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Europe 2014-2020: photonique, éclairages à diodes


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présentations de la Délégation générale Société de l’Information à la délégation d’Aquitains conduite par AEC, 30 janvier 2012: les technologies d'éclairage à diodes

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Europe 2014-2020: photonique, éclairages à diodes

  1. 1. Visit of the Aquitaine region 30 January 2012Solid-State Lighting in the EU Head of Photonics Unit DG INFSO, European Commission
  2. 2. The Digital Agenda for Europe: Actions in Solid State Lighting EU target for 2020: overall reduction in lighting energy use by at least 20% Digital Agenda Action related to SSL:■ The Commission will… in 2011 publish a Green Paper on Solid StateLighting (SSL) and support SSL pilot demonstration projects under the EUCompetitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)
  3. 3. Green Paper on SSL: Published ‘Lighting the Future’ 15.12.’11Main objectives■ Discuss advantages of the wide deployment of Solid State Lighting■ Present actions for accelerating SSL deployment in Europe■ Raise awareness and open the discussion on the key issues and approach■ Seek feedback from relevant stakeholders, including cities Demand Side Supply Side The European Consumers/Users Lighting Industry Actions for accelerating SSL uptake
  4. 4. Green Paper on SSL: ‘Lighting the Future’■ New policy initiatives addressing e.g., the creation of leading markets in European cities and in buildings:  Dedicated Task Force with Representatives from lighting industry, cities, financing bodies, public authorities. Mandate: propose a roadmap and an implementation plan for the creation of an SSL leading market in European cities ••• 4
  5. 5. SSL Green Paper consultation: The role of European cities■ This is only the BEGINNING of the process■ European cities to get involved: (1) Respond to the Green Paper consultation [till 29 FEB 2012] (2) Provide inputs to the Task Force [first half 2012] on: * awareness creation and knowledge sharing * upfront investment * financing initiatives (3) Implement actions defined by the Task Force [2012+] ••• 5
  6. 6. Further Information■ SSL consultation website agenda/actions/ssl-consultation/index_en.htm■ Press Release: reference=IP/11/1554&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&gui Language=en■ European Commission contacts: (SSL Green paper) (R&D actions in SSL)■ EU Photonics: