LPI How?


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Practical information about the process around the LPI exams and certification.

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LPI How?

  1. 1. LPI How?Fosdem 2011Marcel Nijenhofmarcel.nijenhof@lpi-nederland.nl
  2. 2. Index● Marcel Nijenhof● How to prepare● How to do exams● Paper based exams http://lpi- nederland.nl
  3. 3. Marcel Nijenhof● LPI Netherlands ● Board member ● Proctor● Proxy ● Employee ● Unix administrator● NLLGG ● Board member http://lpi- nederland.nl
  4. 4. How to prepare● 5 years of experience as linux administrator● Books ● http://www.lpi.org/eng/training__1/study_materials● Courses ● AAP partners – Hogeschool Zuyd, Fontys Venlo ● ATP partners – AT Compting, Ictivity, Startel http://lpi- nederland.nl
  5. 5. How to do exams● Create a lpi id ● https://cs.lpi.org/caf/Xamman/register● Computer based exams ● Visit a pearson VUE test center ● Visit a prometric test center● Paper based exams ● Taken at events like fosdem ● Done by LPI proctors ● Reduced price http://lpi- nederland.nl
  6. 6. Paper based exams● Starts with entering the room ● Check of id ● Payment● A short introduction ● Explanation how the exams run ● Filling in the exam details ● Remember to bring your LPI Id with you● Then 90 minutes to answer questions● Hand over all the papers to the proctors http://lpi- nederland.nl
  7. 7. Type if questions (1)● Multiple choice ● Select the correct answer – Give the colors of tux ● White, Red, Black ● White, Yellow, Blue ● White, Yellow, Black ● Yellow, Blue, Red http://lpi- nederland.nl
  8. 8. Types of questions (2)● Multiple choice (Many answers) ● Select all colours of tux – White – Blue – Yellow – Red – Black ● But also possible: Select the three colours of tux http://lpi- nederland.nl
  9. 9. Types of questions (3)● Open questions ● Give the name of this event – FOSDEM – Note: the event name is capitalized Commands and flags are case sensitive. Dont make mistakes with upper en lower characters.● But of course the real questions are about Linux http://lpi- nederland.nl
  10. 10. Filling in the answers● Fill in the answers on the answer sheet ● Completely fill the circles of the correct answers ● Write open answers in clear letters● Dont write anything in the question book● There is a blank sheet to create small remarks ● You have to give this sheet back at the end of the exam. http://lpi- nederland.nl
  11. 11. Result You will receive the result in a few weeks After completing LPI 1/2/3 you will receive the appropriate certificatehttp://lpi-nederland.nl
  12. 12. http://lpi-nederland.nl
  13. 13. LPI How?Fosdem 2011Marcel Nijenhofmarcel.nijenhof@lpi-nederland.nl