Genesis by bernard beckett, kindle edition 5 star review


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Genesis by bernard beckett, kindle edition 5 star review

  1. 1. Genesis by Bernard Beckett Thought Provoking - Quick Read Amazon Best of the Month, April 2009: If robots began to se lf-evolve, learning to feel and create as we do, what traits would set humans apart-- and help us survive? Beckett isnt the first to dramatize this question, and his Genesis pays subtle homage to his predecessors (including Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick). But his near-future tale feels unique, and oddly credible. As the young historian Anax endures an examination by the Academy--an order of philosopher-rulers as imagined in Platos Republic--were brought up quickly on a catastrophic backstory: accelerating climate change, dust storms, rising fear and fundamentalism, the Last War, and the rise of a new Plato, who builds an island republic and seals it behind a Great Sea Fence. Plagues decimate human populations outside, while the Republics surveillance society (thick with shadows of Huxley, Atwood, and Moore) flourishes under the Orwellian motto Forward towards the past--until it falls to forces led by the young rebel Adam Forde. The Academy interrogates Anax on Adams period of imprisonment with the most advanced android of his time, and we witness
  2. 2. their vicious sparring on the virtues of men and machines, the nature of consciousness, and what gives any life worth. It may not sound gripping, but Genesis reads like a thriller to the last word, propelled by the power of ideas longing to be unleashed. --Mari Malcolm I hate paying more than $10 dollars for a book. But I walked into Borders, saw this book sitting there, opened to the first page, and two minutes later I was out $20 dollars and happier than ever. From there I proceeded to read the book over a two day period, very dismayed every time real life asked me to put it down. Then I finished it. You should also know I also hate writing reviews on amazon (everyone else does such a good job, its very intimidating). But this book was so good I felt like itd be tantamount to sin not to go online and spend a few minutes giving it five stars and trying to convince the masses of their need to read it as well. Not only is the quality of prose superb, but the style is elegant and the ideas hidden in the plot are both important and intelligent. I noticed another reviewer saying that the final plot twist was out of the blue and not well built-up. Thats generally one of my pet peeves when it comes to movies and novels, but fortunately for us, this book was not guilty of such a crime. I saw the elements leading up to the conclusion start appearing very early on and although I was happily surprised with the end, it all made perfect sense and fit nicely with the theories Id had simmering in the back of my mind since before halfway through the book. Its not a very long book, so it deserves your attention as you read through the relatively small nu mber of pages it asks of you. All I can really say is that I really really liked this book. Im not the pickiest of readers, but I do consider myself well read both in the sci-fi arena and in the literature of several countries. Still, Id put this book amo ng the best Ive ever read. I feel like the ideas, plot, and prose are all individually good enough to merit a reading of a book this length, and together are so brilliant as to make not reading it nothing short of inexcusable laziness. You should really read this book. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Genesis by Bernard Beckett - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!