Assessment made easy in angel


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Presentation on Assessment Made easy in ANGEL for BB World 2013 in Las Vegas.

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Assessment made easy in angel

  1. 1. “Assessment Made Easy in ANGEL” Lisa Dubuc, M.S. ED Coordinator of Electronic Learning/Digital Media Instructor Niagara County Community College 716-614-6798 @ldubuc
  2. 2. A BIT ABOUT ME.... • NCCC –Coordinator eLearning/Instructional Designer 12 years • Co-created over 130 online courses • Co-created over 30 blended courses • Teaching online for 12 years (undergraduate/graduate) o Digital Media o Web 2.0 Technologies o Multimedia for Educators o Internet for Educators o Course Design for Online Instruction o Authoring for Educators
  3. 3. •64 Campuses (serve over 427,000 students)University Centers (Doctoral Degree Granting) •University Colleges •Technology Colleges •Community Colleges
  4. 4. Located in Sanborn, NY FTE 5000
  5. 5. • 8 Fully Online Degree Programs • Support (5500 students/300 faculty) • Web enhanced 395 sections • Blended/Hybrid 35 sections • Fully Online 130 sections • ANGEL LMS support campus wide /Migration to BB Learn • Quality Control • Student Success • eLearning Faculty Development • Committees and OTHER Projects
  6. 6. XXX received a “warning” June 23 from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that its accreditation “may be in jeopardy” because it did not fully demonstrate compliance with one of the organization’s 14 educational standards. Officials at the college must submit a report by March 1, 2012 that demonstrates the development and implementation of an “organized and sustained assessment process to evaluate and improve” all of the college’s programs and services. Source: Buffalo Business First
  7. 7. Student Learning Outcomes Task Force Charged by the Academic Vice President to create a plan for course assessment campus wide and move the process forward (Required for MSCHE Standards 7 and 14)  Representatives from eLearning, Academic Affairs, Institutional Research, and each Academic Division  Created an “Assessment Group in ANGEL” to provide resources to faculty  Provides training and workshops  Communications and Division Meetings
  8. 8. QM Essential Standard 2
  9. 9. Course Assessment at NCCC…
  10. 10. What is an SLO? Las Positas College wants everyone to know what an SLO (Student Learning Outcome) is, s they put together a song explaining the concept. “The SLO Song” Music Video
  11. 11. Creating a Course Assessment Rubric
  12. 12. SLO Rubric Template
  13. 13. ANGEL as a Tool for Course Assessment Step 1: Enable SLO’s in your ANGEL course(s) Step 2:Enter/Create the SLO’s in ANGEL Step 3: Align SLO’s to Course Content Step 4: Reporting (Performance and Content Reports)
  14. 14. Enable Objectives & add course SLO’s Objectives tab select to enable objectives  click on arrow and add new outcome add each outcome for your course.
  15. 15. Map Content to Outcomes Go to your content (assessment) in the Lessons Tab add an assessment or edit the current assessment drop box settingsobjectivestabbrowse and select appropriate objective.
  16. 16. Run the following three ANGEL reports at the end of each term: 1. Learning Outcomes/ Mapped to Objectives 2. Who Dun It/ Performance Against Objectives/have averaged 70 3. Who Dun It/ Performance Against Objectives/haveNOT averaged 70
  17. 17. Enter Your Results in the Assessment Rubric
  18. 18. Enter Your Results in the Assessment Rubric
  19. 19. Question Form in Google-
  20. 20. Lisa Dubuc, M.S. ED Coordinator of Electronic Learning/Digital Media Instructor Niagara County Community College 716-614-6798 @ldubuc