Museum Performers
  28. 28. 21 st Century Leaders Club
  29. 29. You are invited to visit Hickory Hills Elementary on one of our Arts Integration Days or anytime you would like to see the exciting things going on in our classrooms.
  30. 30. Thank You for Coming!