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  1. 1. Caleb Lo Yan Hon
  2. 2. Brainstorming
  3. 3. Noise Pollution• unwanted and damaging sound that pollute the environment.• caused by: • Aircraft taking off and landing at the airport. • Traffic. • Machinery on construction sites, particularly drills and pile-drivers. • Factory machinery. • Air-conditioning. • Discotheque music, radio, cassette-recorder, television sets, etc.
  4. 4. Noise Pollution• can make people nervous• can prevent people from concentrating on their work• can prevent people from sleeping.• can change a mans physiological state by speeding up pulse and respiratory rates• can damage hearing permanently or temporarily
  5. 5. About Aircraft Noise Pollution In Hong Kong• With a daily average of approximately 910 flight movements at the Hong Kong International Airport, aircraft noise is a particular environmental concern. That noise and its affect on the community is being minimised with measures including: • The preferential use of runways and flight paths at night to avoid overflying densely populated areas as much as possible. • Noise abatement departure and approach procedures. • The prohibition of noisy aircraft from operating at the Airport.• Aircraft noise and flight tracks are monitored around the clock by the Aircraft Noise and Flight Track Monitoring System, which comprises 16 noise monitoring terminals installed at various areas under or near landing and take-off flight paths. (From HKEPD)• Noise Exposure Forecast Contour
  6. 6. What Is The Situation
  7. 7. What Is The Situation
  8. 8. What Is The Situation
  9. 9. What Is The Situation
  10. 10. What Is The Situation• Ma Wan Noise Problem • According to information from the Civil Aviation Department, 100 aircraft over throughthe Ma Wan, 8.89% per noise over 75 db, as projected, the Airport is about 614 sorties were flown in and out of, that is, about 54 vehicles to issue at least 75 db of noise.Another information, according to the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), higher than 75decibels of aircraft noise continue until after 23:00 to midnight to 1:00 is the mostserious.
  11. 11. What Is The Situation• Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030 • the commissioning of the third runway will aggravate the aircraft noise problem in Tung Chung, Ma Wan and Tsing Lung Tau
  12. 12. What Can We Do