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Business Planning in 10 slides

  1. Business Planning in 10 Easy Steps (this is the 1st step. make a good cover) by Robin Malau
  2. Understand the Business Planning! • Simple logic: If you’re doing a business, you need a plan. • Don’t have a plan? Make one. Have a plan? Good. Write it down. • That’s Business Planning.
  3. Tell The Truth • You don’t lie when you’re planning.
  4. Start With Why • Why are you doing this business? • That’s your Mission and Objectives.
  5. Who? • Who will help you operate the business? • That’s the Organization Plan
  6. What • What service or product are you selling? • That’s product/service plan.
  7. How • How would you produce, distribute, promote and sell it? • That’s Operation Plan and Marketing Plan.
  8. Money? • Of course. • How much money would you need & how would you get it? • How much would you get and how much would you spend? • That’s Financial Plan!
  9. Summary • After all done, you’ll find a summary. You don’t? Recheck your plan. • Done? Good. Now write down the Executive Summary. Put it in the first page so people can read the Summary before the tiny details.
  10. • You’re done. Now go operate and enjoy your business!

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