November 2013 NSAP Freedom Flyer


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November 2013 edition of the NSAP Freedom Flyer. Newsletter for the Naval Support Activity Philadelphia community.

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November 2013 NSAP Freedom Flyer

  1. 1. November 2013 Marines assigned to NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support, Defense Logistics Agency and tenant commands at NSA Philadelphia Celebrated the 238th Marine Corps Birthday with a ceremony held in Bldg. 15 November 6. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume
  2. 2. Operation Gratitude Employees at 10 Penn Center write messages for deployed troops Nov. 8 at an Operation Gratitude collection site manned by Army Maj. Joseph Eggers, DLA Troop Support and Navy Lt. Josh Rosenbush, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Philadelphia Office. Several DLA Troop Support service members joined others from the NSA Philadelphia compound to gather care package items at multiple downtown office buildings. Photo by Michael Tuttle NSA Philadelphia Servicemembers Take Operation Gratitude Downtown Story by Michael Tuttle, DLA Troop Support Corporate Communications Service members from Naval Support Activity Philadelphia collected boxes of DVDs, books, socks and other care package items Nov. 8 from Center City workers. Spending the first of their four-day Veterans Day weekend at sites in downtown office buildings, they collected the items as part of Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude annually sends more than 100,000 care packages addressed to service members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind and to veterans, first responders, wounded warriors and their care givers, according to its website. “It’s a great way to bring attention to those who are deployed in harm’s way,” said Army Maj. Joseph Eggers, Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support. There were 51 military volunteers from four NSA Philadelphia organizations: DLA Troop Support, NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support, U.S. Army Philadelphia Recruiting Command and Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia. 1 The collection totaled 4,435 lbs. of donated items, a 233 percent increase from last year, said Lt. Cmdr. Matt Brickhaus. Brickhaus is with NAVSUP WSS and organized NSA Philadelphia’s Operation Gratitude efforts. He also said that $4,000 was donated, 400 percent more than last year. The volunteers collected at 23 locations, including two in New Jersey Nov. 7. There were also collection areas in DLA Troop Support and NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support buildings Nov. 8. Navy Lts. Gary Staffieri and Long Tran, both from DLA Troop Support, were setup inside United Plaza on 17th St. Among those who donated there was an Army veteran who, while signing a Christmas card for a deployed service member, talked to Staffieri and Tran about combat during the Vietnam War in 1969. “It’s great to see you guys out here today,” said the veteran, who signed the card “Col. John.” Since its inception in 2003, Operation Gratitude volunteers have shipped more than 915,000 care packages. For more information or to request a package for a deployed service member, visit
  3. 3. Crosswalk “STOP for Pedestrians in Crosswalks, It’s the Law” Since my children were old to enough to understand (I have four children with a seven year span from oldest to youngest), I’ve told them, “Don’t argue with multi-ton vehicles.” Simply put, if you are struck by a vehicle, no matter its shape, size, weight, color or type, it can cause the human body incredible harm, even death. Broken bones, concussions, hospital stays, rehabilitation, time away from the job, pain… “Don’t argue with multiton vehicles.” In a one-on-one altercation with a moving vehicle, flesh and bone is no match for steel or hardened plastic, especially when it has momentum. Even if you have the right of way, look both ways before crossing the street and be prudent in your judgment before proceeding. Watch your step – even while crossing in a crosswalk with a sign – it’s your responsibility. I’m not giving drivers a pass, so here goes, “STOP for Pedestrians in Crosswalks, it’s the Law.” While I didn’t write the law, I do have a hand in enforcing it, so this time with a tad more emphasis, “STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS IN CROSSWALKS, IT’S THE LAW.” Hopefully, this is all I have to say to drivers for them to understand. I’ll let Security say the rest. Overall, we need to follow the three E’s of Traffic Safety - Education, Enforcement and Engineering. Check out these traffic safety hints for both pedestrians and drivers: Pedestrian Safety and Responsibilities: • Use only designated crosswalks to cross streets/roadways • Never assume drivers will stop • Always use caution and good judgment before crossing • Be mindful that you may not be seen, if possible, wear bright colors or use reflectors at night • Pay attention to what you’re doing and where you’re going Driver Safety and Responsibilities: • Always be attentive of what’s going on around you • Don’t be a Distracted Driver • Be alert and cautious that pedestrians are not always noticeable • Remember when turning on a green light, pedestrians have the right of way • Pedestrians crossing at an uncontrolled inter section have the right of way • Do not pass vehicles stopped for pedestrians You are our most precious resource and you are what makes the Command’s you serve, this base you work on and this country you protect, great. Be good to yourself and one another because you are one asset we can’t replace. Respect each other. Personnel with concerns or suggestions regarding pedestrian safety should contact either Lee Adams at the Security Office, 215-697-6692, online at or John Devany at the Safety Office, 215-697-1163, online at john. Both Pedestrians and Drivers are important to us, so please, watch out for one another. 2
  4. 4. NAVSUP WSS Disability Employment Awareness Month NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) Contracting Director Capt. Sonya Ebright presents Jason Braase, Wounded Warriors Project, with a NAVSUP WSS Commander’s Coin on behalf of Rear Adm. John G. King after Braase’s memorable presentation during the annual Disability Employment Awareness Month program in Philadelphia on October 23. Photo by Shannon Nortz, NAVSUP WSS. Wounded Warrior Shares Inspirational Story During Annual Disability Employment Awareness Month at NAVSUP WSS Story by Margaret Kenyon-Ely, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Office of Corporate Communications As soon as Wounded Warrior Jason Braase opened his Disability Employment Awareness Month program keynote address on October 23 with “Today is a great day to be alive!” those in the NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Philadelphia audience knew they were going to hear an inspirational story. Military and civilians alike sat in rapt attention as Brasse shared his stirring tale of service in the Army National Guard beginning in 2001, detailing the fateful day when his convoy was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), followed by his struggles with depression and suicide, and finally culminating in how the Wounded Warriors Project changed his life. “I was plagued with losing my leg. Of being in a wheelchair. Of not being able to walk down the aisle with my bride. Of not being able to one day run with my children,” said Braase, in relating how he felt during the early days he spent at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Braase underwent 13 surgeries, which did wind up saving his right leg below his knee that had been torn up by rocks projected through his leg creating a gaping hole, and today he is very physically active, including being an avid mountain biker and swimmer. He credits a Wounded Warriors Project backpack filled with daily necessities given to him at Walter Reed as providing that much-needed ray of hope. “They honored and empowered me every step of the way,” Braase emphasized, saying that before he 3 became actively involved with the Wounded Warriors Project he felt that he had no one to talk to and that he had no forward plans for his future. “The organization has been there for me,” he continued. “I’ve been told ‘thank you for your service a hundred thousand times,’ and not one time have I ever taken it for granted.” NAVSUP WSS Contracting Director Capt. Sonya Ebright kicked off the program highlighting the organization’s success in recruiting and hiring Wounded Warriors. “In the case of Wounded Warriors we are certainly fortunate to have them among our ranks. Those with prior military experience positively benefit our organization with their talent, especially with their energy and self-discipline. We are lucky that they want to continue to support our country in another way after their military service has ended,” said Ebright, adding that currently there are 40 Wounded Warriors working at NAVSUP WSS and there are another ten being processed to come onboard within the next few months. After Brasse’s presentation, Ebright presented him with the NAVSUP WSS Commander’s Coin on behalf of Rear Adm. John G. King. The NAVSUP WSS Command Equal Employment Advisory Committee (EEOAC) coordinated the event with members Norman Cooper and Tony Montelone serving as Chair and Co-Chair. Cooper also took on the emcee duties during the program.
  5. 5. HTCS Brautcheck Reenlistment Ceremony Senior Chief Hull Technician Charles Brautcheck is reenlisted by Commander Robert Speight, Naval Support Activity Philadelphia Officer In Charge, November 13. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume 4th Quarter FY13 SOQ Information Systems Technician First Class Michael Phillips is congratulated by Commander Robert Speight, Naval Support Activity Philadelphia Officer In Charge, for being selected as NSA Philadelphia 4th Quarter FY13 Sailor of the Quarter November 5. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume 4
  6. 6. 238th Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony Marines assigned to NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support, Defense Logistics Agency and tenant commands at NSA Philadelphia Celebrated the 238th Marine Corps Birthday with a ceremony held in Bldg. 15 November 6. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume
  7. 7. Sheltering-in-Place at a Navy Installation Preparedness Empowers You It saves lives, property, and time. Emergencies happen, often with little or no notice. By taking action beforehand you can be prepared for any emergency. Be Ready Navy! I am. Are you? It is your responsibility to understand the mass warning system at your installation and, when notified, be prepared for the following: » Evacuation » Moving to designated safe haven » Moving to civilian shelter » Temporarily sheltering-inplace In the event of an emergency, Navy regional and installation emergency management organizations have plans and procedures to direct personnel to evacuate or take some form of shelter. For nonessential and nonemergency personnel, the preference is generally evacuation. In specific instances, evacuation or moving to a civilian shelter or designated place is more dangerous than remaining where you are, such as with short- or no-notice emergencies, including hazardous materials events. In these instances, you may be directed to shelter-in-place. Sheltering-in-place means to take temporary protection in a structure or vehicle— typically your workplace or residence. Installation procedures designate which responsible party or office will order personnel to shelter-in-place and for how long the order is expected to be in effect. Each installation is responsible for developing Shelter-in-Place Management Teams in designated high-risk or high-occupancy buildings or areas. You should plan ahead by having an emergency supply kit with needed food and supplies in the locations you spend most of your time. ❶ Be informed. Know how to turn How to Prepare off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems without damaging the components. ❷ Navy personnel with NMCI or OneNet access must self-register all home phones, cellular phones, pagers, and e-mail addresses, etc. in the Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN) to receive notifications wherever they are. ❸ Know how to close and secure doors, windows, vents, and other exterior openings quickly. ❹ Identify potential interior space for sheltering-in-place. ❺ Make family emergency plan, including an emergency communication plan, to cope with possible separation of family members. ❻ Build and have an emergency kit ready.
  8. 8. MWR 2014 reservations are available for the MWR Picnic Pavilion Area. The rental fee is $70 and includes use of the MWR pavilion, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, the basketball court, and assorted lawn games. Access to a refrigerator and indoor restrooms is also included. (Payment of the rental fee is required to reserve your date.) Looking for something fun to do after work? Fran's Hangar Bay (MWR All Hands Club) is open Wednesday and Thursday nights at 4:00. The Club is also available to rent for your next special occasion. Planning a trip to New York City? Did you know that you could book a show, tours or dinner through MWR's Broadway Spotlight Ticket Program? Visit the website at to see all of the wonderful opportunities available to you. Want to enjoy a delicious meal before or after the show? Make reservations for a three course meal at the famous Russian Tea Room or Sardi's. You can even purchase tickets to visit the Empire State Building Observatory or Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. For more information, please contact the ITT office at 215697-5392 or or the Club office at 215-697-4101 or e-mail Classifieds Carpool: 20 years experience, Warminster area, and towns along routes in. Wed and Thurs. 630 to 5 p.m. Currently down to 2 people saving gas and wear and tear. For more info please contact Mike Gross (215) 737-5354 -------------------------------------------------------------------------The Freedom Flyer will publish free listings of personal items for sale by personnel of the Naval and Defense Activities at Philadelphia. Such items and services must represent an incidental exchange between personnel on the installation and not be business operations. Ads are limited to 15 words, include Command/Code, one per employee, and photos are highly encouraged. Work extensions may only be used on car and van pool ads. All others must use a home or cell phone number. Ads are printed on a space available basis. Send submissions to MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume at Find us on Facebook! “Naval Support Activity Philadelphia” Commanding Officer Capt. Jeffery T. Rathbun Officer-in-Charge Cmdr. Robert Speight Deputy Site Manager NSAP Dennis Donahue Site Manager PNY HTCS(SW) Charles Brautcheck Editorial Director MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume The time to make an impact this holiday season and bless a child or family in need is upon us. The annual Toys For Tots campaign will run until December 12. There are many locations at NSA Philadelphia where you can donate a new unwrapped toy. For more information on NSA Philadelphia locations and the Toys for Tots campaign please call x3122 or x3488. The Freedom Flyer is an authorized publication for members of the military service and civilian personnel of the Navy and Department of Defense commands and activities located at the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Its contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, nor the U.S. Navy, and do not imply endorsement thereof. The editorial content of this publication is reviewed, prepared, and distributed by the NSA Philadelphia Public Affairs Office. For more information please contact MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume, NSA Philadelphia Public Affairs Officer, at 215-697-5995 or 8
  9. 9. Tips To Be Tobacco Free 1. FIND YOUR REASONS TO QUIT. You may have support to quit or even peer pressure to continue using tobacco so the decision comes from you! 2. SELECT A METHOD THAT FITS YOU. Going cold turkey, cutting back, using medication or finding what works best for you. 3. SET A QUIT DATE. Plan a time. Choose a day in the next few weeks and commit. Circle that date on your calendar or planner. Plan to be tobacco free. 4. SUPPORT. Ask your friends and family to support your efforts. Ask former dippers and smokers what helped them quit. 5. RECOGNIZE YOUR TRIGGERS. Which triggers may be easy and which triggers seem to be difficult? For example: upon awakening in the morning, after drinking coffee or after a meal? Plan in advance how you will handle these situations without using tobacco. 6. MAKE A QUIT PLAN. When is the best day? Which method will work best? Who will support me? How will I make my surroundings a tobacco free zone? What other strategies will I use? 7. TELL SUPPORTERS. Inform your family and friends of your quit date. Ask for their support and remind friends not to ask you out to the deck or to offer tobacco. (You didn’t run out, you quit!) 8. MOTIVATION. Write down reasons for quitting. Read it several times during the day, especially when you have cravings. Keep written reasons where your pack or can used to be. Instead of grabbing the tobacco products you’ll grab a hand full of reasons to quit! 9. QUIT WITH SOMEONE. Everything is better when you do it together! Spouses, friends, co-workers or maybe a group may want to give it a try. You can take breaks, walk and talk with the same people, and quit together. Tips To Be Tobacco Free 1
  10. 10. 10. MAKE A QUIT BAG. Get a survival bag with items to help you. Some common things are toothpicks and cinnamon sticks, sugarless hard candy and gum or stress balls, pens and rubber bands for your hands. 11. RESIST CRAVINGS. When a craving strikes, try to distract yourself. The four D’s can help: Deep breaths, Drink water, Do something else, and Delay. 12. AVOID UNHEALTHY REPLACEMENTS. Replacing tobacco with alcohol, high calories drinks, candy, fatty foods and deserts can lead to other problems. Your metabolism changes when you quit smoking. If you replace one habit with another, make a healthy choice. 13. INCREASE EXERCISE. Exercising will help you stay in shape, feel better, rid your body of toxins and keep your weight in check. 14. LEARN FROM THE PAST. If you have tried to quit before and suffered a setback, remember your triggers. Be prepared! Stay motivated! If you slip up, remember it is never too early or too late to try again. WANT ADDITIONAL HELP? Call or Log onto: National/ State Free Quit Line 1-800-QUIT-NOW 1-800-784-8669 Call the Tricare Smoking Cessation Quitlines: North Region 1-866-459-8766 / South Region 1-877-414-9949 / West Region 1-866-244-6870 Tips To Be Tobacco Free 2
  11. 11. Veterans Day Ceremony Servicemembers representing the various branches of military present colors during a Veterans Day Ceremony November 11 at NSA Philadelphia. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume
  12. 12. NSA Philadelphia PWD A worker shreds a small tree at NSA Philadelphia during the tree removal project. Photo courtesy of Public Works Department Pennsylvania NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Road To Platinum Story courtesy of Public Works Department Pennsylvania NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic With the magnifying glass pointed directly at energy conservation and utility bill reductions, NSA Mechanicsburg, NSA Philadelphia, Philadelphia Navy Yard Annex and regional Reserve Centers have risen to the challenge of obtaining the prestigious 2013 SECNAV Gold Energy Award for the second year in a row! Attaining the Gold level award highlights our successful regional program that has resulted in meeting energy intensity reduction goals. Some of FY13 accomplishments include: • Establishment of a Building Monitor Pro gram to identify building deficiencies and an Installation Energy Board to serve as a leadership forum for establishing an integrated energy path and sharing best practices, • Execution of approximately $38M in energy-specific projects resulting in an estimated $2.8M of annual energy cost savings, and • Creation of an aggressive Energy Awareness campaign with Energy Fairs, electric vehicle demonstrations, Earth Day clean-ups, and awareness material dissemination. 13 The Region is heavily focused on energy conservation for the upcoming years. For FY14, approximately $4M in energy enhancements projects will result in an estimated $900K of annual savings and, in FY15, $14M in executable energy improvement work will provide an estimated $1.55M of annual energy savings. Some of these key projects will include natural gas heating conversions, lighting upgrades, building insulation improvements, and building automation systems. Many thanks to you--our dedicated and energy consciousness colleagues—for helping to achieve this prestigious award. We trust that with your continued commitment, we are on the path to achieving the next energy milestone: the PLATINUM award.
  13. 13. NSA Philadelphia Tree Removal Story courtesy of Public Works Department Pennsylvania NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Over the past month, trees and vegetation at the Godfrey Gate and along Tabor Avenue have been removed in accordance with Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) standards. The project is intended to enhance security at the installation by increasing visibility of our fence line. John Potts, NAVFAC Public Works Department, with the counsel of NSA Security, is overseeing the contract, which also includes vegetation removal and clean-up at the Cheltenham Gate, along the perimeter of Building 8, and the Strict Yard, as well as mulching of the flower beds at Godfrey Gate. The project is anticipated to be completed by mid-November and a plan is already in place as funding becomes available to plant new trees that will be a suitable distance (30 feet) away from the fence line. 14