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  1. 1. ETGHC Extreme Team Geography Hardcore! ARRAN!!!!
  2. 2. This is ETGHC… Alistair & Josie (team leaders) Ian“Kimbo”Kimberley (team advisor) Nick Symonds Steve “Snowy” Brotherton Peter James Lawrence Andrews Martin Smith Duncan Brown Andrew “Nimmo” Nimmo
  3. 3. Day 1: The Challenge to get to Arran Following a very long coach trip, we arrived in Scotland (Yay!) but we had to figure out how to actually get across to the Island of Arran… 1) We could swim? 2) With Pirate Snowy we can take over the CalMac Ferry? We made it onboard!! Of course, we only made it thanks to the Irish Whistle Nick is ecstatic! Nimmo is also very proud of himself… BUT! Who is this Hobo we have hostage??
  4. 4. Day 2: Coastline Walk Our successful arrival onto Arran was ‘rewarded’ by a 5 mile walk along the Loch Ranza coast from our new ETGHC leaders… ALISTAIR & JOSIE!
  5. 5. Day 2: Coastline Walk Pete didn’t realise how cold it would be… (brrrrrrrrr) Some of us (Martin) are a bit slow!
  6. 6. Day 2: Coastline Walk Suddenly – a deer appeared ! No, not in the sky!!  And then LOADS came to say Hello Pete was a little upset because they all moved so fast and he wasn’t able to count them all. At least he was able to time (to the exact millisecond) how long it took for them to disappear!
  7. 7. Day 2: Coastline Walk Josie doesn’t like having her picture taken. And so… We stop for lunch, in an ancient settlement called Cocks-something Lawrence: “How do you spell that?” Dunk’s happy because he’s had his Irn Bru.
  8. 8. Day 2: Coastline Walk Oh dear. It looks like we actually have to do some work… Martin’s a tad confused by it all Eventually, he figures it out! And Snowy is proud of his geographer’s medal – the compass!!
  9. 9. Day 2: Coastline Walk SUCCESS!!! ETGHC completed todays challenge!!! Dunk’s knackered… … or is he just hiding from Snowy’s collection of dragon penises & eggs (that’s just rocks to you and me)
  10. 10. Day 3: An Even Longer Walk Little did we know, that yesterday was only training for this even longer walk up the mountain… *gasp*
  11. 11. Day 3: An Even Longer Walk Whilst Martin has a rest… … Kimbo & Josie share their passionate love for rocks, eskers and U-shaped valleys
  12. 12. Day 3: An Even Longer Walk Snowy was absolutely stunned when he realises that there is not a McDonalds at the top of this mountain…. Depressed, disappointed and devastated – he turns to Kimbo for consolidation.
  13. 13. Day 3: An Even Longer Walk Oh well – time for another ETGHC pose!
  14. 14. Day 4: GLASGOW! CIVILISATION!!! Maybe it was the excitement of actually seeing real-life people or the sweet smell of car exhausts, we didn’t take any photos of Glasgow itself! So here is a brief summary… Pete felt uneasy walking through the mean streets of Glasgow For some strange reason, the traffic count was the most excitable part of the walk back to the CBD. Pete thought it would be useful to count the number of used syringes However, the main challenge of the day was to find where HMV was in the very short time we had for lunch… RESULT!!! Despite the sneaky cover-up from Virgin, Snowy was able to buy a rare Sonata Arctica CD which became known as the Arran CD. Another thing I didn’t understand was the open-topped bus tour – What is there to see?!?!?! It was just as interesting as a tour around Coventry Oh yeah… there was a Burger King too!
  15. 15. Day 5: Caves and Dykes Another day, another walk. But of course ETGHC can handle it!!!
  16. 16. Day 5: Caves and Dykes ETGHC thought the hard hats were for caving along the coast? Oh no! In fact they were needed for the incredibly bumpy bus journey there!
  17. 17. Day 5: Caves and Dykes Dunk loves the chilled-out look! So, off ETGHC went into the caves…. Pete: “Ugh… I’m eating dirt!” Nimmo: Hehe  … .and afterwards Pete decided to have an interesting lunch
  18. 18. Day 5: Caves and Dykes Ahhhhhh…. A viking ship in the distance!
  19. 19. Day 5: Caves and Dykes Back in the class-room ETGHC seem to be a bit tired to answer any of Josie’s questions... … until Snowy turns it into a competition Nick’s winning!
  20. 20. Day 5: Caves and Dykes Snowy is trying to keep a track of the score... … whilst Dunk takes a sneaky peek to see how many points he is behind Pete!
  21. 21. Day 6: Last Day Relief from the endless walking but sadness as there will never be another ETGHC field trip 
  22. 22. Day 6: Last Day However, keeping with tradition, Snowy attacked Dunk with a sharp pointy thing but luckily Nick managed to restrain him… … Pete and Martin pretend to work… … whilst Nimmo licks his metre stick.
  23. 23. Day 6: Last Day An unintended pose as ETGHC is successful once again!!!
  24. 24. Day 6: Last Day SHEEP!!! PLAYING FOOTBALL!!!
  25. 25. Day 6: Last Day Finally the legendary ETGHC have successfully completed 6 out of 6 missions!!! VICTORY! Kimbo is well proud! But, who are these strange heads?
  26. 26. Day 7: Home Goodbye Arran!!!
  27. 27. Day 7: Home
  28. 28. Day 7: Home BUT WAIT!!!! Snowy’s spotted something… It’s the Willi Betz Truck!!! (again)
  29. 29. ETGHC Of course, ETGHC isn't complete without... TIM!!!