Teleconference 2 Refugee Resettlement Overview


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Teleconference 2 Refugee Resettlement Overview

  1. 1. World Relief – Atlanta An Overview of Refugee Resettlement
  2. 2. What is a Refugee? Someone who has fled his or her country because of persecution based on race religion nationality social group political opinion. Unless the situation changes in their home country, refugees cannot return home and must resettle permanently in another country.
  3. 3. How Many Refugees Are There? There are 14.9 million refugees worldwide, according to the World Refugee Survey 2002.
  4. 4. How Do Refugees Get Here?
  5. 5. Step 1: Homeland The refugee flees his homeland due to persecution. Many times refugees face much danger when leaving their country.
  6. 6. Step 2: Refugee Camp The next step for most refugees is a lengthy wait in a “refugee camp”. The average stay in a camp is five years. Refugees stay in these camps until a new country gives them permission to enter.
  7. 7. Step 3: Interview The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) interviews all refugees and the Department of Homeland Security interviews those refugees who may be headed to the U.S. Only those who can prove they are escaping persecution are eligible to find freedom in a new country.
  8. 8. Step 4: Flight Finally some refugees receive the good news. Another country has accepted them! Refugees borrow the money to pay for the cost of transportation.
  9. 9. Step 5: Arrival in the U.S. The U.S. admits approximately 50,000 refugees each year. The exact number is determined by Congress annually. Each arriving refugee is assigned to a “voluntary agency”, like World Relief. These agencies provide a basic group of services during the refugee’s first 90 days in the U.S.
  10. 10. Refugees Without Volunteers Approximately 75% of arriving refugees receive no welcome from a volunteer. They must make the difficult adjustment to life in the U.S. alone, with limited help from the government, other agencies, and for some, family members that arrived before them.
  11. 11. Refugees With Volunteers Volunteers stand at the end of a refugee's long flight to freedom – welcoming them with open arms. They lend a helping hand in the struggle to rebuild lives in the U.S. – helping to set up apartments, find jobs, and learn English.
  12. 12. World Relief links refugee families arriving in the U.S. with an individual volunteer or sponsor group. World Relief trains and prepares volunteers and sponsors so that they can provide the most effective help possible.
  13. 13. How Can I Help? Become a Friendship Volunteer. Talk with your church about sponsoring a refugee family. Donate furniture and other household items. Make a cash donation to World Relief.