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Power Point, Habits Of Mind, And Classroom Culture

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Power Point, Habits Of Mind, And Classroom Culture

  1. 1. J . CURRICULUM STUDIES , 2006, VOL . 38, NO . 4, 389–411 PowerPoint, habits of mind, and classroom culture CATHERINE ADAMS In lecture halls, in secondary school classrooms, during training workshops, and at research 00 2006 0000002006 0022-0272 (print)/1366-5839 Journal Ltd 10.1080/00220270600579141 TCUS_A_157897.sgm Taylor andCurriculum Studies(online) Francis CatherineAdams OriginalofFrancis conferences, PowerPoint is becoming a preferred method of communicating, presenting, and sharing knowledge. Questions have been raised about the implications of the use of this new medium for knowledge dissemination. It is suggested PowerPoint supports a cognitive and pedagogical style inconsistent with both the development of higher ana