Msc Brochure 01.24.2012


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Mind Set Consult Brochure

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Msc Brochure 01.24.2012

  1. 1. Discussion Tool Kit Bringing Great Minds…..Together!Animated PowerPoint Template
  2. 2. We are a group of professionals with varied backgrounds and with a wide range of expertise in management, consulting, and science. Our combined experience gained in worldwide missions and co-operations gives us a unique ability to connect different geographic areas with specific intellectual and cultural richness.Who are we?
  3. 3. We provide world-class knowledge in scientific and medical field bringing together great minds from the most prestigious universitiesEthical thinking, professionalism, in the world, and allowing them to bring theirand innovative minds drive us to knowledge and experience straight to theexcellence. customers wherever they are.
  4. 4. We guarantee  high quality scientific consulting  high confidentiality  answers to your most pressing scientific, managerial, and technical questions  excellence in professional problem solving.Our Passion is Science
  5. 5. Our VisionWe think that knowledge should not haveboundaries. We promote research and innovation in ourfields of interest removing every cultural andtechnological barrier. We believe thatknowledge should be shared and positivelyused in the intent of creating a better world. Our customers are biotech or biomedicalcompanies, hospitals, universities, who wishto benefit from top class researchers andbiochemists.We aim to get governmental institutionsinvolved in our research projects as angel orventure capitalists or in any other form ofcooperation.
  6. 6. Engineering Finance Chemistry Pharmacology Biochemistry Statistics Medicine Mathematics Scientific Biology Technology Computer ScienceOUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE
  7. 7. We are here to help YOU!  We can bring our knowledge to you wherever you are We are part of a network of co-operations with TOP Institutes and Universities worldwide  We can use the most advanced instruments in compliance with and highest standards.  We use the most updated, most advanced methods and techniques in the world: tell us about your needs! Client confidentiality is always our aim WWW.MINDSETCONSULT.COM
  8. 8. Our Easy – 3 Stage Analysis operates as follows: On Line Enquiry We advise if we can assist before any further involvement We analyze your request We provide you with an invoice for payment We receive cleared funds from you We provide the detailed response to your enquiry
  9. 9. Some facts about us We are not a bunch of MAD SCIENTISTS! We are not the Blind leading the Blind! WE ARE – A group of Doctors, PhDs, Scientists, and Research Experts from all around the world with one aim – TO HELP OUR FELLOW MAN – WOMAN & CHILD We have a real passion for everything that we do and we will always ensure that our advice is 100% correct before we disclose our answers to you.
  10. 10. The heart of our research Our expertise comprehensively embraces the most advanced knowledge in Life Sciences. Our MDs are luminaries with outstanding records in Pediatrics, Oncology, Immunology, and Pulmonary All our associates are PhDs Medicine.and/or MDs trained in the most Our PhDs have extensive hands-on experiencerenowned USA and European with advanced technologies, e.g. the latestinstitutions. The majority has generation Electron and Fluorescent (Confocal,worked in life science occupying TIRF, Dual Photon) Microscopy, and Biomolecularleading roles in research and Modeling. The majority of them published peerbiotechnology development for reviewed articles and book chapters on themore than 10 years. We select as generation and optimization of experimentalassociates only scientists of great protocols, such as in cell biology, biochemistry,caliber, whose work has been of and experimental therapeutics (e.g. Stem Cells).great impact in life science and has Additionally, we provide services for the designbeen published in international and production of bio-reagents, e.g. chemicalspeer reviewed journals such as and customized antibodies.Science, Cell, and Nature.
  11. 11. Our Management Team Paolo Piccotti – Chief Operations Officer Paolo, founder and partner of Mind Set Consult, brings with him a wealth of experience in general management. His Engineering background allowed him to cover successfully several technical and managerial roles within international companies such as Colabeton SpA (Financo Group), Besix Sixconstruct and Al Attar Group of Companies . He was involved in top management positions in some of the most prestigious projects of the last decades such as “Variante di Valico (Italy), Palm Deira (DUBAI) and Emirates Park Tower (UAE). His studies brought him from the Italian Ancona Polytechnic, to the UT University The Netherlands where he discussed his MS Thesis in Mechanical and Thermal Measurements. He is at the present the General Manager of IKLE LLC, Board Member of C&P International, and MBA student at the Manchester Business School.
  12. 12. Our Management Team Lucia Piccotti – Technical Director Lucia is a scientist (PhD in Biochemistry, MS in Organic Chemistry) with a solid background in cell and membrane biology. She has worked as research associate at prestigious institutions such as the Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas – M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Lucia is an expert in purification and characterization of recombinant hydrophobic proteins; she has extensive hands-on experience in the development of in vitro biochemical assays, and deep knowledge of cutting-edge techniques, such as electrophysiology, spectroscopy, and electron microscopic imaging of protein structures. Her eclectic scientific knowledge originates from a 15 year collaboration with internationally renowned scientists in the field of lipid metabolism, mitochondrial bioenergetics, and vesicle trafficking. Lucia has coordinated numerous interdisciplinary projects and has authored a book chapter and several scientific articles.
  13. 13. Our Management Team Dennis Montgomery – Commercial Director Dennis is a partner of Mind Set Consult FZC and has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. Dennis brings with him a wealth of experience in Senior Management of over 30 years. His unique management style has allowed him to operate with some of the biggest organisations in the world such as Ford, VW, Al Futtaim and the Al Attar Group here in Dubai. He has developed the business interests of many different companies both large and small and is renowned for his ‘Hands on Approach’. Always keen to offer advice and to assist people in ‘Self Development’ we are sure that Dennis’s Can-Do, Will-Do attitude will further enhance our company. He is at the present the Founder & CEO of MONTGOMERY International FZE, a multi-functional Trading Company with interests in the Middle East and abroad.
  14. 14. We are happy to help you!Mind Set Consult FZCP.O. Box 16111Ras Al KhaimahUnited Arab EmiratesUAE: +97 1553138575USA: +1 WWW.MINDSETCONSULT.COM