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Portfolio assignment


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Portfolio assignment

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT Lakin Page Creative Writing Lindsey Ayres
  2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR- LAKIN PAGE “Let the world see your creative uniqueness and don’t be afraid to be yourself.”  I am quirky in my own way. I love color, life without color would be dull. I love to read anything and everything I can get my hands on ! Reading and Writing takes me to a whole new world one that I sometimes wish I could live instead of the world we have.
  3. 3. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS How has your Writing changed since last year?  My writing has change from last year in a dramatic way. Last year I was writing boring research papers and I didn’t enjoy writing them. What one skill could you not perform very well but Now you can?  One skill I have learned to do well with is opening my brain and letting the creative juices fly out. I had to learn to think out of the box because most of my writing had came from something the teacher had given me to do. This was challenging but the most rewarding part of this class.
  4. 4. OVER VIEW OF THE SHORT STORY  My short story started off about a 5 foot 4 inches tall, girl named Arianna. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had went to medical school to be a Bedside Nurse and she minored in Journalism. Arianna was at her house one day when she got a telegram saying she was needed back at home. When Arianna arrived home she had found out that her mother had a heart attack and was put on bed rest. Arianna and her mother Mrs. Pruitt have never gotten along as far as Arianna could remember. In the end of the story Arianna and her mother have a suddenly better relationship with no questions asked ( This was before I revised the Ending). The Revised ending is a lot better in my personal opinion. It gives the reason why Mrs. Pruitt hated Arianna so much and it showed that Arianna was not quick to forgive her mother.  The improvement I used the most was by Coleen A Shirley. She had suggested that I made the ending a bit more clear. Also she had stated to me that I should have given better background information on Mrs. Pruitt, so I took her advise and added it to the ending of the story, I think this helped show why Mrs. Pruitt did not like Arianna.
  5. 5. OVER VIEW CONTINUED.  How did I try and make the Revision of my Short Story better?  Like I said before I went in and added back ground information on Mrs. Pruitt. I think this had helped show why Mrs. Pruitt had a hard time accepting Arianna. I think that this change had made Mrs. Pruitt more of a well rounded character. I also changed the ending of it. Before I revised my short story I had it end where everything was perfect in the world. In my revised ending I tried to leave it as though Arianna was still skeptical that Mrs. Pruitt and she could ever get along but she would test the waters.  Suggestions or plans for further work and /or revisions.  I think I would go in and keep editing and working on this short story so that I could actually come up with a better title. I think that I would find more ways to incorporate Arianna’s father and sister’s into the story. I would also cut out all the walking down the hall way. I would make it better by having fewer senses and better medical terminology. Maybe I would add some family background about how or why Mrs. Pruitt had a problem with her heart. • What was my Initial goals for this story? • I wanted to be able to show how a new mother daughter bond is being created. I wanted to show how I feel that mothers and daughter should interact and how they shouldn’t interact. This story was some what based off the relationship I had with my (adoptive) mother.
  6. 6. OVER VIEW CONTINUED- SHORT STORY  The part I decided to revise in my short story was the ending. Looking back at how it once read it made me feel that Arianna the main character was too quick to accept her mothers apology. I also took in the critique of my fellow classmates and talked about why Mrs. Pruitt hated Arianna and what she was sick from.  Short storyRevised short Story Ending..docx
  7. 7. POETRY The first Poem I chose to revise was “Butterflies”.  This poem show’s how I wish I could be a Butterfly. It shows how I wish that I could be so light and airy like they are. I wanted to show how I or any other person can get so bogged down in life. Or how somethings in life can weigh a person down. I wanted to show how care free their life seems to me and this makes me want to be like them. I'm a pretty care free kind of person but when it comes to some things it makes me stressed out to no end. I also wanted it to show how I can be so fragile like they are hint: (so light and how a butterfly floats in the wind). I know every one has a fragile side so why not express our inner-self.  What did I focus on when I revised my poem?  I chose to listen and use the helpful advise from Andrea Barron and Jessica Jackson. I took the advice that Jessica gave me about the title not being the same font as the rest of my poem, so I changed it to flow like the rest of the poem. I also added a bit more to my poem like she suggested, I hope this made the poem a little more then what it was. I also took Andrea’s idea and took out the part “So light so free My heart wishes to be so light and so free” and expanded on the light so free and explained why my heart wishes it could be this way. I changed this because I felt that it sounded better and it explained my ultimate goal of showing how life can be.  Here is my revised copy of my poem PoetryRevised Free Form.docx  Do I plan on continuing to work on this poem?  I don’t think I would continue to keep revising this poem because I think if I kept messing with this poem it would not be what I originally intended it to be.
  8. 8. POETRY CONTINUED –HIGH SCHOOL The second poem of mine I decided to revise was High School  I wanted to show how I felt when I attended high school. I wanted to show how no one really noticed me until, I decided to make a life change of losing weight. Its funny how every one notices you after you have lost weight. I wanted to show how in my senior year of high school I was no longer that person in the background I was someone who was noticed and stood up for myself. What did I focus on when I revised my poem?  When I did my revising of this poem I started off with what Colleen Shirley had critiqued for me. I took out most of the “I feel as though” in my poem and made them more concrete. I tried to make most of my metaphor’s where the reader could experience it for their self. I also took her advise on adding a transition from just being ignored to all of the sudden being apart of them. The reason why I decided to change my poem was so that it didn’t feel to rushed. I also changed it to have more concrete metaphors . I could see what my peers were saying when I added similes they didn’t make my poem stand out as a metaphor poem. I think now that I have changes these few details that it will stand out as a metaphor poem. Suggestions or plans for further work and or revisions?  I am going to leave this poem alone. I know that I could go on and on about how I didn’t not like some of the kids in my class or how bad things could get into the school. If I was to keep working on this piece I think that I would have become a pessimist about everything in my school and I am not a pessimist at all. I created this piece just for this type of metaphoric poems, so that I could test the waters to see if I could even try and get on point as to what the assignment was. I learned quickly that there are a lot of components to poetry! This is the Actual Wellington High school I attended.
  9. 9. Short Story Peer Review: Short storycomments-Sierra.docx Short storyCShirley1_L Page Short Story Review (3).docx Butterflies Peer Review: PoetryForm PoetryFree poetry Review (2).docx PoetryForm PoetryFree poetry REVIEW (3).docx High School Peer Review: PoetryMetaphor PoemLakin Pagemetaphor poem reviewd by CAS.docx PoetryLakin Page (1).docx PEER REVIEWS LINKS
  10. 10. LINKS TO REVISED WORK Short Story: Short storyRevised short Story Ending..docx Butterflies: PoetryRevised Free Form.docx High School: PoetryMetaphor PoemRevised Metaphor poem.docx