New Tool Assignment - Lauren Hayes


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This is the presentation I created about using the Web 2.0 tool Tagxedo. Enjoy!

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New Tool Assignment - Lauren Hayes

  1. 1. TagxedoTagxedo http://www.tagxedo.com Learn a New Tool AssignmentLearn a New Tool Assignment Lauren HayesLauren Hayes
  2. 2.
  3. 3. ProsPros ConsCons Tagxedo turns words into word clouds for classroom or personal use. There are numerous choices of pictures/ideas to choose from. You may use a variety of urls, twitter IDs, or Delicious IDs to create a tagxedo. You can create your own font. There are a variety of color options, as well as themes to choose from. There is a “respin” option, which will change the look of your tagxedo easily. Tagxedo is easy to save and use. You also have the option to upload to twitter, facebook, or other social media sites. The site was not extremely user friendly, in my opinion. I had to watch several videos on how to use the program before starting.
  4. 4. Lesson IdeasLesson Ideas Use the school bus shape and have students create a tagxedo based on their feelings about the first day of school. Students will come up with adjectives to describe the way they felt on the way to school and create a tagxedo to represent those feelings. They can share with a partner or with the class when finished. First Day of School ActivityFirst Day of School Activity
  5. 5. Lesson IdeasLesson Ideas Types of Clouds ActivityTypes of Clouds Activity After learning about the various types of clouds, divide students into small, collaborative groups. Assign each group one type of cloud to research further. Each group will then create a tagxedo using words that describe the type of cloud they were assigned. After all groups are done, hold a small class share time. I call if “Afternoon Tea” in my classroom. We all sit around in a circle and share and sip “tea” (which is really juice). 
  6. 6. How will this science activityHow will this science activity help meet content standards?help meet content standards? By using the Types of Clouds Activity mentioned in the previous slide, you will be meeting several second grade North Carolina Standards. Understanding the various types of clouds falls under the NC Science Essential Standard 2.E.1, which states that students will “understand patterns of weather and factors that affect weather.” By understanding the different types of clouds and when we see each type, students will better understand the different patterns of weather that occur over time. By using this activity, students will also meet the needs of different technology standards for second grade. Technology Standard 2.TT.1 states that students will “use technology tools and skills to reinforce classroom concepts and activities.” The standard goes deeper by stating that students must “use technology tools to present data and information.” What better way to meet these second grade standards than to combine both science and technology into one activity? Integration is crucial in the elementary grades!
  7. 7. ExampleExample
  8. 8. Thank you forThank you for viewing myviewing my presentation onpresentation on Tagxedo!Tagxedo!