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The role of marketing


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The role of marketing

  1. 1. Google picsCredit:NIBSC/SCIENCE PHOTOLIBRARY THE ROLE OF MARKETINGCaption:Whoopingcough bacteria.Colouredscanningelectronmicrograph of asection ofhuman trachealepitheliumshowing therod-shapedbacteriaBordetellapertussis Luana Pisani Wojcik(green), lodgedat the base &between thecilia at centre.B. pertussis isthe agent ofwhoopingcough, arespiratory tractinfection
  2. 2. THE ROLE OF MARKETING IS …Highly dependent on the needs of the organization INTERNALLY In  Provide valuation of new product concepts / BD opportunities compliance with internal  Represent commercial function within R&D teams P&P and  Ensure current products meet or exceed sales targets external  Implement / Manage current tactical plan, budget guidance  Develop annual strategic, tactical plan, budget  Proactively manage product lifecycle EXTERNALLY  Manage all product associated communication venues
  3. 3. THE ROLE OF MARKETING IN … Clinical Regulatory Product Licensing performanceValuation of new product Requirementsconcepts / BD opportunities Marketing Forecast Lead cross-functional team Clinical /Regulatory / Marketing Statement of Interest (SOI) Communicate findings + Funded project - SOI filed for records
  4. 4. THE ROLE OF MARKETING…Commercial representation TPP – base, acceptable, optimal Forecast(s) Competitive tracking Communication program INFLUENZA COMMUNICATION CALENDAR 2010 September January February March April May June July August October November December 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 OPTIONS VII Usage meetings, PI negotiations THOUGHT LEADER DEVELOPMENT REGIONALIED THOUGHT LEADER MEETINGS FIRST FEEDBACK FROM BASELINE TL ENGAGEMENTS TL NEW SLIDE DECK UPDATE EUROPEAN THOUGHT LEADER MEETING LATAM THOUGHT LEADER MEETING DISSEMINATION OS MF59 PAPER ADVISORY BOARD GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADER MEETING US REGIONAL THOUGHT LEADER MEETI8NG TL SLIDE DECK UPDATE ADJUUAVNT TL ADVISORY BOARDS ROUND TABLES Market tracking & alignment with targets LIVE Study Phase IV post marketing Clinical Abstract observational S/E FLOOR SPACE ON Medical Education ADULT AND YOUTH EPIDEMIOLOGY Global Speakers Speakers Training Trainhing Publication 3RD WEEK UPDATE Upload presentation WITH EDUCATIONAL Upload presentation slides onto slides onto IEE website PROGRAM NEW TL IEE website the weekend of the the weekend of the IEE UPDATE AND RECENT DATA congress and send email alert to congress and send email WEB BASED UPDATED KOLs infroming them of new data alert to KOLs infroming TRAINING FOR THOSE release them of new data release ON IEE PROTECTING THE YOUNG AND OLD -- Symposia INFLUENZA IN POPULATIONS PANDEMIC UPDATE
  5. 5. THE ROLE OF MARKETING…Licensed Product meet /exceed targets Weekly, Monthly, Q, annually Share, dose and dollar trends Variability (geographic, demographic)
  6. 6. THE ROLE OF MARKETING…Manage current tactical plan Current Plan management Review positioning, segmentation & effectiveness Resolve issues – logistics, contracts Identification of issues, optimization Gather field feedback opportunitiesConstruct annual plan Plan modifications based on VOC Plan update, budget, acceptance, rollout Plan & budget approval Plan roll-out
  7. 7. THE ROLE OF MARKETING…Proactively / ReactivelyManage LC Lead Cross-functional team Proactively - Planned additional data for Targeted improvements by value indication expansion - Alternative delivery Reactively - PI change to address competitive disadvantage
  8. 8. THE ROLE OF MARKETING IS …EXTERNALcommunication venues Congresses (epi, data, CME, Symposia) Publications KOL meetings Speakers PR efforts Institutional Programs Web based initiatives
  9. 9. THE ROLE OF MARKETING… CAN BE… Provide valuation of new product concepts / BD opportunities Represent commercial with R&D teams Ensure current products meet or exceed target Implement & manage current tactical plan, budget Develop follow year plan, budget Proactively manage product lifecycle Manage all product associated communicationHowever it isDEPENDENT ON THE NEEDS & DESIRE OF THE ORGANIZATION.
  10. 10. ANY QUESTIONS…