2011 2012 cedar ridge hs freshman parent orientation


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2011 2012 cedar ridge hs freshman parent orientation

  1. 1. Cedar Ridge High SchoolFreshmen Parent Orientation
  2. 2. WelcomeDr. Presley, Principal • CRHS Information • IntroductionsCarlos Lopez De Victoria, Teacher • Rain – Positive Behavior Intervention SupportTisha Kolek, Lead Counselor • Introductions • Registration Information • CRHS Program Fair
  3. 3. General Information• For 2011-2012 school year – will have 9th, 10th, and 11th Graders• First Wall-To-Wall Academy School in RRISD• Mascot: Raiders• School Colors: Purple, Black, and Silver• Feeder Middle Schools: CD Fulkes, Chisholm Trail, and Ridgeview
  4. 4. Registration Information• CRHS counselors visit feeder schools for student orientation – Graduation Plans (See course guide pg. 23-26) – Academies (pg. 33 – 38) – Course Offerings – Choice Sheets – Course Catalog – Frequently Asked Questions (Posted on website)• CRHS counselors visit feeder schools for student registration – Student Q&A – Input Student Course Selections into Computer
  5. 5. Registration InformationRidgeview Middle School• Student Presentations – Feb. 17th & 18th• One-On-One Registration – March 7th ,8th,10th,11thCD Fulkes Middle School• Student Presentations – Feb. 11th• One-On-One Registration – March 2nd & 4thChisholm Trail Middle School• Student Presentations – Feb. 10th• One-On-One Registration – March 3rd
  6. 6. Upcoming Dates• February 10th - Registration Information for Incoming 10th & 11th Graders• February 17th - Academy Night• February 22nd - Advanced Academic Night
  7. 7. Graduation Programs• High School Program• Round Rock Recommended Program• Magna Cum Laude DAP• Summa Cum Laude DAPSee course guide for more detailed explanations
  8. 8. High School Program• By committee placement only• Students may not be moved to this program until the spring semester of their senior year.• Students who take courses with a modified curriculum (i.e. Applied courses offered as part of an ARD committee decision) will also graduate on the High School Program.• Students will be able to enroll in trade/technical schools and community/junior colleges.• 26 total credits, 2 local credits may count
  9. 9. Round Rock ISD Recommended Program• Applies to the majority of all graduating seniors• Students will be able to apply to trade/technical schools, community/junior colleges, and four-year universities.• 26 total credits, zero local credits may count
  10. 10. Magna Cum Laude DAP• Requires high performance beyond that which is usually expected of high school students, including levels I-III of the same foreign language• Must complete any combination of four advanced measures• 28 total credits, up to 2 local credits may count
  11. 11. Magna Cum Laude DAP• Students must complete the corresponding graduation program and complete any combination of the following four advanced measures: 1. Original research/project 2. Test Data 3. College Credit Courses (See Pg. 24 in course guide)
  12. 12. Summa Cum Laude DAP• Requires high performance beyond that which is usually expected of high school students, including levels I-III of the same foreign language, 5 math credits and 5 science credits• Must complete any combination of four advanced measures• 32 total credits, up to 2 local credits may count• Not recognized by the state of Texas; a RRISD developed program only
  13. 13. Summa Cum Laude DAPHow do students become Summa Cum Laude Scholars?1. Complete Magna Cum Laude requirements2. Complete 4 AP classes and receive a 3 or above on the AP exam for each (These may be counted as the advance measures)3. Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale
  14. 14. Important Updates• Athletics (not PE) may now count for as many as 4 state credits• Individual PE courses may only count once for credit (i.e. individual sports, team sports, FPF, adventure/outdoor education, aerobics activity, weight training)• Dance I counts as a PE waiver (earns 2 credits – 1 period)• Cheerleading, Drill Team, and Marching Band may waive PE credits• 2 and 3 credit CTE courses can also waive .5 PE credit
  15. 15. Three Components to an Academy Smaller Learning College Prep, Career-Community comprising Related Instruction Partnerships with of groups of students allows students to see Employers, Community who take classes connection between and Higher Education to together, taught by a what is taught in school bring outside resourcesteam of teachers from and how it is used in the into the high school to various subjects field of work help motivate students
  16. 16. Smaller Learning Community Smaller groups for a sense of belonging and for interdisciplinary teaming Focus on students’ interests & aptitudes An impetus for raising standards to meet new world demands Clear and realistic focus on career theme Heightened awareness of college & career options Partnering with businesses to develop a qualified workforce Interdisciplinary teams have common planning time Interdisciplinary teams actively collaborates on curriculum, instruction, and student progressSmall Learning Communities, Implementing and Deepening Practice – (Oxley, 2006)
  17. 17. Academy Teaming Concept• Capitalize on student interests and aptitudes to provide a curriculum that will be challenging and motivating• Electives will be clustered in a coherent sequence of courses• Provides students with a sense of relevance across the curriculum with a critical link including programs of study and real world connections• Helps to integrate complimentary lessons so that students will receive an enhanced curriculum
  18. 18. Academies’ Contribution to Relationships• Smaller settings allow for students and teachers to know each other well• Students grouped together over several years with advisors, teachers• Employers serve as role models, mentors, advisors
  19. 19. Academies’ Contribution to Rigor High expectations for all students Access to college prep curriculum Dual Credit Courses Articulated Courses AP Courses Curriculum meets or exceeds state standards, college entrance requirements, and industry standards
  20. 20. Academies’ Contribution to Relevance Students select programs based on life goals & career interests Career themes linked to local workforce needs Students develop skills important to success in careers, life, society, and academic skills Programs provide pathways to postsecondary education Addresses different learning styles and diverse backgrounds
  21. 21. CRHS Academies• The Academy of International Business and Economics• The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts• The Academy of Professional Studies• The Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) A handout for more detailed descriptions of Academies and Program of Study will be given to Incoming 9th graders.
  22. 22. Programs of StudyThe Academy of International Business & Economics –Business Management and Administration –Finance –Marketing –Informational Technology –Hospitality and Tourism
  23. 23. Programs of StudyThe Academy of Visual and Performing Arts –Studio Art –Dance –Theatre –Music
  24. 24. Programs of StudyThe Academy of Professional Studies –Education and Training –Government and Public Administration –Human Services –Law, Safety, and Security –Fine Arts
  25. 25. Programs of StudyThe Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – Engineering: Project Lead the Way – Computer Maintenance – Computer Science – Digital and Interactive Multimedia – Arts, AV Technology, and Communication – Graphic Design and Illustration – Engineering Design and Presentation – Architectural and Interior Design – Health Science – Biotechnology – Construction Management – HVAC
  26. 26. Transfer Facts 2011-2012• Students who are zoned to attend other RRISD high schools may apply for a transfer into CRHS if their home campus does not offer their academy of choice. Restrictions apply.• Transfer forms must be turned in or postmarked by February 28th to your home campus principal.• Transportation is not provided for transfer students. The RRISD Board Policy Committee is currently reviewing FDB Policy. Any changes to the Policy will be posted on RRISD website after the final Board decision.
  27. 27. Information Tables– Department Tables– Athletics– Band– Programs of Study– Academy Information– Library Resources– Parent Support Specialist
  28. 28. Contact InformationPrincipal: Dr. Daniel PresleyDaniel_Presley@RoundRockISD.orgAssociate Principal: Dr. Susanne WarrenSusanne_Warren@RoundRockISD.orgLead Counselor: Tisha Kolek, M.Ed.Tisha_Kolek@RoundRockISD.orgCedar Ridge High School Main Line: 704-0100
  29. 29. Contact InformationCRHS 9th Grade CounselorsA-L Counselor: April Gonzalez, M.Ed.April_Gonzalez@RoundRockISD.orgM-Z Counselor: Annette Benavidez, M.Ed.Annette_Benavidez@RoundRockISD.orgAcademy Specialist: Cindy GardnerCindy_Gardner@RoundRockISD.org